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    Ah my dear, it is my thought that the Universe did not evolve but was
    created into form and as you know, the school of thought is, the universe is in a
    continue act of expanding, which is different from evolving and I reserve my
    thoughts on that matter.

    The ingredient of all things are and always have been present in a
    compressed inert state . in my mind evolution denote a beginning point from
    a created process, there by implying a beginning and therefore an ending to
    the material form of that evolutionary process but the entity from which
    creation manifest itself is infinite and inert.

    To understand is to know and to conceive of an idea is to create and
    through such a process make way for us to know that which we have conceived
    to be in a finite material form.

    The mere fact that you are, is the verification of there being a state of
    existence, because such evidence verifies existence beyond the state of finite tangable formed matter.

    Nothing indicate to me, there being no thing, which defy all logic, but something
    indicate all things, which is infinite and perpetual, changing form as it go on its merry way, back from whence it come, an infinite eternal state of existence, gyrating in a state of inertia, verifying the dynamic
    of cyclical motion with the exclusion of that abstraction call Nothingness.

    To imply that nothing produces something, some what imply that something is nothing and the lost of balance of thought become the victim.

    Much Love