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    There is a sound going out like the call of a lion, distinctive and
    unique. But unlike the lion this sound rides a spiritual frequency
    that only a few here on earth, in this realm, marketplace and space
    can hear. And this call bellows with the ancestral tone, energy and
    vibration that echoes from the center core of our Earth Mother, Ile.
    This massive sphere hanging and revolving ever so greatly suspended in
    space, defying time is very much alive and full of the Ase of the
    falling culturally diverse ancestry. Like the falling leaves of a tree
    the human organic host dies donating its body and becoming a part of
    something much greater than itself, Mother, as the soul makes its
    transition. Our Earth Mother, Ile is the nucleus, the ultimate
    conduit full of rabbit holes and spiritually revolving doors that
    stands strong energized, maintaining and sustaining the cycle of life
    in its continuance, ongoing between two realms. But unfortunately
    our Earth Mother was not created to sustain over seven billion of her
    Earth populated offspring and commercial industry.

    To date, the oldest human skull discovered is 8.5 million years old
    full of fossilized and crystallized matter in the cycle of its
    transformation. Priests, priestesses, high priests and high
    priestesses are not made, bought or manufactured they are born. Born
    from the ranks of the spiritual elite. Hailing from a long bloodline
    of ancestral divine. Born with a direct connect to nature that
    reflects all things spiritual entitling the hierarchy, the members of
    the elemental society. The keepers of secrets and mysteries, Awos.
    The caretakers of nature and the caregivers of humanity operating in
    duality to sustain the balance of all things. There is a spiritual
    revolution that has been brewing for some time now. There have been
    many atrocities that have been birthed into being by certain members
    of one particular race. A small handful of individuals, motivated and
    driven by their lust for power, wealth and control, supremacy, with a
    plan set in place to be executed in their hope for global domination.

    Slavery, colorless, of a magnitude that most cannot even fathom.
    These individuals have taken ill-gotten gains to advance their
    studies, research, practices and worship of that which is inherently
    ours. Like all powers, they possess the abilities to be used
    negatively or positively depending upon the Iwa Pele the character of
    the orchestrater. There is a great threat among us and it is hungry
    and it’s hunting the head crowns of our indigenous elders. Raping,
    pillaging and stealing indigenous ancestral knowledge. Archiving it
    as their own.

    So so many of us have found themselves in a deep black hole state of
    distraction, co-dependencies, unsureties, inadequacies that have been
    reinforced with fear, that has brought into fruition a crippling,
    handicapped, mental, physical, and spiritual state of being bringing
    about their own crisis of spiritual abandonment. Leaving them living
    spiritually homeless and causing them to wander outside of themselves
    seeking after that which has not been recognized and identified inside
    of their own being. A blackout state, powerless, full of prejudice
    and lack of self worth and ancestral, cultural and traditional
    connections, cutoff from the deep blue printed understanding of
    themselves, the road map that leads to many hidden ancestral

    Not yet in possession of the keys that open their spiritual tool shed
    and arsenal of spiritual weapons, gifts and treasures. And the
    overwhelming amount of those that you see trying to take on the
    appearance of elemental Awos, chasing after its appeal, prestige and
    desiring its power, control, gifts and abilities. These individuals
    are not real, fraudulent. Anyone can initiate but do they possess the
    Ase to engage effectively in the many ways that are needed to
    mentally, physically and spiritually align those who have been
    divinely sent to them.

    Real ultimately reveals itself through actions that manifest greatly
    in ways that are undeniable when seen and witnessed. Modern day
    supernatural phenomena bearing the ancestral signature of indigenous
    days of old remanifested new in today’s modern time. Most of the true
    and real that have been called to rise up, stand and fight are in an
    occupied state of confusion, spiritually overwhelmed by unexplainable
    skills, talents, gifts, and abilities that they cannot put into words
    nor explain how they are able to see, hear and do all that they have
    witnessed. Desperately desiring the presence of a teacher that
    possesses the divine knowledge and wisdom that will clearly be able to
    articulate the clear understanding of their being and the purpose for
    their existence in this realm at this place in time and bring about
    the fine-tuning, structuring teachings that are greatly needed.
    Taking them through the proper spiritual rebirth rituals, rites, rites
    of passage and initiations needed to elevate them from a carnal state
    of temporary spiritual paralysis elevating them to a spiritual
    transitional state of ancestral awakening that will stimulate and
    circulate a flow of blood that will river run over their Ori, godhead
    activating the light that will shine bright through the iris of their
    third eye, transforming them into a lighthouse being that will be
    spiritually navigated and lead the way to the teachings that are
    needed to resurrect legacies, bring about a strong sense of
    discernment that will make decisions clear as one walks the path along
    the roads on their journey to their life’s manifest destiny.

    -Kongolini Zulu Mau-