Chief Elder Osiris : There Is A Shortage Of Afrika Black Afrikan Patriotism

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    There Is A Shortage Of Afrika Black Afrikan Patriotism

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    So tell me Beloved, what is it about other people who are very patriotic to their Country, people who can get all worked up when ever they see their country Flag or hear their country Anthem being played and singed.

    There are people who are patriotic to their country and that patriotism represent the dedication and love that is for A country until the death, and a Nationalist patriot will secure and defend that land unto the death and that is what Divine Patriotism is all about and there is no dedicated Nationalist patriot that is more dedicated to their land than the Caucasian, Jewish, Arab and Far Eastern Asian People.

    There has developed sub ethnic groups that have established patriotic relationship to the Land that they have a long devout origin to the Land that they occupy, so when it come to devout and dedicated patriotism, it reside in a Land where the majority in that land has grown to have a undisputed Nationalistic patriotism to the Land, and there is a patriotic bond that is between the people majority of the Land, that is what is called Nationalist Patriotism.

    All countries of status and respect, has gotten that respect from the dedication and Nationalist pride of the majority that occupy the Land and have cultivated a patriotism for the Land that they occupy, until no one is safe that disrespect or speak and act ill toward the Land of their patriotism, that is called the culture of Nationalism.

    So today, there is no True Black Afrikan Afrika patriot Nationalist, a symbol of expression of unquestionable respect and devotion to the Land of their Mother and Father, regardless of how they came in possession of the Land, the Land and them became as one to each other and the Land provided nourishment to the people and the people provided security to the Land that they established a bond with.

    For instance, in America you have dedicated and devout America American patriots, and the America patriots will sacrifice to protect the dignity and sacredness of the Land of America and no matter how they may be criticized for the way that they came in possession of the Land they named America, to the original thief of the Land, they remain to be patriots to the Land call America.

    America Caucasian Patriots will and have died protecting their acquired sovereignty of a Land they call America and it is that type of dedication that declare their patriotism to the Land call America.

    So I ask you unidentified people, now occupying a Land where you constitute the Majority and has a relationship with Time that verify your nativity to a Land that no other can predate your presence upon, yet it does not constitute your organic connection to that Land, just your original descending upon it, and that Land which goes by the Name that your Ancient Mother and Father did not name, nor is your identity that which your mother gave to you, yet Time confirm that you have every Divine Right to be patriotic to Afrika, a Right that Far Exceed those other people who have established a bond with the Land they occupy upon this Earth and yet here you so call Black Afrikans in Afrika, you who do not hold to yourself of being patriotic to the Land of our Mother and father, Afrika.

    Our Ancient First Way Ancestors who did not have to gain dominance over the Land by using methods of Hook or Crook, Lying and Deception, but gain possession of the Land upon this planet by mere fact of our Ancestors being the people first to come to this Planet and it is that Divine Truth alone that qualify all so call Black Afrikans to be a Patriot to Afrika, yet such a patriotism today of Afrika by Black People can not be founded among the Native People in Afrika and that is why Afrika now suffer an identity crisis and the Black so call Afrikan has lost the Divine Mind that accompany our Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors.

    Black Wombgender and Staffgender, because there is not a dynamic relationship of patriotism to that Land we now refer to as Afrika, such is the reason why the profanity of Tribalism infest the Land call Afrika by the Native people of that Land and because Black People hold no patriotism to Afrika, the people Majority suffer for alack of knowledge about the Land call Afrika and where there is a lack of knowledge among Black People about themselves, the Land, and their Universal Home, then the people referred to as Black Afrikan People Suffer for their lack of knowledge of the sacredness of Nationalist Patriotism to the Land that your Mother and Father formed a Bond with eon Time ago, meaning Time without recorded measure.

    Here is a people calling ourselves Black, goddess, gods, Princess, Prince, Queens, and Kings, breded in the Land call Afrika and today we have not the patriotic pride of being Natives of Afrika with an origin that stretch out into the Universe and you wonder why it is that we have grown to be a people with a lack of knowledge of the sacred Holiness of the Land call Afrika and the Divinity of a People now referred to as Black Afrikans Human Beings, having no pride of patriotism for Afrika the Land, nor for the Divinity of its people.

    Yet you ask for a solution to a problem you continue to re-enforce upon you, as you refuse to open your Divine Mind Eye so you may see the error of your Human Being ways, you show patriotism toward everybody else Land with the exception of your earthly Land of Nativity, you without objection, when called by the people who paralyzed your Divine Thinking ability, for you to go running off to defend a Land you constitute not the Majority in, you question not, you go running off to kill innocent people, all because you have acquired a sense of patriotism for a Land that belong not to the people who make claim of it to be their own, do you not know beloved, that make you to be a party to all of the crimes committed in order to gain possession of a Land referred to as America and to use you as an example of your Mental neglect to Divinely Think?

    The Land call Afrika, is where all Black Folks patriotism belong, yet there is not many that can be persuasive enought to justify a claim to Afrika patriotism today, why is that, why is it that there is no patriotic Afrika Nationalism among Black People today, even though we speak of Black Nationalism but we refuse to indicate in what direction do that Nationalism goes, and to whose Land it is Needed.

    We have become the Black Nationalist Patriot of not Afrika, but of America, I have no problem with White folks claiming their patriotism to America with a sense of Nationalist Pride, my problem is with Black People who can not see the error in such a claim by them, which forward an act of their neglect of the Land of the goddess and god of Ages ago, where we arrived to, and white folks now call it to be Afrika, a Time ago that verify and justify that Black Folks patriotism belong with Afrika and with no other Land where we constitute the majority with a potential to be in authority and control of the Land.

    The present condition of Afrika and the Black Afrikan Nation, verify that there is no active Black Afrikan Patriots in the world today and I share with you these coming beloved, upon Black People and Afrika continuously, woe is unto you who neglect to secure and protect Afrika and have no desire, or want to See the error of your Black Human Being Ways, as you deliver all of your patriotism away and against the Land of the goddess and gods, our Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors.

    So we Black People verify today the saying of old, a House that is Divided against itself will not stand the Terrorist action of Lucifer, behold the present state of condition of Afrika and a Black Nation that has been split asunder.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.



    Chief Elder

    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement

    [email protected]