Black Poetry : there is a God (lookin' fo a lil' love)


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Feb 12, 2001
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there was a time when
you were my obsession
and the cause of my depression
because you made such an impression
in my flesh
setting off my alarms
you never meant me any harm
though you were never good for me
and i knew we would never be
the "we" type of we
it's so funny how i let go of that desire
and there is no fire
not even an ember
since september
when i realized
the contract with what's between my thighs
is not to be compromised
i can't let you in
'cause that would be a sin
and i would get in big trouble
that nine months big trouble
because in the heat of pasison
in the blink of an eye
i wouldn't think and i
just might forego protection
and your erection
woule be all natural
and i'd be naturally
wrong and it would be a long
time before i could get out of the
state of confusion
what i thought could be real was an illusion
and to be smart enough
to be able to let you go
and resist the temptation
and your sweet invitation
there is a God

diva08 (c)2001


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