Black People Politics : There Is A Difference: Between Conscious Raising--Education--And Indocrination!

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    Having had relations actually lived thru the Detroit Urban Rebellion of 1967, I must agree to disagree with elder brother's Old Soul's overall takes....

    If there was a true attempt at a cover up, it originated at the highest levels of the white folks power elites, not on the basis of alleged individuals, who just went along to get along with it all...

    I. e., it was the whitewash by the folk who just gave lip service to what honest and sincere people, like Otto Kerner etc. admitted, as in the rise of urban rebellions--not a 'race war--' the white powers feared were coming --all over this nation!

    Understand that, and the rise of groups like the Black Panthers as well as the Weather Underground were a given...

    Also Nixon/his 'plumbers'/Watergate/etc.

    Unresolved issues and problems, elsewhere, led to the rise of the American Indian movement...

    Flashforward and the same tactics are bound to be used against the Occupy and Idle No More movements as well...

    What was once blamed on 'godless commies', now get played off by their equally bankrupt so called wars against global terrorism and/or bogus war against the drug traffickers...

    Thing is:

    Fool me once, shame on you...

    Fool me twice, shame on me, too...