Chief Elder Osiris : There Is A Conspiracy Against Black People and Radical White Americans.

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    There Is A Conspiracy Against Black People and Radical White Americans.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From

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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You!!!

    What I am about to share here with you, it need to be shared with Black folks who would not ignore this information, and those Black people are those who are considered to be poor and mostly uninformed about what is happening in America, and it just so happen that those are the Black people who are yearning to know about the Divine Truth about why it is that America is evolving to become a police state.

    Such a reality that only those Black people who are on the ground in America and is in the know of the evil spirit of Law Enforcement toward those that have them to know that something conspiratorial is going on in America concerning Black people and Radical White people and the likes of.

    Not the Negro Black American, those who have fallen blindly in love with America and do believe that in no way will America do anything to them that is against America Constitution, and such ill minded Black Americans who believe that there is no conspiracy by America against Black people and the Radical sector of White Americans.

    It happen to be those type of Negroes who frequent this internet that do not believe that there is a conspiracy by Corporate America to wage in the now, a silent germ warfare that will turn into a pandemic act of genocide of Black people and white people who appear to be a threat to America new way of not governing, but of control of its citizens.

    So, Black people in America, mainly those who are in America by way of the middle passage, but also include those Afrikans in America regardless of how you arrived here in America, we all are expendable.

    The problem with Black wanna be elitist Black Americans, is that they can not see the Divine Truth about the America that they love so dearly, and it is that love that have them to be blind and ignorant about America and they can not bring themselves to become objective about America and attempt to see what is happening in America as I share this information, not in particular to you wanna be Black elitist, but to those Black people who maybe, just maybe are viewing and listening to the Divine Information that is being shared on this internet by Divine Aspiring Minded Black people.

    I share with you information that is sound and provable and the information I am about to share with you is the reason why Reparation is such an imperative for Black people.

    Because we in America need our freedom before the Time come that America has in its profane mind to do more evil things to you Black and poor people, you who have become expendable and is now no more than an increase responsibility to corporate America, at a Time that America is down sizing in term of its population.

    What if I share with you Black people that when it come to what America is doing to the environment, to its food chain, and to the medical health well being of its citizens, that such is not in your best interest and is not an accident.

    There is no such a thing as coincident, so when things happen that is not of a Natural occurrence, be it political, economics, Health wise or even tp personal relationships, things do not happen by chance, there is an electrical charge under your control that is causing what ever is happening in and to your life, know that you are the cause for such happening.

    So, yes, there is a plan in America as well as in other Governments in the world that call for mass extermination of your life, so do not be surprise when all sorts of strange viruses begin to cause all type of chronic disease to your Body life, because there is such a disease pandemic that is taking place right under your profane Mind, there is a silent killer virus that is being let loose through vaccinations, food that is of a clone nature, and poison being let loose in the air that is silently being controlled to kill you Black and poor people in this world, the main target being Black Afrikan people.

    Call it what you want, when you should know what you need to call such happening, yet because of the extreme Dumb Down that has happen to Black Afrikan people, there is no desire in such a low quality of mind to see to know the Divine Truth about what is happening in America.

    Leave it to Black people to ignore the Master Teacher about Life, even when we serve to be that empirical evidence to prove that America is controlled by Lucifer, the Devil, Satan the Human Being and that Elitism is of paramount importance to Lucifer, he who are in the motion of establishing a Global Economic Government, designed to cater to the elites in the world and all else of a lower class to be the pawns to be made to do Lucifer bidding.

    There is in motion a plan to Exterminate great Number of lives in America, and all that is not terminated will be placed in concentration camps, that is the real and verified Conspiracy, not theory, but fact about America.

    It is America that refuse to free Black Afrikan people who are here by way of the Middle Passage, by not paying the debt owed to our Enslaved Ancestors, the Debt Reparation.

    Homeland security is just a mirage, it actually is the institution equivalent to the institution of Chattel Slavery, large segment of the Black and poor population will be incited to rebel in America so that a round up can take place of Black and poor people, and be taken to now established concentration camps where silent act of genocide will be carried out against lives been judged to be expendable.

    There are now in America what is referred to as Fusion Centers, such Centers are under the command of Homeland Security and those centers are manned by a cross-section of all of America Law Enforcement, as America National Guard are placed on stand by to enforce against label Terrorist such being American Citizenry.

    There is a Bill I have learned to have been enacted by congress, call H R 645, giving authority to Homeland Security to control American citizens in prison, put them in places like Holding pins, where razor edge barbwire, dogs, and all means to control and stabilize people in concentration camps.

    There was a storage ground in Madison Georgia that held hundred of thousands of coffins, for what and for whom?

    There is no more United States, such an America has been divided into 10 sectors, strategic points where control centers are located to direct you being rounded up to be placed in concentration camps.

    So you in all of your blind ignorance wonder why it is I keep sharing the need to enter into the Garvey like spirit so that Black people can become informed about the fact of America evolvement, and that Black people need to make plans to exit America.

    We Black people are the only people remaining in America who have a Right to Reparation and the Right to leave America, because of the fact that we are here not of our Free will and choice.

    There is Much more I can share with you Black people regarding America and Afrika, and the people in resident of the two continents, but such is not to be shared in open internet forum, and all that I have shared with you thus far, most is common knowledge to those who seek to know the Divine Truth about America and the Spirit America will be displaying toward those considered to be a subversive threat to America, not security, but well being.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved



    Chief Elder

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