Black People : There are two damages....

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    There are two influential promoters of artistic expression. As they are the soul and "the divided" in one's egotistically driven yet disconnected "mind". The soul...releases the child-like mind into God's ever-present reality. And the "lone mind" (on the other hand) drives its own self crazy attempting to do so, life-actuality. Therefore....therefore spiritual walkers...of all and/or any kinds too... There are two damages resulting into one body through one's mind that spiritually reflects one's very soul. The infamous pyshics "triangle": Pay attention... Ther are"two" internal thus eternal damages into the only numeral which is ONE... One: Not daring to be your true age (in mind) that locks one in mind through "time". And/or two: Not being one's truest self through thy very soul into the reality re-creating child-like mind. To truly be mathematical (without making a fool of YOU), then allow all to remain basic in the arithmetic in common-sense that is...EVERYTHING. Hmmm...... If there is a true "doctrine" to follow thus lose one's very own mind to, then it is the very basics in common-sense that Divinely unfolds into the ever-presence of. As those who "think" otherwise.....challenge me..... Kevin D. Ervin 2008 c.