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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

The children of the Middle Passage has been in America United State for over four Hundred Years and not since the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation has there been a revolt by Black People who were brought to America against their Will, never having a choice in the matter concerning our travel to so call America and for useless technicality, I will use the term America to mean where we are in the United States.

The Brand new Afrikan American has set a very dangerous precedent for our Children in America by indicating that there are nothing in America that we should be angry enough about to cause us to revolt, not only that, Black so call Afrikan Americans do not even rebel anymore, we have come to settle to become just activists in America, a status of disgrace.

Now Beloved, you might ask why do I say such a thing about us Black people in America, grown to become Afrikan Americans, well allow me to share with you why I reveal such Divine Truth with you today, first of all, let us draw the distinction between the terms that will be mentioned here.

A Revolutionary is one that revolt against the injustice being imposed upon the victim and the victim revolting action is for purpose to become Free from the Environment that make the victim a casualty of injustice, having no power nor authority to make decisions that would best serve the victim life, so the victim revolt to become free from such an unjust environment, that beloved is the action of a True Revolutionary.

So beloved, a revolt by Black People in America for purpose to try and gain control of America will be suicide for Black People, so any revolt by us Black People should be to receive our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation and to become Free from America and not to change America Racist System of Governing.

Now, a let us See what a Rebellious Black so call Afrikan mean, well it mean that the reason for the victim rebellious action is to attempt to change the Spirit ( attitudinal Behavior ) of America toward us Black People, no Freedom just change in America status quo of treatment of Black so call Americans.

Then beloved, you have the Black so call Activist, the victim that is more about verbalizing the injustice being received, and to the activist, that is enough, now tell me beloved, do you have to wonder why our children behave as they do today toward all of us Black Folks, Parents and all ?

There is not one Black so call Revolutionary preacher, Minister, Reverend , Priest or what ever other Name a Religious Black so call Afrikan Want to wear, not one meet the price of being a Revolutionary, those weak back religious preacher do not even meet the requirement for being a rebellious Black so call Afrikan, their title of action is no more than being an activist and that type of action serve only the activist and not the collective all of us Black People, here in America by way of the Middle Passage.

Black Wombgender and Staffgender, we who are in America against our Will, the Time is now for the Black Reveloutionaries to rise and begin to separate the bushes away from around the Trees, here in America and I will allow you to determine who might represent the bushes amongst us Black People in America, because you see, there will be no Freedom for the Black Afrikan in America until the bushes are removed.

A Divine Revolutionary move on the facts that be the cause for the Black Life present condition in the World, and all of those facts point to a Religion as being the foundation upon which the Black Life problem stand, and not until Black People in America begin to deal with that one single problem, then there will be no Freedom of the Black Life from America, because it is the religious advocates that serve to be the most potent enemy to the would be Black Revolutionary in America, a Mental Revolution we Black People Need, in order to be able to see Divinely clear who it is that hold us captive in America and it most certainly is not White People, because the Unity of the Black Mind demand Freedom away from America and for such to be activated, we must Demand our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation and with the Bushes having been silent, White people will have no other reason to ignore our Enslaved Ancestors Request for Justice paid by America, which can only come in the form of Reparation.

We are living in familiar Time, a Time that has been before in the face of black People and our condition and position in the world today, is that which it has been before, so what we are witnessing happening in the world by the action of the world, such is not New, because the gods, our Ancient Black Divine Cosmic First Way Ancient Ancestors did inform us about the attitude and behavior of people exposed to Time, and the fact that there is nothing NEW that happen in the presence of TIME, should have you to know that all thing happen in a continuum, so that is why it is important to master the knowledge about our Past because there from flow the solution to the present action of the Time that does not serve the Black Life well.

Beloved, the furthest thing from the religious Black representatives Mind, is to become a Black so call Afrikan Revolutionary, as a matter of fact the religious Black preachers can not become a Revolutionary carrying the garbage bag of religion, it is religion that forbid the Black Action of Revolt, the doctrine of Religion will not allow the preacher to advocate Revolution in America, not against America but against our staying in America, demanding that we Black People leave America with our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, what preacher, Minister, or any Black member of the clergy would advocate such a Divine need to Black people in America ? not one that has been placed in a position to have unquestionable influence over Black People Mind, they who do not Think, because you see beloved, only nonthinking Black people are victims of the white man Religion, with Black preachers doing the white man bidding, and that is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, which claim that Jesus is to be Black Folks Savior.

So here you have a Black Man that White Folks are swinging before you, representing that he could become the First black President of America, and here he is confessing to be a nonthinking Black Man, when it come to religion and knowing what is needed to free Black Folks from America injustice, but Obama has been up front with black People, he has told us that he is a Christian, which he had to become, in order for him to become as he is in America.

Obama tell you Black People that you must go Blind, you must not deal with who you are and it is who you are that have you Black people in the predicament that our Life is in today, in America, so No, Obama is not a Revolutionary for black People, he is not your Messiah, he is only just a Political Activist, an action of uncertainties and he is without the call for undefiled Justice as a goal..

So Obama does not represent Freedom Change, and by me knowing the limits Obama will be exposed to, should he become president, that is why I support Obama for President, because I know he will not be allowed to deliver what Black people need in order to give back to our Life, Divine Value, and when you come to realize that Divine Truth, then maybe your Eyes will become open for the first Time in ages, and maybe you then will qualify to become a Black Revolutionary in America.

Let Those Who Are Not Blind, Know And See That Which I Have Shared With you, Yet I can Not say Plainly What I Need To Say To you Beloved.

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

Chief Elder
The First Way Institute Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism/Repatriation/Reparation
Wonderful words of reflection, as usual food for thought! I presented a question some months ago to my weekly black coaltion, asking if anyone understood what inspires the 'suicide bomber', some said history, others said they were crazy, or misguided, only one understood that 'trust' and an absolute belief in the righteousness and correctness of their struggle. He understood that all who stand against the white supremacist system/zionist in Palestine would carry on the struggle after the clean up!

In amerikkka, the remaining revolutionaries/reactionaries can be tempted, they can be bought off so that the last act of resistance becomes a futile singular act of resistance! Here in amerikkka the effort to create justice becomes a wasted death. Maximum emergency compensatory action/justice is and should be the last choice.
Yet it can only be effective in an environment where people have knowledge of self, and who are committed to change, and who understand the passing of the baton engages the next generation in the struggle for truth and justice. Beginning with "meritorious manumission" the die was cast, African Americans suffering from PTSS are not united enough to force a deliberate attack on racism,rather we keep our heads down, and hope for the best, and we die at the hands of the racist anyway, we simply choose to be a passive partner in our own destruction! We choose to die slowly hoping someone else will carry the battle forward, sort of like bush pretending to be tough hiding behind our sons and daughters.
The Struggle Continues! Peace!
there are no...

chief elder,while your words ring true and your call for reparations sincere we both know that there is an ongoing fear amoung certain factions about the coming of a black messiah and has been since[NAT TURNER]now as for the reparation issue we can-scream-protest-argue-debate but until the powers that be deside to give in then-WE GET NOTHING..that's just the way it is.


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