Black People : There Are Lies Told About God And Lies Told About Light And Darkness

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
There Are Lies Told About God And Lies Told About Light And Darkness

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Darkness Is The Divine Essence, God Of Both Universe, One Eternal Infinite And The Other Finitely Present, One appear Not To Be Physical And The Other Is Physical

Nothing Supersede The Divinity Of Darkness, That Is Why There Is No Such Entity As Nothingness!!!

Darkness and Light is not enemies to each other, the character of Light gets its worthy purpose from Darkness, it is Darkness that is the manufacture of Light and all that is affected by the light and Darkness is to have their presence being the nature of their design, but attitudinal behavior is caused by the physical living Beings based on the decisions you make in according to the nature of your design.

So, Darkness is the primary Divine Essence of everything and Light is its companion produced by the Eternal Electromagnetic presence of the intelligence of Darkness and the presence of the both is with no attitudinal behavior that is of a physical moral base classified as right and wrong, such a spiritual characterization is associated with physical living Beings with independent freedom to choose and behave as the use of the intelligence to the physical form is made by an energy use that is referred to as the Mind associated to the physical body and in some natural physical bodies the guidance used by that body energy is referred to as instinct.

Darkness is and by its natural performance, and Light does not behave in a Right and wrong way, used maybe, but not perform, it performs by the nature of the design that light is to Darkness and light is, because of the Darkness, to maintain the Law of the Universe to Physically Beings, which is based on opposites.

Therefore, there is no Meaning to Light without Darkness but there is the presence of Darkness without Light, for there is the Divine Eternal Infinite Darkness that is of its Eternal active presence, needing not to have a Meaning and Purpose to be, it is Darkness that provide such attributes of things physical and appearing not to be physical to have a meaning and purpose for being too and for all things natural that be, functioning by the principle of the law of the physical universe, the duality based on opposite.

There is no presence greater than the Divine Essence Intelligent Dark Energy, that beloved, is the God of us all, even Light!!!

No one and nothing controls the Darkness, that beloved, is the Essence of all things physical and appear not to be physical, It's The God Of Eternal Infinite Existence!!!

Believe This Not, Know This, Yes, In Divinity, There Is No Presence Of Belief, beloved.


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