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May 31, 2008
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truth n righteousness fam...its me first time here in a long time under a new misnomer. I hope you all enjoy this piece.


theology was the sun-like

worship of your breath

against the back of my

heart…the feel of your

voice prodding me

along burnished time

and eternity.

You left me settled and

Slightly detached from

all that is wrong in the world.

Marriage was me joining

My heartbeat with the in-seam

Of the rise and fall of your

Exhaling…you were fresh…something

That defied my inner demons…you

Pushed and pulled the freudian slips

From my speech and allowed me

Room to just be…

Death was brandishing my

Life…my desires against

Rocks…some proverbial Prometheus

Chained for all time…you ate my liver

With each waking morning and inserted

Fresh batches of sonia sanchez'd

Phrases and haikus between my

Thighs…causing me, a man, to

Give birth to poetic living…this

Sapphic existence that began framing

Our world.

theology was me…submitting

myself beneath the not-so-conservative

authority of love…theology was me

learning how to embrace your essence…how

to love you.

©2008 'el(oK)utionyst Inc.'



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