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Jul 2, 2003
da south............ATL
Young love, lust, and a statistic to many
A struggle turned over to involve one family
One loves, one dont
One wants to be tied down, the other one wont
It happens everyday in the neighborhood I'm from
She walks down the school halls and people laughs at her
He's with his boys tellin them about he took her virginity from her
She's ashamed now
but why, I mean how
She don' did it now
Ain't no need for this girl to put her head down now
Month one, month two, It's month three now
No period, she's in a panic now
The boy she did it with back with his GIRLFRIEND now
It was a one night stand he doesn't even remember her name now
She goes to the clinic to find out she's pregnant now
She tell him, of course he denies it now
She tells her mother, and her mother is beating her @ss right about now
She goes to the doctor to try to get an abortion with her mother but the doctor says its too late now
Well not too late but too high for someone in my hood to pay now
She cries
But why
Now she about to be an adult, maturing early, just like she wanted when she laid down with a boy she just thought was fly
Didn't even know his REAL name, just that he was 16 and his nickname was Ty
So it's settled, she will have to take on his responsiblity
A 13 year old single mother with no money
She hasn't even had her first job yet so her first income was from the government, WIC, foodstamps, and cash off EBT
Just like her mother, another statistic, it runs in the family
Then a innocent girl
Now a single mother
Now what? Will she ever live like a child again?.............
Then............now............single mother
she left her childhood the day she lay
being grown ready set and play
now she facing the depth of the day
becoming a mother this way
then it was fun through da lust
but he left not becoming the us
she only have life instill to trust
her childhood gone to rust
now she a mother of a child to be
she have responsiblity this was deep
wit effects of a heartful new journey
This is the realish. I can't say I've been there but I've seen some of my closest friends go that route and have children early. It's sad that family's try to down their children once something like this happens. I think they need to show them genuine love and assure them that it's not the end of their world. Circumstances are Today but Opportunities are Tommorrow as I put it. In all reality I think no matter how old you are you're still somewhat a child until you have children. It's then you come into yourself as a great mother and father. Keep the Faith & remember dawn is nearest when night is at its darkest.


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