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Dec 3, 2007
everywhere and nowhere
to seek truth
have you ever been to vegas
for me it was a first

gambling, drinking and S.E.X
each to quench the devils thirst

Everyone walking around
like they are so alive

But like fliez to shiss
the walking dead was feeding on the liez

one man told me
pull a slot... i should do it cause it's free

come on man.. get ur head out the sand
free don't exist in this un-reality

the craziest thing was all the beautiful black men
trying so hard to be my P.I.M.P

there's Power In My People, I said
and ya'll aint finna sell me

they thought I was so very cute
said I was the most beautiful girl that they had seen

I hugged the bothers and loved the brothers
man they said, they thought that all sisters were pose'd to be mean!!!

They all had one thing in common
That they felt so all alone

I said to them keep ya head up
cause one day we can all go home

the funniest comedian crownd
was some white broad.. well, well, well

I thought fo sho it was Kat Williams
and the homey Dave Chapelle

There was nothing Black in Vegas
only the deceit of white-type greed

All the hate and money mongers
Love is what we need

but my left hand was there
and what I gave back was my right

love sweet love in the depths of it all
got me walking towards the light

now don't get offended or act like you are shocked
but it white people can see Elvis

then I can see TUPAC!
Hi Miss Lady
Welcome Home Little Sister
This flow about Vegas is great !
Showing love in Vegas now that was cool
Because most are there for one thing.
I would have thought, and you showed that
Even with a pocket full of money. It can't replace
And I seen Tupac chilling here on the East side last week.
Yeah! I do agree.

Miss Lady said:
now don't get offended or act like you are shocked
but it white people can see Elvis

then I can see TUPAC!



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