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    Hoteph Beloved Sisters and Brothers:

    Beloved, I was present in Geneva when that vote was taken by the group that was present and decided to adopt Afro-Descendant as our identity for sake of being considered by that international body, the UN, so that the Descendants of Black people that were enslaved in the Diaspora could have Social Political standing before that body, giving us Social Political Rights as a different and unique Ethnic Group before that World body, such an identity, Afro-Descendant, does not make the reach to identify us as a Unique Biological Ethnic Homogeneous Group, a Group that has been now, made to be diverse scattered and confused, concerning our True identity, an identity that rise above world politics and the social stratification of the Ethnography of the World today, performed by the Human Being.

    My position remain, in actuality and Reality, we Black People are Black Divine Universal Elemental Beings, now residing on a Planet call Earth named by the Human Beings, in a place located and identified to be referred to as modern day Afrika, so we are now known to be so call Afrikans and/or Afro-descendants in the Diaspora, which is not the name of that location we call Afrika, that our Black Ancestors referred to it as being, which is Akkebulan, which mean that in actuality we are Black Divine Universal people that came to reside on this planet in a place the Ancestors referred to as Akkebulan and now because of our experience in losing our Divine identity, we Black people have come to be known, in the Diaspora, for political reason, Afro-Descendants, and yes, Reparation and and act of independence is the main motivation for us adopting that identity, yet we Black people in Akkebulan, now accept and label ourselves, as the Human Being has seen fit to identify us, which is as Africans. ( Afrikans )

    Therefore we Black people carry that label around every where we reside on this planet today, which serve as evident that Black people do not know whom we are and for social political reason, we have become whatever is expedient for us to be, in order to please those Human Beings that now control this planet, labeling everything as they so choose to label, giving out identities as if they are God, as they so portray themselves to be and is well accepted by Black people.

    The question remain, who are you Black People, absent of reacting to and being influenced by the Human Being, in determining your identity ?

    Black people identity is Universal proclaimed and yes for Earthly Social Political interaction we should have the independent Right to identify ourselves in accordance to the maltreatment that has divided Black people on this planet and even that Right of Action will not come until we decide that we will not allow ourselves to be divided as a unique ethnic Group cause by the action of Chattel Slavery and Colonialism.


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    Our identity as African-Americans or whatever can only be decided by us as a Class whenever we decide make a legal compact with each other about who we are. In the meantime, the issue of who we are has been discussed in International Law, since we are not recognized by the United Nations and come under White People. There is no negroland. The discussion of who we are was introduced at Geneva by The Lost Found Nation of Islam and National Commission for Reparations CEO The Honorable Silis Muhammad. A U.N. specialist was appointed to research this issue. A wide representation of African slave descendants in the Diaspora involved in this International law discussion have agreed that we are Afrodescendants, that is, until we meet as a Class to determine who we are. While this acknowledges our right to decide our own identity as a People, it also creates a category by which the issue of Reparations can be discussed in International Law. We have never agreed to be called African-Americans, negroes, coloureds or any of that. Afrodescendants is the closest we have come to agreeing upon an identity as African slave descendants here in the Diaspora.
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