Black People Politics : the_religious_right_formed_around_support_for_segregation_not_against_abortion


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"Desegregated" or they fought against segregation, banning of students and teachers of color in Christian schools. They fought to protect the schools against such a racist thing. Yes, that is what I'd expect from the religious right. But then the right has stepped up through history to bring change for equality. And now Trump has a room filled with a multitude of Black leaders and guess what? Not only is the President on the right being criticized for the same historical racial ideology as started with President Lincoln and other Presidents on the right have had (same as Rev. Dr. King's crusade to move forward) but the Black leaders with Trump who are trying to do something themselves, are being criticized as nothing more than traitors. Why? Because they flooded into Pres.Trumps office several different times even up to meet with him by invitation privately with an open door. Where are the pictures historically reporting this kind of effort between a President and Black representatives ever before? No one notices this is a National phenomenal event going down in books.