Brother AACOOLDRE : The wrath of Farrakhan: From Ezekiel to Klaatu to Ovens

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    THE WRATH OF FARRAKHAN: From Ezekiel to Klaatu to Ovens

    By Andre Austin

    Don’t take it serious this is all satire. Just follow the craft of the wrath.

    In the 1990’s a comedy program called In Living Color performed a parody skit of Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam (NOI) called “The Wrath of Farrakhan”( WOF). The real wrath of Farrakhan stems from his mother “Never” giving him any hugs and perhaps that his momma didn’t name his real father on his birth certificate. The fictional Farrakhan in this 5 minutes of super laughs was also loosely based on Star Trek’s episode dealing with Captain Kirk’s (Circe) battle with an enemy named Khan. Damon Wayans (playing Farrakhan) was able to divide and conquer the Star Ship Enterprise by exposing and exaggerating discrimination of its crew members. For example: Emotional appeal was levied on the Chinese by sating Kurt was using his race to clean all of the dirty laundry. A Lt.Nubian princess was persuaded to mutiny to Farrakhan because only her backside was filmed exposing her neck that was nappy. The theme of the WOF was rooted in Farrakhan’s vision of a mother-plane (Ezekiel’s Wheel =A Zodiac) coming down to earth to kill whitey for the iniquities of injustice inflicted upon the Blackman for 400 years. Its waft will pin the tail on the honkey (LOL). Farrakhan’s dream is to have god use his spaceship to put the Jews back in Ovens as outlined in (Psalm’s 29:8-9 & Malachi 4:1). The white Republicans (Huckabee) have substituted Farrakhan for Obama as leading Jews to the door of the Oven. I recall Farrakhan saying in the past to the Jews: “When God puts you in a Oven, you are indeed in One”. I hope he’s happy I placed him quotations. Is it raw or in an Oven?

    On a side note independent researcher Joe Maxwell states Captain Kurt is named after Greek Goddess Circe who transforms men into animals to be fed upon. Those who are in an Oven are cooked also like a meal. Just like in The Twilight Zone episode: “To serve humans”, the people were late (on CP time) in translating The New Testament anti-Semitic Cookbook and herded like cattle on the spaceship. Like they had for Lazarus where “they made him a supper” (John 12:2-3). Like good Catfish Christians they get to eat all the hotdogs they want (Rev 2:17 & Rev 19:14-18). Then there tombstones are used to build the foundation and walls of the New jack City. The NT is the most anti-Semitic literature I have ever read.

    Last year Farrakhan went on a studio crusade with his The Time and what must be done television series. Every Saturday Night he broadcasted live from the Final Call news room. I wouldn’t have thought the wrath of Farrakhan was so ridiculous if it wasn’t so sorry and wrapped inside a theological nut shell. Anyway, in one of his episodes of doom Farrakhan liken himself as Klaatu on the science fiction movie The Day the Earth stood still (1951). Klaatu was like a diplomat attempting to broker a deal for peace within countries on Earth. Farrakhan is no diplomat; he hides behind the Koran to shield a Cookbook of Wrath. I can’t wait until Independence Day II is released in 2016. I wonder what kind of plot and wrath they have in store to serve consumers in the movie theaters. It’s the opposite of the NOI’s Justice Or Else wrath.