Black People : The Wounded Mind (part2.)

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    The first sickness within the human mind is fear... Emotional poison. Our Emotional body is filled with the poisons of fear, anger, hate, envy, sadness and hypocrisy. All of us are sick in various degress with the same poison. We live in fear of being hurt, of being rejected, of not being good enough, smart enough, beautiful enough, successful enough, and as quiet as it's kept, are even afraid to say "i love you". In order to protect ourselves, our feelings, our images, our personalities and our emotions, we develop a system of denial. A large system of denial.

    In our system we become the perfect liars. We lie so perfectly that we lie to ourselves and even believe our own lies. We aren't aware that we're lieing...and even when we are aware, we justify the lie to ourselves to protect our own feelings from the pain of our wounds. We have learned to wear social mask because it's too painful for us to see ourselves or let others see us as we actually are. And our denial system lets us pretend that everyone believes what we want them to believe about us.

    The whole world is in this same condition and because it is, we really do appear to be normal...but the truth is that we are not. We were not born or made to be wounded, to be in fear, in pain, in sadness, in anger or anything negative that we hold within ourselves. This is not our reality...or should not be our reality. As this chapter continues, remember; no one can extend, share, give, experience or reach in others what does not first exist within themselves. You are the key, the lock and the master. To be continued.
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    Thank you for these posts

    I was speaking to a friend today about this exact thing. I realized for the first time today how sad I am. Not as in pitiful, but as in alone or unhappy. I was watching television on minute and the next minute I just burst into tears. For the first time I realized that I have been lying to myself so much and limiting myself due to my own fears of failure, hurt, or just repeating the same negative cycles in my relationships. I'm so glad that the God in me let me know what was really going on in my life. For the first time I feel like I'm truly being honest with myself.