Black People : The Wounded Mind (part 6)

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    Dec 13, 2004
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    When we are children, we learn that everyone's opinion is important, and we rule our lives according to those opinions. A simple opinion from someone can put us deeper in opinion that is not even true. "You look ugly. You are wrong. You are stupid" Opinions have a lot of power over the nonsense behavior of people who live in hell. That is why we need to hear that we are good, that we are doing well, that we are beautiful. "How do I look? How was what I said? How am I doing?"

    We need to hear the opinions of others because we are domesticated and we can be manipulated by those opinions. Please think about that for a moment.
    This is why we seek recognition from other people; we need the emotional support from other people. Do teen agers drink, smoke or take druge because they woke up one day and said that's what they wanted to do? No. They do it to be accepted by other people...people who have all those opinions...their peer group. They have developed a need to be accepted, to be considered cool...thereby revealing the impact of opinion.(next thread: The track of love, the Tract of fear)