Black Poetry : The World is Yours

skrybble7 said:
The world is yours…
Everything you can see
To walk
To talk
To live and breathe
Given these simply gifts
many minds at anytime
can be uplifted
maybe drift in higher plains
and fly the same mental paths
of our ancestors
and quest the freedom to be
Just the freedom to see
beyond the ropes and chains
of too many centuries
to hopes on the horizon
far as the minds eye can
visualize and grasp
is enough to navigate the
pits, snares and traps
of oppression, hate,
mental slavery and a lack
of access
that basic blackness
evokes in the heart of haters
Yet the world is yours…
From the rising to the setting of the sun
Beyond the jail cells and prisons
Beyond the ghettos and slums
Beyond the stifling walls of concrete
Beyond the asphalt of any street
Beyond the prisons without walls
All concepts and ideals are within reach
Too many ears not to hear
Too many eyes not to see
That because you choose it to be
The world is yours…

Map ‘06

:love: :love: :love: :love:
as i look back on this
and now were at a point on this

that you showed me a new way
and were talking just about every day

you showed me in order to find love you have to get right
and i appreciate you showing me the light
and now im on a mission to fight

the urges that are deep with my soul
i ask how did you gain control

of the feelings that you once knew
and how did you get over the feeling of being blue

you showed me a real man can love
you showed me that it can come from above

but in order for things to go my way
i must pray

and pray i will
but still

and you interrupt to say there's no but's
in this game of life there is a must

how can i find the right man when im falling behind
but in my heart i feel ive served my time

but who chose my path
and who has helped me to fuel the wrath

and you help me to see

the faults lie within Nevar
if i wont to get far

i must obstain from the bad and soak up the good
and you gave me reasoning to the point that i understood

if i want to get the life i so desire
i must put out the fire

that within my body
its hard giving up the naughty

but i want to be happy i want to be free
i want to be able to fulfill me

and not settle for less
i know in my heart my heavenly father knows what best

and thats why im grateful i have a loving brotha like you to tell me

The World is Mine.


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