Black Poetry : The World is Yours


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Feb 2, 2006
The world is yours…
Everything you can see
To walk
To talk
To live and breathe
Given these simply gifts
many minds at anytime
can be uplifted
maybe drift in higher plains
and fly the same mental paths
of our ancestors
and quest the freedom to be
Just the freedom to see
beyond the ropes and chains
of too many centuries
to hopes on the horizon
far as the minds eye can
visualize and grasp
is enough to navigate the
pits, snares and traps
of oppression, hate,
mental slavery and a lack
of access
that basic blackness
evokes in the heart of haters
Yet the world is yours…
From the rising to the setting of the sun
Beyond the jail cells and prisons
Beyond the ghettos and slums
Beyond the stifling walls of concrete
Beyond the asphalt of any street
Beyond the prisons without walls
All concepts and ideals are within reach
Too many ears not to hear
Too many eyes not to see
That because you choose it to be
The world is yours…

Map ‘06
the world is mine
well tell me why were not willing to do the time

many of us forgot where we come from
when someone ask us we pretend act dumb

some of come from the projects the slum
mama always kept us nice never looking like bums

wanna tell lies about our beginnings
wanna lie to other about our sinnings

hypocrits sucking off me like leeches
so mesmorized off their colorful features

world is yours
tell me how long should i endure

when our own men turn against us
tell me when we gonna come as one and discuss

how we can make this a better place
instead of my brotha's calling me a ***** to my face

or *** sit down
trying to be like Dj (hard out here for a pimp)played out like them tired sounds

yeah world may be mine
cant stand anotha minute saying everything fine
men everyday giving me some played out lines
take back that cheap @ss wine
and hook me up with your friend named DeVyne

cause he look like he got class
and he seems to be not about the @ss

Because he whispered in my ear

The world is yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!

holla at me skrybble if you want to nybble!!!!!! hahhahhahah
The world is yours…
Baby stay on course
We been doin the time
can’t forget the source
And it don’t matter
if we get rich
or stay dirt poor
I see you got the keys
to open every door
to elevate your mind
Been strong from the beginin’
And when your fishin’
consider the pool you get in
Consider the bate
even the tackle box
when to hold it wide open
when to keep it on lock
I know you make the bed rock
I ain’t even tryin to doubt it
Back in the day
I’d a been all about it
Would’ve had my nose open
just by the way you think
You’d a been that glass of water
I’d a been tryin’ to drink
Been celibate 3 long years
on the path to getting’ married
I’m a get it right
before the time I get buried
I know you got it goin’ on
baby’s built for any weather
And when it comes to our peeps
I know we got to come together
You was born to be a queen
Nevar to be neglected
Nevar to be called out your name
Nevar to be disrespected
I can see you been affected
By the ill works of some
We all need to be reminded
of where we come from
So while you check the fishin’ lines
And all the fishin’ gear
I’m a still lean over and whisper in your ear
The world is yours…

Much love and respect to ya.
yeah see this is what im talking about
the ish your kicking makes me want to shout

that yes there are a Few Good Men
and I see you don't play the game pretend
but will all depend

on what on the menu tonight
baby im tired of the lame bites

that i recieved
over and over i've been knocked to tha knees
to see a carving of long ago still upon the tree

like Ne-yo so sick of love songs
be like Al Green I'm so tired of being alone

Seems like no man deserve this good Peach
Coming from the south honey I pratice what I preach

There's more to me then just sex
I'm a mother, a lover, a fighter, a friend who knows what's best
been put through so many test

but i trust and trust
till my heart just went bust
because it seems my brotha are in lust

for that nut
talking bout a sista how he was all up in the gut
so what

give me a man that don't play
and i'll give him a Queen that will make his day

I see what cha saying daddy
waiting on the right one to make you happy

tired of going down that rode to nowhere
aint no sense in harping on this life isnt fair

always have to roll with the punches
life so jumbled up like my hair scrunches

just when i think to give it up
you came and gave me some all shucks

made me think there is hope
and not all men are bad ready to feed you their poisonous dope

yes continue to whisper in my ear

The world is Yours!!!!!!!!!!


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