Chief Elder Osiris : The World Is Controlled By Evil And Black people Are The Victims Thereof

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    The World Is Controlled By Evil And Black people Are The Victims Thereof :idea:

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    All Black so call Afrikans will never agree in, to the Divine Truth that now is rising again in the Black World, to much damage has been done to many untold number of us Black people Mind, so much so until we reject Thinking of ourselves as being Divine Beings at one Time and is qualified of being so again, on this planet, and such a behavior by all of us not being able to embrace the Divine Truth, is acceptable by me, I understand why Black people is incapable of dealing with profound information that contradict the Human Being Standards, so established to be used in order to determine their Profane Truth about all things that now confront our Black Lives, and when we observe ourselves debating the obvious Divine Truth, then allow me to say that it is just a display of our adopted Human Being behavior, toward information that we are no longer familiar with, causing us not to identify with.

    All religion for instance, is no more than an antidote used by the creators of such doctrine to counteract the injurious effect the divine truth has toward evil, lies, and acts of deception, in effort to appear to be what it is not, therefore there is nothing factual reasonable about the evil of religion.

    You see, what the Human Being does is, they hold everything that come forward in the form of information, up to the Human Being standards, everything is scrutinized by the Human Being scale that they use to past judgment on what they have established to be "Right or Wrong ", they also decide whether or not to give credibility to an attitude and behavior or not, so I do not concern myself with such profane display by the Human Being.

    It is a proved fact that Arabs are in Afrika by dishonorable means and that they to have a history of abusing Black so call Afrikans and when the evil of others that have practiced such evil against Black people is pointed out, the evil one come running to confuse the issue by implying that the ARABS are being unjustly attacked, but have no facts to back up such a claim, making such to be just their antidotes used to confuse the Divine Truth of the matter under review.

    The Human Being do not approve of their evil being high lighted, especially not by the victims of such evil, whom they do not respect at all.

    When it come to the so call Black Afrikan, very few of us can make claim with credibility to be able to Think Divinely Free, without the Human Being Religion serving as a guide as to how we are to believe about all things that now effect our Black Lives and such a profane practice by us has been one hundred per cent affective in determining the Black attitude and behavior toward everything that now effect our Black Life action.

    The World is controlled by Evil, under the command and authority of the Human Being and it is Black people that now move about on this planet with the sand spur of evil infected in a Mind that does not belong to the Black so call Afrikan and those sand spurs are what prevent Black people from elevating our original Divine Mind, so that we may be able to See clearly and Think freely , which is a prerequisite to the Black Nation rising again in all of its Divinity, which then will qualify that Black Divine Nation to assume authority over that Holy Land now is referred to as Afrika, the Land that was left in the Black so call Afrikan charge of stewardship.

    Who in their Divine Mind would question the claim that the Black Nation is now a servant to all of those Human Beings that have established a record of their history of stealing, robbing, abusing, and killing Black so call Afrikans, so much so until we have allowed ourselves to become acclimated to such disrespecting abuse, we Black people, now so mental conditioned to the point we rather worship the Profaneness of evil than to reclaim our Divine Truth about our Black selves.

    Black people living the profaneness of life, reap the present life condition we Black so call Afrikans are now experiencing, as we are taught by the Human Being to give no thought about our Black Life present condition, just be concerned about going to Heaven to live with Jesus, a tale that has been spawned, and now is entangle within the Mind of the now confessed Black so call Afrikan Human Being and as the saying goes, you reap what you sow and today, Black people are sowing the Human Being Religion, so I invite you to go, run, run, run as fast as you can and fetch your mirror and behold the condition of the Black so call Afrikan in the world today.

    Black Woman and Man, to deny your Divinity is to deny your Essence and that beloved, is your Blackness, the representative of the Perfect Night,that actuality, that Divine reality that Is of the Essence of Eternal Infinity, yet here you are Black Woman and Man, operating in a World controlled by Evil, as you submit to such Profane injury we Black Folks get there from.

    Tell me beloved Black Woman and Man, how can you value such a force of evil that hide not its destructive action against you, yet we value the opinion about us, coming from the Human Being, more so than that which is of you, have I not shared with you, that experience is the verifier of Truth and Reality Divinely so ?

    Is not the experience of the Black so call Afrikan with the Human Being mind, that which is nothing but death and destruction, concerning our Black Life involvement with the power of that Human force, then tell me, why do you Black so call Afrikans still choose to be submissive to such evil, masquerading around as Human Beings, as they confess to be the Devil, Satan, Lucifer of the World that now revolve on the principles of profane Lies and action of deception, as we Black Folks so gladly bow to such Evil in the world today.

    I will tell you why we Black people are in the Life shape we are in today, it is all because we now base all of our Life decision on the Human Being Religious Doctrine and behold the result of such a practice by the Black so call Afrikan today, a people that has long stop Thinking.

    The Divine Truth, Black People Despise The Divine Truth, In Favor Of The Profane Lie.

    If It Is, Then It Can Not Be, And Everything Is, Is Divine, And Everything Is Not, Serve To Be An Illusion Of What It Is Not.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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