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    The World Has Gone Crazy And Its Leaders Are To Blame

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where this come from
    [email protected]

    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear you.

    Call this over sensationalizing if you want to, since want is the area you park your life.

    The world is under a Nuclear attack and you do nothing but sit on your behind hoping and having faith in Lucifer agents who have a indisputable track record in lying and deceiving the world, both worlds, one Black and the other is White.

    The world just sit around on their behind watching all of the errors being made in Japan, as all of that nuclear material become airborne and the Devil keep raising the tolerable level and the world treat those liars as if they are the world truth tellers.

    So, the statement is admissible and appropiate, radiation flying all around being guided by Lucifer interference, earth quakes being triggered by high frenquency energy weapons and the world take to exposing a behavior as cattle being hearded to slaughter.

    Hell yes, the world has gone crazy, as we are being administered nuclear radiation and is being told to just ignore it, not to be concerned, as if the people have a record of having so much respect for the world.

    What a sad and pitiful state the world is in, displaying a mental state equal to insanity.

    There are two worlds on this planet Earth, one Black and once was Divine, and the other is White and all in between, and both worlds put all of their trust in those that are white with a spirit that lie and deceive those people that they have no useful respect for.

    The leaders of the white world are the liars and deceivers of both worlds, always in action to keep one to be against the other, but is made to believe that the two are in relationship with each other, such is the conning vile skill of Lucifer the Human Being.

    The white world and all that are not black, as well as that world that is Black, all have been made to believe in a god that Lucifer the human being has succeeded in getting the both worlds to believe in, with all of the faith and hope that a profane mind can be condition to have, the two worlds being under the constant influence of Lucifer religion, it being the vice drug that has the white world behaving crazily and the Black world ignorantly.

    The Black World been made to be ignorant of self and is in possession of a mind that is a flawed conductor for the energy that have you to reason Divinely, Lucifer being the source of both worlds problem, one gone crazy and the other been made to be ignorant.

    The white world is destined to return to its primary status on this planet, and the Black world will continue to perish from the fact of its ignorance, and Lucifer, if not put in abort mode, will cause his world destruction, and the Black world, if continue to ignore the Divine Information now come to them, will succumb in its misery of ignorance, Lucifer then having control of both worlds to make into becoming a one world in disorder.

    I share information about Black people who are descendants of Divine Beings, and it is Divine information that come from a Divine mind, from which is the only truth and reality come that will save the Black world, and the Black world being in possession of such a quality of mind.

    Only a Divine Mind in the Black world, has the ability to produce Divine quality of thought that would bring the Black world back into possession of Divine intelligence.

    The White world is in a motion that can cause that world to implode, collapse into its self, a world acting as if to have gone crazy.

    The Black world has the potential to save its world, and by so doing, will cause a stop to come to the white world motion, which is of a condition that will cause it to implode in upon itself.

    The White world and all in between, has gone crazy, it does not even question what is obviously happening to itself by those Luciferian Human Beings, they with a plan and a mission to depopulate the people of both worlds, Black and white, and all in between.

    The Black World is not accustom of being told about what and who you are, in the capacity of your Divine Mind, which place upon the Black world the obligation to save the Black world from the ignorance that is causing death to come to the Black world, needlessly.

    The Black World is the Divine Beings, they that carry the DNA of the Cosmic Goddesses and Gods, not Lucifer Religious Goddesses and Gods, but Those Cosmic Divine Beings , they being your Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors.

    Your Divine Mind is of the Body Life Intelligent energy, a process of thought the Divine Mind is, and can save the black World, and the safety of the black world, is what will bring sanity to Members of Lucifer world, but not to Lucifer and his angels, agents, and workers of evil, and is in action to deceive all worlds.

    Reclaim the Divine Mind, and all of the world will obey such Divinity, that Divine mind is within the calculus of the Black Divine Beings activity.

    Be Kind to Your self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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