Chief Elder Osiris : The World Can Not Stand A Unified Black Uprising

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    The World Can Not stand A Unified Black Uprising!!!

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More where this come from.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe somebody Black Might Hear you.

    The World Can Not Stand A Unified Black Uprising And seemingly Neither Can The Black World, In View Of Our Silence And steadfastness in our oppression.

    This is the Divine time that is undressing the hypocrites that stand under the umbrella of Garveism, Pan-Afrikanism, Black Nationalism, and wanting Reparation to imply an individual pay check, and has no spiritual connection to Afrika, and rather America assimilation than Afrika Afrikan Unity.

    Where are your claimed to be radical revolutionary, claiming to be for the people, the people being Black oppressed and repressed people in America, and else where we are?

    Where is your Black Ministers, so call educated, Community Activists, Political leaders, these are Black people I am inquiring about.

    This is the Time for Black people to act in our behalf, and that behalf is Freedom, Independence, Justice, and Reparation, Repatriation Back To Afrka, and Nation Statehood for he Diaspora Afrikan, Back in Afrka, without compromise.

    Divine truth with Justice is beyond compromise!!!

    Wake Up Black People From Your fantasize imagination, and realize that you are still a slave, living a make believe life.

    Today, It Is time for Payment Of Our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, a time For Black people to cause chaos over the length of Time our Enslaved Ancestors been disrespected, by having been worked and abused for the pleasure of the oppressors.

    If you are unable to see your Black selves, then in no way will you be able to accept this Divine Information that I share with you, even if you try to duplicate it to call your own, or ignore it in hope it will go away.

    All such acts of hypocrisy will not be enough to defeat or defy the Divine Truth, that which I share with you.

    All that the hypocrite share with Black people, is that which most Black people consciously believe is true, as the Black hypocrites are in hope of maintaining their false status of an acceptable impression that they strive to make in the presence of Black people.

    Ignore the Divine Truth for any reason you might illogically come up with, it will not be enough to shroud the Divine Truth from being effective in the company of Divine Reality.

    The Divine Truth is apparent and is transparent, yet it is powerful enough to not have its presence to be ignored, which mean that you are aware of its powerful presence.

    Here is a people who has been made to believe that in no way the world is affected by its presence and about the way they perform in the world.

    Such would mean that all that has been said and made of those people to appear to be, before the world, is a lie with intentional acts to deceive the world about those people in Black, with a phenotype different from all other people in the world, regardless of how much Lucifer has tried to assimilate such a people out from their original form and stature.

    To be plain so you can have no doubt of who the people are, that is being referred to here, which happen to be Divine Beings made to be Black Afrikan Human Beings.

    The one member of the world ethnic identity that has been made to believe that there is no good to ever come from such a people being referred to as Black and Afrikan.

    Yet you Black people choose to believe that the action of a parasite is what is most desirable to perform, rather than to be the Divine first Way Beings you came to this Earth, To Be.

    So, hell no, there is in no way that the Black brand New Afrikans can believe that unified action to come from Black Divine Beings, is to be undesirable to the now been made to be Black and Human Being, but if transformed back to being what you original were, it will have you with such active power that the world would not be able to ignore.

    All Universal Quantum Energy, Black people have an association with, like none other in Quantum particles Elemental form, operating at a Divine level of intelligent performance, meaning, having the ability to make Experienced Reasonable, Rational, and Logical decided choices, that will be in protecting the life of such Divine Black Beings.

    Divine Information is produced to move through the Universe as flour move through a shaking sifter, it ending up becoming what it started out as it was, energy in a infinite state of existence.

    So, Divine information is indestructible, yet is Divinely transferable, as it move from being mentally physical to universal invisible, yet is in a state of infinite existence, ingrained in the invisibility of the perfect Infinite Energy Space Darkness.

    You do not have Divine Information being told to you by your phony Black Leaders, they are not informing you about such Divine Information coming as a source that travel through quantum channels.

    Your first Black reaction is to ignore this Divine Information I share with you, and you invite yourself to disprove that which is Divine, using as your source, profane information without experience, experience being the Master teacher of us all.

    Here you Black people are today, all excited over the action being taken by somebody other than yourselves, an action that is causing turmoil in the world, even in the Black so call Afrikan world, the world that have every reason to be in the forefront causing Chaos in pursuit not for change, but for freedom, independence, and justice for all oppressed and Repressed Black people, and other victimized people, which is caused by a common enemy, Lucifer the Human Being, he being in pursuit to stifle and contain the Black world first, as he move to establish a New world Disorder, preventing the Black world from being active with any meaningful purpose in such a New World disorder.

    Keeping the Black world ignorant of the information that will inform Black people about why there is no Afrika today, and why there is no unity among the so call Black Afrikan today, is what have Black people acting as if we do not know that there is a need for us to be mad as hell, and should be causing all of the Chaos that we are justified in causing, using Reparation as the goal and reason for our unrest.

    What the made to be ignorant of self Black Afrikan does not know is that, should there be an uprising coming from Black people in this particular Universal Time, the world would not be able to stand such a display of mystical power that would be resonating out from such a display of Black power.

    Beloved, the Time is out for Black people wolfing at each other, making claim to turf that has never been ours in the Time of our Enslavement.

    All of your Gang warfare only magnify the depth of our self ignorance, as we perform as a gangster Black minstrel acting before the world of Lucifer, he who is being entertained by our Black ignorance, slaughtering each other, we not knowing who in this hellish world that we are today, as we glorify our enemy who now is in turmoil over the way their relatives have been treating them, which has no sentiment toward the Black world oppression and apparently neither do us have ant sentiment toward ourselves as well.

    Be Kind To your self, beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    As always Bro.Chief Elder Osiris you tell it like it is.