Black Poetry : The Words


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Jun 11, 2003
Baltimore, MD
Praising The Lord
I read the words of the wise one
It stated how important it is to write
To dictate our observation, lives and dreams

The written words teaches the one’s who are born
And the one’s not yet born. The steps once taken.
The path that was last crossed.

To read what is written can open your mind.
Perhaps challenge your thoughts

To refuse to write would deny our past
To refuse to read could contradict our future

I just started writing again. After so many months of
Letting my pen and pad lie dominate on my desk.

I just started reading again. It’s been so long since I read
A book. That some of the words seem foreign to me.

I stopped writing because I was angry, sad and upset.
I stopped reading because I didn’t want to think, or know

Now I write because I must
Now I read because I need to know

To write about what I see and hear.
Perhaps can be words of warning,
or encouragement.

I will read what others seem and heard
For the same reason why I write.

Can I bear the true nature of words?
Expressing un-harnessing
My love, pain,
Hurts, hope
Dreams, plans
And failure.

Can my words be?
The soldiers
That will help me battle the demon that haunts me.
The sailor
That will guide me out the storm
The warrior
That will encourage me to go on

Will the words adopt me?
And become
My mother, father
The Sister I miss
The Uncles and Aunts I’ve known
The mother I try to be
The lover I want to be.

Will it ?

I'll just have to
write and read
and I'll see
What will be
these words give me strength. I can trully feel where you comin from. There is a time to be mute. It's a crazy thang. When I was reading ya I was remembering a time in my life where everything was falling apart and I didn't want to sing or write. This place has helped me do that.

Thanks for putting this piece out there. Lovely.

Desert Storm


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