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    The word Jew: The two triangle, two Pyramids & Two snakes

    By Andre Austin

    I was very troubled with the word Jew. I watched a documentary program on Egypt. They were proving that the ancient Egyptian invented writing before the Mesopotamians (start at 37:00) and had a square piece of a small bone looking like some dice that spelled the word Jew by the symbols of a snake and two triangles. These triangles represented the mountains of darkness/west where the sun sets. This is interesting because of the NT rants of anti-Semitism of Jews being a race of viper and snakes (Matthew 3:7, 12;34, 23:33). The snake was a symbol of Satan from which the NT equated Jews being with and denying they were no slaves to men but to sin (John 8:3144). Dr. Ben states that Abraham came in Egypt at the time the Hyksos (Amorites) colonized half of Egypt. The Hyksos associate themselves with the Apopis snake and Seth (Satan) in adoption of their king names and symbols.

    John Henry Clarke, the late black history professor, had stated that the word Jew was a title word for Thoth (Djhuiti) a god of the west. Thoth is known to be associated with the upright and downward pyramids as it appears on the Israeli flag. He is known also with the symbol of two snakes wrapped around a pole for medicine, something Moses was aware of (John 3:14-15). Some of the perverted like to associate the pole with a stripper in the club as if this represents the snake on a tree in the garden of Eden telling souls it was okay to drink the moisture of Tefnut-maat from her vagina.

    Jesus is equated with being from the tribe of Judah and its symbol was the Lion (Rev 5:5). The twin Lion in Egypt represented two aspects of the sun: that which goes to sleep behind the mountain and that which rises from it in the morning. Some connection of the Lion-god with the dead is certainly indicated by the fact that the head of the bier is always made in the form of the head of a lion. So if we take the two lions and transform them into two triangles, or pyramids or two snakes we have the same meaning of the opposites.

    Andre Austin is the author of Poor Dre’s Almanac