Black History : The Word "Black"

Our social growth is stunted by this false misnomer that means absolutely nothing.

When you don't know you accept any definition of your ethnic status. Yet once you know, it is your responsibility to claim truth and shame the saltine (K)...

WE were never Negroes since this word means black and black means nothing.

WE were never black because black means nothing.

WE were never colored because this is a racist "Jim crow" term that means nothing.

WE were never African American because we do not possess citizen papers from Africa, duh!

prior to the 1500s WE were:


Prior to the 1500s we were first Moors then indians


Word Sounds And How They Are Spelled Have Power.: Black means colorless, w/o color, invisible. This word never had any meaning and is powerless in the court system. Ditch it. Aboriginal, Autochthonous, Coppertoned, Indigenous, Melaninated are words that are exclusive just for Us/We. These words describe OUR ethnicity as the FIRST people in America.

The origin of the word black


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