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    THE WIZARD OF OZ: The Symbolism of the Fight between Gold & Silver

    Back ground information. L Frank Baum wrote a book in 1900 called the Wizard of Oz. Oz is an abbreviation for Gold.

    Abe Lincoln assassinated for issuing USA own money called “Greenbacks”. Lincoln refused to borrow money from international bankers for 20% intrest rates. Bankers employed 33rd degree freemason John Wilkes Booth with gold money from Canada to kill Lincoln. Durning Civil war the price of Gold in Confederate dollars rose to 61 in the Union it never rose to 3. After the war Lincoln came to Atlanta and gave an ex-slave a box of matches to burn up a pile of Confederate money.

    The original shoes of Dorothy was Silver and was changed to ruby’s in the 1939 movies. The farms of the USA afford homes and employment for more than one-half of its citizens, and furnish much the largest part of all our exports. The main characters of the Oz was the scarecrow (fearful farmers) the Tin man (factory workers in need of liquid assets), the lion (A politician, William J. Bryan who spoke out against gold standard. Dorothy enters a palace with 7 passages and 3 stairs is an allusion to a criminal law in 1873.

    JFK killed for issuing executive order to issue “greenbacks” just like Lincoln.

    Col. Muammar Qaddafi killed because he had too much gold reserves and was trying to get other nations to manipulate their gold for political power. This reminds me of Toussaint who had 6,000,000 in gold francs. Napoleon agents tortured him to reveal the hiding place of the money eventually killing him.

    Coinage Act of 1873

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    The Fourth Coinage Act was enacted by the United States Congress in 1873; it embraced the gold standard, and demonetized silver. Westernmining interests and others who wanted silver in circulation years later labeled this measure the "Crime of '73" Gold became the only metallic standard in the United States, hence putting the United States de facto on the gold standard.

    The U.S. did not actually adopt the gold standard de jure until 1900, following a lengthy period of debate that was made famous by William Jennings Bryan's cross of gold speech at the 1896 Democratic convention. By this time, most major nations had moved to a gold standard. The only major nation that continued on the silver standard into the 20th century was China.

    The Opium war of the west with China as a means to weaken China’s demand to be paid in silver for their products. In the Oz book/movie baum is afraid that the politician will fall asleep in the poppy fields and be distracted by the farmers/workers cause by the international events of the Opium war. The lion is helped out of the poppy fields by the collective power of mice who were too weak to individualy do it on their own.

    1881 James Garfield gave inaugural address saying “Congress should provide that the compulsory coinage of silver now required by law may not disturb our monetary system by driving either metal out of circulation”. Four months later Garfield was assassinated by conspiracy of the international bankers

    1893 Pullman strike in Chicago about their opposition to a silver standard currency that would raise incomes of farmers and workers.

    Dorothy: Dorothy is thought to represent the American people or values. She proves herself to be determined, resourceful, and loyal. Another speculation is that she represents Theodore Roosevelt, the United States president. Some people believe this theory more than the other because of the similarities in the names. (Think: Dor-o-thy and The-o-dore). He became president in 1905. Dorothy kills the green witch by throwing a tin bucket of water on her representing silver.

    Toto: Small and seemingly going unnoticed, Toto is the one who reveals the Wizard for the fraud he is. He is thought to be another representation of the average American people.

    Uncle Henry: In the late 1800's, there was a famous farmer who was the editor of a leading farm magazine. His name was Henry Cantwell Wallace, and everyone called him Uncle Henry.

    Cyclone: The tornado is thought to represent political upheaval, or the free silver movement. During the time period in which this story was written, farmers were suffering from federal deflation; they were receiving less money for their goods, and their debt was getting larger. They wanted the value of a dollar to have a fixed ratio of both silver and gold. Some politicians were behind this movement while others were not.

    Munchkins: The munchkins were little people who represented the common folk. They were ordinary citizens of the United States. And in the same breath, the Lollipop Guild is said to represent child labor.

    Silver Slippers: In the book, the slippers that appear on Dorothy's feet are silver, rather than ruby. Silver relates to the monetary political issues. Farmers wanted the value of a dollar to have a fixed ratio of both gold and silver. Some have also speculated that the silver slippers represent the power to vote. Dorothy had the power within her self to get back home by hiting the heels of her shoes three times.

    Yellow Brick Road: This represents the gold standard, such as a brick of gold. The road of gold leads to power.

    Oz: Oz is an abbreviation for gold, which was a hot political topic with people rallying for a fixed ratio of silver and gold.

    Tin Woodman: The Tin Woodman has a more obvious meaning. He represented the industrial workers who were often dehumanized. He was rusted an immobile, which is a feeling that many factory workers when businesses began shutting down because of a nation-wide depression. After losing their jobs, they felt helpless.

    Scarecrow: The scarecrow is thought to represent the western farmers. While his complaint was that he didn't have a brain, he ended up being the most clever problem solver of the four travelers.

    Cowardly Lion: There was a politician named William Jennings Bryan in the late 1800's who supported the free silver movement. The Cowardly Lion is said to represent Bryan, who was seen has having a loud roar, but no bite, or no power because William Mckinley defeated him for president in 1897.

    Wicked Witch of the East and West: The Wicked Witch of the East is the eastern business while the Wicked Witch of the West is William McKinley, who ran against William Jennings Bryan during the free silver movement, and won. Others say West witch is John D Rockefeller owned a bank in Midwest Ohio and East Witch comes from J.P Morgan who was a puppet of the Rothchilds and Bank of England.

    God Witch of the North and South: The Good Witch of the North is thought to represent the workers of the north, whereas the Good Witch of the South is thought to represent the farmers of the south. This contrasts the wicked industrialists of the east and the railroad moguls of the west.

    Flying Monkeys: Flying monkeys were used in political cartoons to poke fun at politicians. While this may be the case, another speculation is that the flying monkeys represent Native Americans. When Dorothy and the gang meet up with the monkeys she is told, "Once we were a free people, living happily in the forest, flying from tree to tree, eating nuts and fruit and doing just as we pleased without calling anybody master...This was many ears ago before Oz came out of the clouds to rule over this land." This seems to relate well with Native Americans who were pushed off of their land by migrating eastern Americans.

    Emerald City and Emerald Palace: If Emerald City represents Washington D.C., as it is believed to represent, then Emerald Palace represents the White House.

    Wizard: The Wizard of Oz is thought to be Mark Hanna, the chairman of the Republican party, or the president of the United States. In the original story, each of the characters, Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Man saw the Wizard differently. This shows a cynicism in politics for the way politicians change face for different people.

    50% of all gold that has every been mined comes from South Africa. 90% of the continent of Africa is owned by the IMF and the world bank except in the area where there is large deposits of diamonds, Gold and uranium.

    Black people do not control anything because they don’t own anything. But if we pool our resourses together and create our own Wiz and take control of some land and a country then maybe we can defeat the International Banker who have consolidated/Central their resources to control 99% of the people for evil deeds.

    The top ten countries with gold:

    10. Netherlands 612 tonnes

    9 Japan 765 tonnes

    8. Switzerland 1040 tonnes

    7. China 1054 tonnes

    6. SPDR (NY stock exchange) 1,120 tonnes

    5. France 2,450 tonnes

    4. Italy 2,451 tonnes

    3. IMF 3,217 tonnes

    2. Germany 3,412 tonnes

    1. USA 8,133 tonnes. (Some say the Freemasons stole this out of Fort Knox a long time ago and took it to England. Executive Order 6102 is an Executive Order signed on April 5, 1933, by U.S. PresidentFranklin D. Roosevelt "forbidding the Hoarding of Gold Coin, Gold Bullion, and Gold Certificates within the continental United States". The order criminalized the possession of monetary gold by any individual, partnership, association or corporation. After he did this he then allowed foreign banks and people to buy it up.

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    The perfection of the control and administration of pooled assets are corporations.
    A person must have private property.

    One will need to stop borrowing money ....
    Pay off current debts or bankrupt out of a negative net worth position.

    The gold standard is fiat money in disguise.

    Gold is the currency of kings.
    Silver is the currency of gentlemen.
    Copper is the currency of peasants.
    Debt is the currency of slaves.