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Jan 30, 2001
In the Windy City
It was anything but windy
Dog days of August
Not an overcoat in sight
But through my heart
The wind blew

Beveled-edged glass
Provides a privileged view
I see solid oak and dark cherry wood
Spiral staircases, fine art
Politically correct smiles
Handshakes and prestige
Intellect required and expected
All historically safe
Behind 18th Century Gothic structures
Yet on the wings of a Gargoyle
Perched high among the ivy
The wind blew

Blowing in my face
Chilling me with one reality after another
Every emotion mixed and tossed
Like trailers in a Kansas tornado
The wind is a cruel reminder of change
Blowing things to you
Blowing them away

I felt the wind in so many ways
And at the end of the day
Its comfort and calm took me home
Knowing everything will be all right
Drying my tears of sorrow
Drying my tears of joy
The wind blew

© August 29,2002
This gem is a masterpiece with many facets through which the reader can "see" ...You are indeed a word artist. I appreciate what you allowed me to envision here...as well as what lies just beneath the broad surface of this canvas of your emotions.

Looking forward to viewing more of the mult-colored fragments of this prism.

"The wind is a cruel reminder of change
blowing things to you
blowing things away"

WHOA, this was soooo true, much about the rythum of life here and the constant winds of change. We have no control over which way the winds blow. But we have the wisdom of the knowledge that winds do bring and take away, so change good or bad is never without a gift.

This was so awsomely inspired a piece and so beautifully stated with so many layers of meanings, feelings, and thoughts.


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