Black Spirituality Religion : The Whole Crucifixion Story Was A Play Created By Joseph Flavius Piso ,

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    The Whole Crucifixion Story Was A Play Created By Joseph Flavius Piso , Which I Will Elaborate Further On Within The E mail . He God His Idea From The 2nd Psalms Written By A Chief Magician Upon Aigeleth Shahar A Psalm Of David They Call It '' Anguish And Praise '' They Refer To This As A Psalm Of David . Remember That The Psalms Were Revealed In Jerusalem To King David ...
    ( 73 Books ) Solomon ( 2Books ) And Asaph ( 12Books ) Koran ( 12 Books )Ethan
    ( 1Book ) Moses ( 1Book ) And Heman ( 1Book ) Around 1037 B.C.E. This Book Of Songs For What Psalms Mean . Consist Of 150 Different Songs Grouped Into Five Collections .
    The First Collections; Psalm 1 - 41
    The Second Collection ; Psalms 42 - 47
    The Third Collection ; Psalsm 73 - 89
    The Fourth Collection ; Psalsm 90 - 106 And
    The Fifth Collections ; Psalsm 107 - 150
    The Fact That The Book Of Psalms Is Broken Up Into The Five Scrolls Or Sections Is Why They HAave Been Called The Five Books Of David . You Have 5 Books Of The Old Testament Which Are What The Torah Is Made Out . Genesis , Exodus , Leviticus , Number , AndDeutrtonmomy , Then You Have These Psalms Broken Up Into Five Books Also And Many Different Authors Took Part In The WrittegOf These 150 Psalms . , All Of A Suddden This Story , Wich Daites Bacxk That Far . Ennds Up The Nrw Testamem Matthew 27 ; 46 Read Psalms Psalm 22 Yourself And You Will See It , And About The 9th Hour Jesus Cried With A Loud Voice Saying < '' Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani > That Is To Say My God My God Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me . Now This Was In The Book Of Matthews In The New Testament . The Book Of Matthews Was Reavealed In 41 A.D Called The Gospel Of The Good News According To Matthew Matthew Himself In The Bible , In Matthews Chapter 9 ; 9 Becomes A Contradiction . < Obviously By This Statement In Matthew 9 ; 9 Matthew Couldn't Have Written The Book Of Matthew Or The Quote Would Have Read He Saw Me , A Man Name Matthew . Matthew Was A Tax Collector Matthew 9 ; 9 . In Luke 5 ; 27 - 32 Matthew Threw A Banquet Or Party For Jesus , And This Is Before He Became One Of Jesus ' Disciples . Matthew 17 ; 24
    That Is How Long This Event Was Found Of The Crucifixion And It Was Recorded By Someone Other Than Matthew . The Next Thing They Should Notice Is That Matthew 1 ; 1 Starts Off With A Lie Read It .... It Starts From That Point On And Gives You A Whole Line Of It Being Joseph Blood Line It Says MaTTHEW 1 ; 16
    In Fact That Matthew Didn't Write The Book Himself , And The Time After The Actual Event That The Book Was Recorded Shows The Inconsistency Of Matthew Alone And How He Was Liar , My Point Being That These Writings Were Plagarized From The Hebraic Writings Of The 22 Psalms Which Begins '' My God My God Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me ? Make Note That When This Verse , From Psalms 22 Was Being Copied Or Plagarized For The New Testament Matthew 27 ; 46 .. They Intentionally Did Not Put The Full Verse In From Psalms 22; 1 .. And The Hebrew Word Used For Roaring Is Sheagah , Sheh - Aw Gaw ,, Under Strong # 07581 Meaning A Rumbling Or Moan ; -- Roaring . From Gav Sha'ag , Shaw- Ag ;, A Primitive Root , To Rumble Or Moam ; -- Mightily , Roar . You Must Ask Yourself At This Point , Why Would The Recorder Of Matthew Leave That Part Out ? The Answer Is Quite Simple How Could They Pass This Man Off On The Cross . Jesus Christ . As God Himself In Flesh Or God Incarnate AndHave Him Say And That '' Oh My God , I Cry In The Day Time But Thou Heareth Not ; And In The Night Season And Am Not Silent That Is Verse 2 ... But They Had A Specific Time Mentioned In Matthew 27 ; 46 The 9th Hour , According To Them , They Were Tring To Get The Crucifixion Done Before The Sabbath Came In .. But That Is Not In The Original Story . The Original Story Uses Day And Night , And This Individual In Psalms 22 , Is Implying That God Is Far Away From Him , This Is What He Says Out Of His Own Mouth , But You Don't Hear Me '' Or In Biblical Words But Thou Heareth Not . It Will Be HAard For Them To Maake This The Son Of God Who Was Crucified At The 9th Hour Before The Sabbath , If They Would Have Used The Full Verse And Chapter , They Would Have To Explain The Daytime Under Strong # 03119 Yowmam < > Yo - Mawm From # 3117 Daily ; - -- Daily ( By , In The Day - Time . A Common Word For During The Daylight Hours . And Ereb , En - Reb .
    ( Strong # 06153 From # 6150 Dusk ; -- + Day , Even ( - Ing , Tide ) The Word Night Comes From Strong # 03915 Layil . Lah - Yil ( Isa , 21 ; 11 ) Leyl ; Also Laylah
    ( Lah ; - Yel - Aw ) ; From The Same As # 3883 ; 03883 Luwl Properly . A Twist ( Away Of The Light ) I.E. Night ; Figuratively Adversity ; --( Mid . ) Night ( Season )
    So It Is Clear In The 22nd Psalms That This Person Suffering . This Person Crying Out To God As '' My God '' Is Talking About Something He Does During The Daytime And In The Night Season . And That He Doesn't Ever Stop Crying . In His Own Words He Says '' And I Am Not Silent . This Does Not Match Up With What They Call The Messiah Prophecy '' Which Starts Off In Matthew 27; 46 Which Says And About The 9th Hour Jesus Cried With A Loud Voice . This Could Not Have Been Based On Psalms 22 The Story Of Jesus Christ Crucifixion . Somebody Borrowed The Words From The 22nd Chapter Tells Them What's Going To Happen To Them For Doing That , Talking One Portion And Ignoring The Other To Make Their Own Point ? Notice The Two Quote Number , Revelation 22 And Psalms 22 , Revelation 22; 19 , Also In The Book Of Matthew 5 ; 18 , Either That Is A Reference To The Book Of Revelation And Matthew Only Or It Apples To The Whole Bible And That Would Render The Author Of Matthew Guity , But I' m Not Finished As You Read On From Verse 2 To Verse 3 Of Psalms 22 .. < Stop >
    Lets LQQK At Verse 4 Here . This Could Not Be Jesus By The Statement '' Our Father Trusted In Thee , They Trusted And You Dids Deliver Them '' Jesus Would Say Because He Would Be Talking To God '' My Father Our Ancestors Trusted You They Trusted And You Delivered Them '' Speaking Out Of The Hands Or Either The Babylonians Or The Egiptians . But That Is Not What Is Said Here . This Person Here Does Not Identify Himself As The Son Of God And No Way Could That Be Mistaken For Jesus Christ . Psalms 22 ; 5 - 6 . You're Telling Me That Jesus Christ The Son Of God , In This Prophecy About Himself While Suffering On The Cross Says To God , '' I Am A Worm ... Jesus Calls Himself A Worm Or Maggot , And No Man , Psalms 22; 7 - 8 You See Another Portion That Who Ever Authored The Book Of Matthew Stole . Where Is Your God That He Is Being Challenged ? Matthew 27 ; 40 , Mattew 27; 42 , Mark 15 ; 30 , Mark 15 ; 32
    You Get The Hint There Of How That Was Borrowed From Psalms With A Little Addition And A Little Extra Coloring . It Continues On To Say ; Psalms 22 ; 9
    Again He Is Speaking To God , Saying You Delivered Me At Birth . Again You Find A Hint Toward Gods Intervention Towards The Birth Of This Individual Or A Special Kind Of Birth By The Hands Of God Like They Do With Jesus Where They Got It From
    Psalms 22 ; 10 - 11 , ... Psalms 22 ; 1 , This Was Suppose To Be After The Trouble And He Was On The Cross Getting Ready To Give Up The Ghost HisDarkest Hour ,
    Trouble Would Be Near When They Were Approaching The Garden To Get Jesus . That's When Then Would Be Near , When They Were Suppose To Betray Jesus With , A Kiss . Not Trouble Is Near . This Could Not Have Been Jesus Christ . He Then Continues On In Psalms 22; 11 And Say ; For There Is None To Help '' Then In
    Psalms 22 ; 12 It States ; Many Bulls Have Compassed Me . Not Compass , But Like Encircle Me . Nowhere In The History Of The New Testament Have Bulls Circled Jesus . The Word There In Hebrew For Bull Is < Par > Or Par [ Pawr ] There Is No Record For Jesus Ever Being Surrounded By Bull . Again I Repeat This Is Not Talking About Jesus ! And Don't Tell Me It's Symbolism . Psalms 22; 12 , Note That In Verse 12 It Mentioned A Place Called '' Bashan '' Under Strong # 01316 Aramic > Bashan Baw - Shawn ' , Which Is A Region East Of The Jordan . This Is Not At Golgotha ( Matthew 27; 33 ) Where The Cross Of Jesus Is Suppose To Be Standing . This Is Another Whole Place Being Mentioned Another Contradiction !
    Matthew 27 ; 33 , < Are You Gether The '' Jest '' ( Idea ) Of What I Am Trying To Say Here , This Was Not Where Jesus Was Supposed To Have Been Crucifed . This Is A Different Place . This Man Was Surrounded By Bulls In A Different Place . >
    Psalms 22 ; 13 No Animals Surrounded Jesus ' Cross . Opening TheirMouths Like Lions And Roaring And Tearing At Him Which Is What That Verse Implies . Psalms 22; 14 . This Has Nothing To Do With The Crucifixion Of Jesus But You Can See The Different Parts , Where They Stole It From AndIts Alluded To . The Stabbing Of The Side AndThe Wine . But It Is Talking More About Judas Who Was Thrown Off The Cliff And His Body Burst Asunder ( Acts 1; 18 ) < It Get Even Deeper Psalms 22;15
    This Man Here Is About To Die . The Dust Of Death Means The Dawn Of Death . Death Is About To Approach Him Like The Sun Coming Up In The Morning . There Has Been No Mention Of A Crucifixion Here Yet . In Psalms 22 But So Far This Story Has No Tie To Jesus Christ New Testament Story Of The Crucifixion Other Than Eluded To It Or Borrowed From It , Psalms 22; 16 Now We Are Talking About A Crucifixion In The Book Of Psalms Of Someone And It Could Not Have Been Jesus According To The Rest Of The Story . Psalms 22 ; 17 He Is Telling Them That Now They Have Pierced Him Through The Hands And Feet , The People Are Staring Up Because They Could See His Bones Sticking Out . Psalms 22 ; 18 - 20 ..
    This Man Is LQQKING To Survive , That Is Not What Jesus Said On The Cross '' Father Its Over It Is Done '' This Verse Said For God Not To Stay Too Far So He Could Rescue Him , He's Going To Reiterate In The Next Couple Of Verse Psalms 22; 20 .. Psalm 22; 2 .. NowTheMythological Creature Exist , And God Hears Him From TheHorns Of The Unicorn Jesus Never Said None Of This . Note That This Is Not The Only Place This Mythological Creature Appears In The Bible . Unicorn Is Also Mentioned In The Following Verse , Job 39 ; 9 -10 , Psalms 29 ; 6 .. Psalms 92; 10 .. Psalms 22; 22 - 24 , From Psalms 22; 24 - 31 He Reiterates How He Would Be Alive Later . And How He Is Calling People To Praise . What Do You Think Is The Psalms That Follows It . None Other Than The 23rd Psalms . The Short 6 Verse From The Man Who Was Just Crucified And Allowed To Live , Had His Soul Restored . The Man Who Was Walking Through The Valley Through The Shadow Of Death And Feared No Evil Because God Was With Him 23 Psalms Support The Incident . How Could It Possibly Repeat The Same Exact Say Words My God , My God Why Has Thou Forsaken Me '' And When You Go To Matthew 27 ; 1 . They Are Talking About The Next Moring . Matthew 27 ; 1 - 2 , The Mocking Of The Soldiers , The Casting Of Lots , Stripping Of His Robe , In Matthew 27; 27 - 28 , Yelling Out '' Let Him Be Crucified '' In Verse 22 . Talking About Him Bearing And Carrying A Cross In Verse 32 In Golgotha . Verse 35 How They Cast Lots . Verse 36 , They Sat Down And Watched Him Verse 39 '' And They That Passed By Regiled Him Wagging Their Heads '' From Psalms 22; 7 . Matthew 27; 43 , Psalms 22 ; 8 , Matthew 27 ; 50 The Breath Of What John 1 ; 1 In The Beginning Was The Word And The Word Was With God , AndThe Word Was God < Jesus Died At This Point According To Them > This Whole Thing May Come As A Shock With Some Of You . Other Of You Will Say '' This Can't Be True '' ( These People Have What Is Called Tunnel Vision And Blind Faith ) However , In Your Bible According To John 8 ; 32 That Is Free Of The Lies And Misnterpretations . <The Hyped Up Comm,entaries , Alterations , Word Maniplations , Poor Translations . And Out Right Lies To Keep You Mentally In Prison From The Truth
    So What Is The Symbolism Of The 9th Hour Or The Crucifixion ?
    According To Luke 23 ; 44 - 45 That The Sun / Son Had Died And So There Was Darkness . And LQQK How Many Hours This Lasted For ; Three . The Same Story Of Darkness At Their Death Was Told By The Hindus Of Khrishna , The Buddha , The Greeks Or Hercules The Mexicans Or Quetzalcoatl . And Infinitum , Lomg Before Jesus . When He Die . Jesus Descended Into Hell , Just Like The Earlier Krishna , Zoroaster , Osiris . Horus . Adonis / Tammuz , Bacchus , Hercules , Mercury And So On . He Then Rose From The Dead Like The Earlier Krishna , Buddha , Zoroaster , Adonis / Tammuz , Osiris , Mithra , Hercules , And Balder . Jesus Was Symbolically Crucified At Easter Because This Is The Spring Equinox When The Sun ( Jesus ) Enters . The Astrological Sign Of Aries , The Ram Or The Lamb . The Lamb In The Book Of Revelation Is The Same Symbol As Found In Chapter 22 ; 3 .
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    betwixt and between
    Hello IssaEl22 and Welcome ... please post all "Spiritual and/or Religious" threads in the "Spirituality and Religion Forum" ... saving us the trouble of moving them to their proper place.

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    I will admit that I didn't read all of that, but the bottomline is that unlike all the others mentioned...He is not dead. He lives and no one can deny the like changing effects that this man of color (Jesus Christ) has had on the world. No amount of rhetoric can change the fact that,

    God was manifested in the flesh,
    Justified in the Spirit
    Seen by angels
    Preached among the Gentiles
    Believed on in the world
    Received up in glory.

    1 Timothy 3:16
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    GoodMorning Miss Destee

    I'm Very Sorry It Wont Happen Against . Still Trying To Get Use To Site . Again I'm Sorry ... Enjoy Your Day .. And May The Creator Bless You Today
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    Ques ; Is There A Difference BetweenThe Father And The Son In The Bible

    If you ask any Christian who are these Verse pertaining to they would Answer
    ( WithOut A Doubt In Their Minds ) . that these Verse are Speaking of The Messiah Yashua , Also Take A LQQk At The Many Titles Which Are Attributed To Him . < Biblical Names Attributed To The Messiah Yashua >
    The seed of woman < Genesis 3 ; 15 > The caption of Savation < Job 5 ; 13 - 14 > Wonderful < Isaiah 9 ; 6 ; Judge 13 ; 8 > I am that I am < Ex odus 3 ; 14 > The mighty God < Isaiah 9 ; 6 > Emmanuel < Isaiah 7; 14 > The Rose of Sharon lilly of the valley < Song of Solomon 2 ; 1 > Theprince of pace < Isaiah 9- 6 > The Mediator < 1Timothy 2 ; 5 > The helper < Hebrew 13 ; 6> The Rewarder of Faith < Hebrew11 ; 6 > The Branch < Zachariah 6 ; 12 > A Man of sorrows < Isaiah 53 ; 3 > The Bringer of Good Tidings < Isaiah 41 ; 27 > The Chief Cornerstone < Isaiah 28 ; 16 > The Redeemer < Job 19 ; 25 >
    This is only a small list of the different names that are Attributed to The Messiah Yashua Without Even His Name Being Mentioned . I Repeat The Name '' Yashua / Jesus '' IS NOT FOUND IN ANY OF THESE VERSE . HowEver , You Have Christian Will Undoubtedly Tell You That These Verse Are In Fact Speaking About The Messiah Yashua < NOT >
    I Again Repeat The Name '' Yashua / Jesus '' IS NOT FOUND IN ANY OF THESE VERSE .. OverStand SomeThing Ok I Deal Only In Facts Ok
    Ans. There is a distinction made between the father , And the son John 5 ; 19 ''Then Answered Jesus And Said Unto Them , Verity , Verily , I Say Unto You The Son ( Hwee - Os ) . Can Do Nothing Of Himself , But What He Seeth The Father ( Pat - Ayr ) Notice Greek Word For Son is Spell ( Hwee - Os )
    Bible - New Testament , 2John 1 - 3 ( With Greek Insert ) states , Grace be with you , mercy , and peace , from God the Father , and from the Lord Jesus Christ , theSon of the Father , in truth and love , '' .... Then when you go to 1John 4 ;14 - New Testament ( With Greek Insert ) A Letter To His Girl Friend Cyria , You Read ;... And We Have Seen And Do Testify That The Father Sent The Son To Be The Saviour Of The World '' And In 1John 2 ; 22 - New Testament ( With Greek Insert ) You Read , '' Who Is A Liar But He That Denieth That Jesus Is The Christ ? He Is Antichrist , That Denieth The Father And The Son '' These quotes above aremaking it clear that Jesus and God are not the same being or person , NoMore Then You And Your Father Are TheSame Person . LQQking at these quotes from Your King James Version of the Bible , Jesus could not have possibly been The Son And The Father . He has to be Either one or the other , And it is very clear which one is The Son That's All Just like all of Us are Children Of God ( John 10 ; 34 - 36 ) . So now as far as when They say in The Greek Translation John 1 ; 1 - New Testament ( With Greek Insert ) , It States ... '' In the beginning was the Word , and the Word was with God and the Word was God , <> They are really saying '' In The Beginning Their Was An Oath And That Oath Was The Word , ;....The Greek Word For In Is
    '' En '' Which is also The Sumerian Word '' En '' or An '' Name Of The Highest And It Denotes A Position '' In Place , Time Or States Thus God Must Have Been At A Specific Place , At A Specific Time '' In The Beginning '' And Was God The Word ( Logos ) or Was The World ( Logos ) With God . Because It Couldn't Be With God And Be God . < Statement In Itself Would Contradict Itself ; The Word In Greek Log -Os Was A '' Speech , Saying , Decree '' From the Root Word Leg - O meaning '' Say , Speak '' Which In Hebrew would be Daw - Bar '' Word , Saying , Speech , Utterance '' Genesis 15 ; 1 , 4 , And The Greek Word Used For Beginning Is Ar - Khay Meaning '' Chief ( Order , Time , Place , Or Rank ) ;....Beginning , Corner ( At The , The ) First ( Estate ) Magistrate . Power , Principality . Principle , Rule ''
    American Heritage Dictionary Defines Arch . As ;
    Chief , Principal . From Middle English . Arche From , Old English , Arce , Erce , From Latin , Archi - Arch - , Fr Greek Arci . Are , Meaning '' Leader , Chief Ruler ' From The Stem Of Arceiv , To Begin , Rule '
    In Serveral Quotes In The New Testament Jesus Made It Clear That You Are To Worship God And Not Him When He Made Reference To God He Used The Third Person Singular '' Him '' Not The First Person Singular Me In Luke 4; 8 Jesus Says And I Quote He Said Worship Him Not Me
    In John 4 ; 23 - 24 Jesus States Againt In The Red Letter Writting Of Your Bible And I Quote He Said Worship Him And Not Me .
    And In John 14 ; 10 Jesus Gives All Praise And Gratitude To His Heavenly Father And I Quote He Used The Word He Not Me
    The ( Trinity ) Is Of ( Pagan ) Origion And Every ( Pholytheistic ) Culture Has Their Own Reprentation Of It ... Common Sense Should Tell You That Three Person Yet One God Theory Is Impossible ..
    ( 1 ) Plus ( 1) Plus 1
    God The Father God The Son God The Holy Ghost
    Three Cannot Go Into One , With Yashu'a Was God How Could He Forsaken Himself (Matthew 27 ; 46 ... Mark 15; 34 ) And If He Was God Who Was He Calling Out To Himself ? I Thought God So Loved The World , That He Sent His Son To Die For You .. If That's True As John 3; 16 Says , Then Jesus Had Nothing To Do With It It Was That Father That Sent Him . In Matthew 6 ; 9 As Jesus Say '' Our Father Who Art In Heaven '' Because Jesus Say In John 13 ; 16 '' I Am Not Greater Than He Who Sent Me '' And In John 5; 30 He Says Again That '' I On My Own Accord Can Do Nothing '' Call No Man Father , Because There Is One Father Who Art In Heaven And Jesus Says Clearly In Matthew 23; 9 '' And Call No Man Your Father Upon The Earth
    Truth Is Truth And If It Was About His Father's Will Then Why Did Jesus SAy In Matthew 26; 38 >> If Be Possible Let This Cup Pass By Me ; Nevertheless Not As I Will , But As Thou Wilt ''
    Let Me Point Out A Few Points From Your Bible Stating That Jesus Couldn't Possibly Be God ..
    Mark 15 ; 34 >> Jesus cried out with a loud voice My God , My God Why have thou Forsaken Me . <<< If Jesus was God who could he be praying to if he is the only God , and to cry is a human Weakness .
    Mathew 4; 1 >>Then was Jesus led up of the spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil << If Jesus was God how could the devil Possibly be able to tempt him without him knowing >> And What Could The Devil Possibly Offer The Creator Of Everything .
    Luke 14 ; 26 >> If anyman come to me , and hate not his Father And Mother And Wife And Chrildren And Brethren And Sister , Yea And His Own Life Also , He Cannot Be My Disciple . <<< If Jesus was God and he so loved the world why would you have to hate your family And even yourself , when it say in Leviticus 19 ; 1 That Hatred Is A Sin
    John 14 ; 2 >> In My Father House Are Many Mansions .>>> Jesus Said In My Father's House , He [ Didsn't Say In My House ] Would It Have Made Sense To Say In My House [ If He Was God ? ]
    Luke 2; 49 >> That I Must Be About My Father's Business '>> If Jesus Was God Why Did He Say I Must Be Of My Fathers Business , He Indicated . [ The Distinction Between Him And His Father .
    I'm Should You Can Find More If You Open Your Eyes , Thoughout Your Bible It Speak About Jesus Being The Son Of God , And Not God Himself
    What Other Proof Do I Have That Jesus And The Father Are Two Separate Beings ..?
    Was Only A Man >> Matthew 1 ; 25 ...... Was Baptized >>>> Matthew 3; 13
    Was Tempted >>>> Matthew 4; 1 ...... Slept >>>> Matthew 8 ; 24
    Ate >>> Luke 24 ; 42 ...... Hungered >>>> Matthew 21 ; 18
    Weakened >>> John 4; 6 .... Said Something He Shouldn't Have John 20; 17
    Cried At Lazarus Grave >> John 20; 17
    What Is A Trinity ?
    The Word For Trinity In Aramic / Hebrew Is Shelesh , And ;; Triad '' It Is Mentioned Only In 1Chronicles 7; 35 And Thalaathatin In Ashuric / Syriac /
    ArabicAnd Means ; Trinity , Triad , Triple , The Greek Word For Trinity Is Triad ( 1John 5 ; 7 ) . Triad Simply Means Tri Which Means Three ( 3 ) . When You Take Any Three Things And Say They Make Up Any One Thing That Would Be A Trinty , There Is No Way To Have A Trinity Without First Separating Each Of The Three Things Indivdually To Declare Then A Trinity . By That I Mean , You Have To First Establish That There Is A Father One Thing And A Son Another Thing And A Holy Ghost The Thrid Thing , In order For These Things To Totally Mix And Become One Thing . They Would Have To Start Off Equal In Rank , Quantity . Space , Density , Authority , Or Existence . In Admitting That The Son Came From The Father , Time Make The Difference , The Father Would Have To Had Been First , Before The Son . This Would Make Them Unequal And Incapable Of Becoming A Balanced Triad . No It Did Not Mean That When It Said God The Father ,,, God The Son , And God The Holy Ghost = One God .. Because Three Cannot Go Into One .
    The Prophet Messiah Yashu'a / Jesus Is Not Alive And The Father Is God Not The Son .. The Prophet Messiah Yashu'a / Jesus Accodring To The Christian Teaching Die At The Age Of 33 , By Saying That He Is '' Alive Again '' Mean God Died Before ?That Make Absolutely No Sense . You Stated Now That He Is Alive Again Forever He Is God . So What You're Saying Is That God Died And Came Back To Life , And At Some Point He Stopped Being God God Is All Existing . And Made It Possible For All Things To Exist . If He '' Dies '' What Do You Think Would Happen To The Rest Of Us . Exactly . We Would All Cease To Exist As Well Because We Are All Apart Of The Heavenly Father . Also , If The Prophet Messiah Yashu'a / Jesus Is God The Who Was He Praying To In Matthew 6 ; 9 - 13 He Says Our Father Who Art In Heaven '' , So He's Not God Or Otherwise He Would've Been Praying To Himself . Let Me Point Out To You That The Prophet Messiah Yashu'a / Jesus Was And Israelite . It Is Common Sense That The Prophet Messiah Yashu'a / Jesus Would Not Violate Such A Powerful Israelite Judaic Command As The Worship Of God Alone ( Exodus 20; 3 - 4 ) By Claiming To Be That Very God Whom He Pray To In Matthew 26 ; 39 .
    Think About It . It Doesn't Make Much Sense For Jesus To Pray To Himself . If Jesus Was God , He Wouldn't Have No Need To PRAY . In Several Quotes In The New Tesament The Prophet Messiah Yashu'a / Jesus Made It Clear That Your Are To Worship God AndNot Him . When He Made Reference To God , He Used The THIRD Person Singular '' Him '' Not The First Person Singular '' Me '' In Luke 4 ; 8 JesusSaysAnd I Quote ;
    He Said Worship Him Not Me
    In John 4 ; 23 - 24 Jesus States Again In The Red Letter Writting Of Your Bible And I Quote
    And In John 14 ; 10 JesusGive All Praise AndGratitude To His Heavenlt Father And I Quote ;
    He Used The Word He Not Me
    No Man's Body Can Contain God , Not If You Mean That He Has The Essence Of His Father In Him , Then All Man Are God's Son And Daughter , Read Genesis 2 ;7 When God Breathe Into Man The Breath Of Life '' And The Lord God Formed Man From The Dust Of The Ground , And Breathed Into His Nostrils The Breath Of Life ; And Man Became A Living Soul . .. However , Getting Back To The Point Whether He Incarnated Or Came Himself There Still Wouldn't Be Any Need For Him To Pray Or Ask For Assistance From Anyone If He Was God , The Creator . Can't You See That ?Not Only Would He Not Need To Pray He Would Have No Desire To Eat Meat
    Luke 24 ; 41 , Beg That Death Passes Him Matthew 26 ; 39 , Feared AndRan For His Life John 18 ; 3 Which Means That '' God Has To Run From His Creation . It Seems Like You Totally Ignored All Of These Scriptures And Found One That Sound Good To You , And Built A Whole Doctrine From It . Another Quality That The Prophet Messiah Yashu'a / Jesus Did Not Possess According To Roman 13 ; 1 And
    2Corinthians 1 ; 23 Is The Power To Assign The Soul Their Positions In The Hereafter According To The Author Of These 2 Books Which Was Paul . Only The Heavenly Father Possess Such Power . Exalting Jesus Beyond The Truth Is Shown To Be A Form Of Idolatry . Once Again In Matthew 7 ; 21 Jesus Tells People To Do The Will Of The Father . ... In Both Luke 4 ; 8 And Mathew 4; 10 We Come Across An Incident That Clearly Contradicts The Concept Of Jesus Claining Absolute Divinity . According To These Two References Matthew 27 ; 46 And Mark 15 ;34 Jesus Was Put On The Cross Left To Die . Then According To Those Who Believe The Crucifixion Story , At That Time Jesus Cried In A Loud Voice . If Jesus Was God He Would Not Have To Say Any Of These Things In The First Place . How Could You Possibly Forsake Your Ownself ? If HeWas God Or Eli As It Is Used In This Quote , He Would Not Need Consent From Anyone . Overstand ... This Could Not Possibly Be The Words Of A person Who Saw Himself As The The Controller Of All Life And Death Because He Cried Out '' My God '' It Simply Isn't Logical . The Prophet Messiah Yashu'a / Jesus Never Encouraged Anyone To Worship Him Instead , He Taught Others To Worship His Father .. As I Have Just Shown You By Useing The Scripture .
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    No, the Son's crucifixion wasn't a "play", but reality. :) So many these days deny what they haven't witnessed, yet call those who believe foolish for the same reason, though many of old had spoken of the Son.

    He actually died for us, that we'd be cleansed of our sins, and was resurrected back to life the 3rd day, but this takes faith and trust in the Father and the Son, and belief in all which He has taught us.

    Some get the Gospels confused, and have a misunderstanding to what is being said in the Scriptures about the Son, but following after the Son for wisdom and understanding in the Spirit of the Father, His Holy Spirit, then one will see the verses can be about no other, but the One who has redeemed us all.