Black People : The White Peoples Counter History That's Being Taught

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    I was surfing the web today...basically getting some photos of the Moors for my website. All of a sudden I stumbled on this site speaking about the invasion of he Moors being the third great race war. So I decided to continue reading. By this time it dawned on me that I was on a white site so I continued to read. What was amazing was the degree to which these white people were going through to fabricate themselves some history.

    For example, because a whole lot of us don't or won't claim ancient Kemet, white people decided that they will. In fact, the way that they put it was that; Kemet was a white civilization and that they made the mistake of using too much Nubian labor to build it and that over time they began to basically fade from white to black due to the race mixing that was going on.

    At any rate, it was actually amazing...simply because they also had info there on many things. In William Coopers book entitled; Behold The Pale Horse, he speaks about "silent wars". These are the wars that are fought for the minds and the spirits of the people in the war, whether they are aware of it or not. The silent wars are often more dangerous than the physical wars simply because one does not know who was infected by the silent wars until the warriors of it step forwards. At any rate, here's the link.