Black People : The White Anti-Racist is an Oxymoron

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    The White Anti-Racist is an Oxymoron

    An Open Letter to "White Anti-Racists"

    By Kil Ja Kim

    I received an annoying e-mail about white people and their struggle to do anti-racist work. I keep reading and hearing white people talk about their struggle to do anti-racist organizing, and frankly it gets on my nerves. So I am writing this open letter to white people who engage in any activist work that involves or affects non-whites. Given that the US social structure is founded on white supremacy, and that there is a global order in which white supremacy and European domination are at large, I would challenge any white person to figure out what movement or action they can get involved in that will not involve or affect non-white people.

    That said, I want to begin with what has become a realization for me through the help of different politically conscious friends. There is NO SUCH THING AS A WHITE ANTI-RACIST. The term itself, “white anti-racist” is an oxymoron. In the following, I will explain why. Then, I will begin to detail how this impacts non-white people in organizing work specifically, along with how it affects non-white people generally.

    First, one must realize that whiteness is a structure of domination. As such, there is nothing redeemable or reformed about whiteness. Intellectuals, scholars and activists, especially those who are non-white, have drawn our attention to this for years. For example, people such as Malcolm X, W.E.B. DuBois, Marcus Garvey, Barbara Smith, James Baldwin, Toni Morrison, Ida B. Wells, Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglass, Frank Wilderson, Kwame Ture and Charles V. Hamilton, and many, many others who are perhaps less famous, have articulated the relationship between whiteness and domination.

    Further, early on people such as Douglass and DuBois began to outline how whiteness is a social and political construct that emphasizes the domination, authority, and perceived humanity of those who are racialized as white. They, along with many other non-white writers and orators, have pointed to the fact that it was the bodies who were able to be racialized as “white” were viewed as rational, authoritative, and deserving. Additionally, and believe me, this is no small thing, white people are viewed as human. What this means is that when white people suffer, as some who are poor/female/queer do, they nevertheless are able to have some measure of sympathy for their plight simply because they are white and their marginalization is considered an emergency, crisis or an issue to be concerned about.

    Moreover, even when white people have been oppressed by various dimensions of classism, homophobia and heterosexism, they have been able to opt for what DuBois, in his monograph Black Reconstruction brilliantly called “the psychological wage of whiteness.” That is, whites who are marginalized could find comfort, even if psychological, in the fact that they were not non-white. They could revel in the fact that they could be taken as white in opposition to non-white groups. The desire for this wage of whiteness was also what drove many white people, albeit marginalized, to engage in organized violence against non-whites.

    Of course, legal cases such as the Dred Scott Decision along with many different naturalization cases involving Asian individuals, has helped to encode a state-sanctioned definition of whiteness. But there are other ways in which white people are racialized as white by the state. They are not stopped while driving as much as non-white people. Their homes and businesses are not raided and searched as much by police officers, INS or License and Inspections (L&I). White people's bodies are not tracked and locked up in prisons, detention centers, juvenile systems, detention halls in classrooms, and “special education” classes as much as those of non-white people. White people’s bodies are generally not the site of fear, repulsion, violent desire, or hatred. To read the rest, go here
    White Anti Racists Open Letter By Tamara Nopper
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    Amazing article, but she is invested too much in envy of white opportunism. Her solution for the perpetual fight against white dominance in their own turf is laughable at best. I would rather that blacks begin to realize the need for a homeland, which is properous and can sustain as many black people as are willing to live in such homeland. Such a homeland would give more value to black bodies than other bodies in attaining the best in the society.
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    Agreed this is the direction which the black race ultimately must go if we are ever to achieve self-actualization/self-transcendence as a people!
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    i'm still around, brother militant.
    cool! how does one build such? who would assay the space to figure out where the ores are? who is gonna go down in that hole in the ground (who's gonna shore it up properly?) and drag them ores out? how does one go about refining raw ore or crude? how about the plumbing for the factories that are gonna process the refined ingots into tools and machines? how does one lay out a factory? are there any CNC programmers in the house? how about public utilities? how will the power be dispersed throughout the city? ... oh, where are the power generation plants to be sited? how about hospitals? the building, actually; with all the surgery and oxygen and recovery rooms? intensive care? cardiac facilities? personnel? how about waste management? oh, well, i guess we should prolly figure out how and where the food is "developed" (grown, processed, packaged, shipped, stocked (right; stores!), purchased, prepared ... o - homes and thangs!) before we talk about how to dispose of the packaging .. schools? graveyards? transportation?

    which way to the homeland? ... on the other hand; we couldn't quite make it to new orleans, did we?

    3 hours of mandatory middle school for every African born, raised and "educated" in this country. seven days a week, fifty-two weeks a year. no time off, no vacations until each and every African is capable of implanting a full featured, fully functioning, self contained metropolis in any chunk of real estate they are on; every African home equipped with a complete database containing all that knowledge; each African community equipped with the means to enact such a metropolis.

    caucasians are earth based lifeforms that didn't quite get the full meal deal. they are not able to appropriately respond to the phenomenon of "Life" because this facility within them is severly stunted. hence they are able to just run rampant over every thing without remorse ... until it is too broken to work right ... then they move on and repeat. they are running out of earth to rape ... and Life is getting fed up with them doing all this running.

    but, don't mind me, just keep right on paying all this attention to what they are doing and continue on not being able to take care of your business (New Orleans!!) because all of your energy is invested in tracking their bs or in joining together to wait for the second coming ...

    the educational system that we are suffering with was designed by the same people that enslaved us. when the cry arose for educational opportunities for the newly freed slaves (about due to repeat that one; it is still needed!), the "expertise" to develop said system very probably came from the people with all the "expertise" with Africans. how well do you think they have ever intended to "educate" us? and they did it just that well too!! you are every thing this educational system has ever intended to make of you!!

    they don't call you "colored" any more. now they call you "african american". <shrug> as long as anybody else is calling you anything you are still their's. african american == american slave. ain't nothing changed but the name. and blusterin ain't gonna change that! only education is gonna give the intestinal fortitude for self-actualization!! gotta have education to know what to do with the money and businesses that seem to be the keys to "power". there be money; there be businesses ...
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    Most white so-called 'anti-racist' people on this planet preach the gospel of the 'brotherhood of the human race' but get angry when confronted with the issue of the racist effects of the white collective historically and contemporary. IMO that defensiveness EXPOSES their internalized racism!