Black People : The Web Site Where Only Black People Participate - Where Is It?

Jan 22, 2001
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I don't believe in returning evil for evil, either.

However, the atmosphere here at Destee does change when you have those who are biased against people of our kind make comments that go against everything this site is said to stand for.

There are disagreements among blacks, already, that make the environment pretty hostile at times. And no, you can't identify personally who's black and who isn't(though I'm not concerned there). But when someone openly states they aren't black and then writes posts comparing blacks to animals and such like it, it takes away from the building and turns it into a tearing down that's being allowed, because they simply haven't outright broken a rule.

I think that's where many members are concerned, for the most part. :11100:

I haven't seen this violation reported by you, yet you say we're being called animals?

Why are you telling me this now, but have never reported it?



Omowale Jabali

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Sep 29, 2005
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I wasn't suggesting you had a problem with it, i was sharing my take on your premise.

All is well.



Understood. In regards to my initial response in this thread I have never been under any illusion that this is a utopian community of black only participation. I came here at a time when I was tired of whites intruding into similar discussion forums such as black planet and aol black voices. It was either bro Kem or orisons who mentioned so I decided to check it out. It just seems to me that whites who come here bring issues with them with an intent to polarize as they do on other forums.


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Feb 26, 2013
I haven't seen this violation reported by you, yet you say we're being called animals?

Why are you telling me this now, but have never reported it?



I'm telling you now as part of an example, as in, why certain members might feel caucasians do more harm here than good.

Notice I said, "and such like it" because there are many posts from certain members that I personally believe are degrading towards blacks, even ones you found to be alright.

I wasn't making the point to say you're fine with us being compared to animals. :confused: In all, I've reported posts before, some addressed, some no, but I don't always do so. But that's really not the point.


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Dec 6, 2005
You're certainly free to have your thots, share them, all of that ... i have no problem with it.

Many join this community thinking one thing or another about it, true or not, and i can't control that.

We are what we are, and what we've always been. Nothing has changed, except the passing of years.

I've been here every single day, and every single day, everyone has been welcome.

The same welcome i gave you ... i give everyone ... if i'm around and see them join.

It's what i do ... and i absolutely love it ... and i won't be denied it ... it's who i am.

Love You!





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Sep 17, 2012
Peace and Blessings Family,

I've been with for 16 years, and i've often heard this place mentioned ... a place where only black people participate ... yet i've never seen it.

During the course of building destee, i've thot of that avenue, but it was gone before we even got started ... not to my dismay, but to my delight ... for there were some wonderful white Members in our founding group, one of which is still active occasionally even today. One who hasn't been home for years, but i think of often, an absolutely wonderfully sweet Sister (i think she was in holland, netherlands, or sump'n).

I can't ignore that they were a supporting (yes, financially) part of our humble beginnings, and likewise, the same has been sprinkled throughout all of our years. It's just the truth, a reality, so i'm often left in confuzzlement ... when folk talk about this place ... us ... ... as being "that utopian paradise of black only participation" ... it's never been that way here. Yes, black folk have helped the most, are here the most, but it aint just been us yall.

Additionally, i don't see why folk expect us, me, this community, to be what aint no where else in the world.

Nonetheless ... i keep hearing of this place, and am beginning to wonder, maybe it does exist.

Where is the place that only black people participate ... what web site ... and how do they verify race?

Thanks in.



confuzzlement:lol::lol: I love this word.

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