Black Poetry : The Weapons of War


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Jun 17, 2003
Spokane, Washington
My occupation is whatever I do that requires focus
Metaphoric particles create mental blizzards
Standing knee-deep in abstract flakes
Using the pen and pad as my sleigh
Elevating my mind…..
I take on the form of a wizard
The wan glides effortlessly across
the page firing off rounds in this
Mental war I’ve waged.
Covert operations of lyrical piracy
stealthily try and copy the
visions I see,
their eyes loose focus,
equilibrium shot down
amidst this verbal hocus-pocus
of castin spells and
spitin tales of
the futuristic, revelations both
cosmic and mystic
like the phoenix,
I too have risen from the flames of hell
Putting your conscience to the test
as I make manifest what
Nostradamus professed to know quite well

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