Black Muslims : The weapon of Faith


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Mar 30, 2016
The Gratitude is for Allaah The Sustainer of The Universe and Peace on who follows The Guidance. The Prophet Idriys (Akhnuwkh a.k.a. Enoch) is recorded to have said: Allaah has 3000 Names, 2000 of which no Angel or man has ever heard. 1000 has been released upon the creation, written into Scripture. As A Muslim knows, 99 of those names have been cited in a list by The Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Each one of those names cited by Prophet Muhammad are found/confirmed in The Speech of Allaah, Al Qur'aan. The Speech of Allaah is all there is! On the day of Judgement, Muwsaa, Iysaa and Muhammad will be called to bare witness to their Prophethood. Muhammad will be asked and he will reply: Sustainer there are three others that bare witness to our Prophethood. Allaah will reply: Call Them. Muwsaa (SAW) will say : O Sustainer, The Scripture that you gave me. Then Iysaa ( SAW) will say: O Sustainer, The Scripture that you gave me. Then Muhammad (SAW) will reply: O Sustainer, The scripture which you gave me bares witness to all that we say. And Then Allaah will accept the intercession of Muhammad (SAW) on behalf of all of The Prophets.
To the point:
The Words of Allaah began all that we acknowledge as creation, past, present and now. The first words of The Most High put to scripture are : I Call The Light unfold it to There.

( European scholarship incorrectly translates this Biblical verse as : "Let there be light" Genesis 1:3).

The last words of The Most High being: This day I have completed/perfected The diyn (way of life) of Islaam.. In Al Qur'aan chapter 5.
The first Time the word Islaam was mentioned in Scripture was in Al Kitaab (incorrectly translated as 'Bible' by European scholarship) The Book titled Genesis chapter 28 verse 12. " And behold a LADDER was set up..." The word for ladder is of course Islaam. The word 'Salaam' means peace as a verb and it means ladder as a noun.
Allaah brought Islaam to completion in The Prophethood of Muhammad. Allaah establishes the Truth by way of His Own Words.
All words and all languages have come from The words and Speech of Allaah. Allaah created all things by Speaking it into existence. This alone is power. When an angel is created its first words are " No Power except by way of Allaah" Laa Quwwata illa billaahi.
Allaah has extended a degree of power to The faithful through our pronouncement of His Words as being above all other words. The Prophet Muhammad said: A Muslim would be granted all that he asks of Allaah if only he would agree. A companion replied: O Messenger, how do we agree? The Prophet replied:
If only his heart and his mind agree, he would be granted all that he asks Allaah for.
This of course means that the Muslim must not waver in his/her sincerity, he/she must strive to drive insincerity from themselves and reconcile oneself to The Reality of Allaah. The Reality of Allaah? We must see Reality through The Speech/Words of Allaah rather than through the words of man. We see all things through our window of knowledge and information; the Muslim must transport all incoming knowledge/information to The Speech of Allaah, Al Qur'aan, for its crystallization, to glean its best possible angle and therefore achieve a clear outlook on to all matters.
Allaah has placed His refuge and Guidance in The arrangement of His Words. Allaah has Given to us an office (salaat) to read and recite His Words. Whether we read from the pages of Al Qur'aan, called reading, or we read from our memory, called recitation, The goal is to achieve Guidance and Refuge. The Salaat is That place that we can carry with us. Salaat is door-less, wall-less, ceiling-less, floor-less and yet it is the most private place on earth. It is a sanctuary built solely on words and based solely in the heart, the place wherein there are no witnesses except Allaah - The Irresistible. All will come to Allaah in death; Islaam is The Approach to The Creator while alive. And Allaah has filled His words with His response built in them. Which is why when they are recited or read the heart feels it, the mind knows it and the soul (Ruwh) confirms it.
The Prophet Muhammad said: He who recites 1 letter of Qur'aan, it is 1 good deed for him and 1 good deed is rewarded 10 times. I am not saying that Alif-Laam/Meem is one letter; but that Alif is one letter, laam is one letter and Meem is one letter. (Alif/Laam/Meem are letters which make up the Speech of Allaah and are found in Al Qur'aan-They are 3 of the letters which make up The Arabic language). The Prophet Muhammad said: There is nothing that facilitates Nearness to Allaah better than that which has come directly from Him, that is Al Qur'aan. May we all embrace The Holy Qur'aan and achieve Nearness. What is more direct from Allaah than His own Words? The pages are but paper and ink... It is The Words we must embrace. They are sounds that Allaah has made; made palatable for man's heart and mind. Truth and Light are the properties of The Words of Allaah. They drive away shaytaan as well as Guide the heart of man. The words of Allaah transform the heart into a place of in-rushing light, a place where light can inrush and germinate, multiply itself, spread and permeate the blood and purify thought so that ones' Remembrance of Allaah becomes not only worship but a weapon. We think light to be a thing that comes and goes but truly it is more still than atmosphere. Our perception comes and goes, expands and contracts, is present and then absent.. but Light is still and inrushes upon things like the dawn, like the heart. Things move and revolve. Light does not. Allaah is The Light and Allaah created things that evolve and revolve and involve light, so that they move about; whereas Allaah is Ever-Present, Al Waasi'U. Allaah is where we go to and Allaah is where we were. Allaah created "There". A place wherein His Light would be received physically and then perceived mentally. This is the creation of Distance as well as Nearness. When Allaah said: I call the light Unfold it to There ( i.e. Let there be light), this is the creation of Distance (measure, circumference, perimeter, etc.) . Look into the meaning of the first sentence of Allaah. This sentence is the creation of "There", not light. And Light has been unfolding ever since. All things are a matter of light unfolding. The bonding of atoms and chemicals or their separations are all matters of light. All movement on earth is traced to its base, light. If a thing moves it has nerves. And if it has nerves, it has light. Nerve tissue is the tissue that holds and unfolds the movement of light within an organism, so that a muscle can twitch and move. Bones protect the nervous system. Bone wraps around the brain and spinal chord to protect it, shield it and then muscle is wrapped around it. All to protect light. All to protect the unfolding (mechanics/operations/functions) of light. Light has 3 forms: Liquid, Solid and Vapor. As a solid it is vibration. As a liquid it is electricity (WiFi - 'electronic' is electricity with information/data in it). But light as a vapor is found only in human beings. Light as a vapor is crystallized in human beings as VOICE. The vocal chords heat up as our breath passes over them. This vapor causes sound/voice. This is why we can make and organize sound; turn sound into an organ by giving sound 'meaning'. Allaah Gives His sound Life and other properties, but we have been given the ability to organize sound. So we make meanings and languages, lies and other things. But if we purify our light with The Light of Allaah, The Light that Allaah has sent down to us through The Distance we may enter into Pure Light, The Words of Allaah, The pure Refuge and pure Guidance of Allaah. May we distance ourselves from the filth of the world and enter into The Nearness of Allaah.
The Messiah Iysaa (SAW) (Jesus) said: Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every WORD that comes from The Mouth of Allaah.
[Iysaa spoke Aramaic, therefore the Scripture in Aramaic does indeed read 'Allaah'. The word 'God' only exists in English]
Al Qur'aan has come from The Mouth of Allaah; let us live by it.
The Prophet Muhammad said: One day Allaah will cause a drought upon the earth wherein nothing at all will grow and there will be no food. His companion said: O Messenger, how will we sustain ourselves, how will The Faithful survive? The Prophet said: The food will be Subhaan'Allaah, Al Hamdulillaahi, Laa ilaaha illa Allaahu, Allaahu Akbar and the faithful will be sufficed/nourished in this way. To you be peace, to those you love be peace and May Allaah Most Glorified and Exalted show mercy to The faithful (O Allaah makes us Faithful!!) and accept our worship and forgive our faults and purify us and be pleased with us.

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