Black Poetry : The Way You Felt


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Jan 30, 2001
The Way You Felt (I heard you)

The first one came like a thief in the night
My body so unsuspecting, my soul so unprepared
Before I knew it, it felt so good
So good I almost missed the beauty
But no, I knew exactly what it was
I knew the trembling, I knew the wet rush, I knew the joy

So nice the recovery, lost in my internal glow
Breathing deeply, remembering, still feeling so warm
Oh how you make me do what I do
Then just when I think I've calmed myself down
You re-ignite the burner deep in my valley
Heating my desire for more of your love
I'm spinning so fast can't hold myself together
Yes, yes, oh yes, you did it again
What I thought I had left is is yours

I lay in the smoldering air of your touch
Reminding myself how deeply you reach me
Thinking of you makes it happen again
The magical explosions inside me cannot be stopped
As you want it, I give it, never let this end
Please my darling, make it happen again

Once again like the first, second, and third
Take me where I'll fall so helpless to my craving
Where my screams from within can be heard only by you
So easily I'm there again releasing my love, my love being released
I'm there
I'm so in love
You make me
You are me
You heard right



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