Chief Elder Osiris : The Way We Were And The Way We Are Now.

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    The Way We Were And The Way We Are Now.

    There Is Much More Where This Come From
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    There come a Time when things are not as they should be and the cause is because of other people causing your life to not be as it should be, which is enjoying peace, respect, freedom, and justice to be experienced by your life and the people whose life is not experience such natural occurrence, is not doing anything to change such unnatural life occurrences that their life is now being exposed to, such serve as a sign that those people whose life is not enjoying peace, freedom, independence, and justice, are people who are Black Afrikans who are not aware of the way Black people were, before the coming of Evil into our lives.

    Knowing the way we were as opposed to the way we are now, require a special quality of mind, in order to see Black people before becoming captive by the acts of evil, a spirit very seductive if you are not aware of such a spirit.

    So the question is how was Black people before evil came into our presence, how were we before such an occurrence took place in our Black lives.

    Well the way we are and the way Black people are now, most Black people will not accept the Divine Truth about ourselves, because that Divine Truth concerning the way we Black people were, is what contradict all of the religions that have Black people believing about ourselves, as it has created life to be, and that is full of sin and evil, having you to believe such is the basic of life, and the struggle is to over come such life acts in inequity.

    Well the way we were is not the way religion teach life to be, the Black life in particular, because the way we were, was Divine Beings with a nature grounded in Harmony Order, And Balance, no spiritual contradiction taking place in such a sacred environment where perfection was the common thresh hold for all of the Black life in a Time of peace and freedom.

    Yes, the way we were, is in no way the way we are now, nor were we in any way the way we are dictated to be today.

    Llife activity of Black people were that of Divine Beings, such a people being with a Divine mind that qualified them to know that the Divine Essence they acknowledged to be, did not prescribe a way we were to live our lives, such a Divine Essence of a God, did not require to be believed in, and not to be worship, it did not make promises of punishment nor of award of ever lasting life, such is the ingredients associated with Religion God, and being expose to such a religious god, is not the way we were.

    The way we were, was in fact a verification of our Divinity, and in such an environment we knew that Life was meant only for the body to be lived in tranquility with nature action, and the nature of all things is Harmony, order, and Balance, and when not in compliance with nature, then your action tend to be that of anti-nature activity, having no Divine connection with the Divine Essence of all things, but with the dictators to all things, religion god.

    Therefore, the way we were as Black Divine Beings, they being our Cosmic Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors, they were covered in serenity, their presence magnified the presence of nobility and not hostility, they moved with the calm and swiftness as the wing, their presence were as burning fragrance of self assurance, and their thoughts were as the movement of the Universe.

    So, they were in direct relationship with the Dark Space elements, all operating in harmony with each other,,causing there not being anything that they could not Divinely do in life.

    The way we were, perfection was common to the Black life and sin and evil was not a part of the Divine Mind set, so only calmness, the smoothness of Spiritual delight, was our pleasure, the best of Nature food, wearing the best of linen fabric to cover the body, the best of body perfume, always exposed the constant of Universal Vibration melody, to maintain the validation of the mind, whose thought process was never in contradiction to the vibration of the magnetic resonating energy action.

    Companionship and compliance was the norm in relative interaction, such was the symbol of Divine Living, having no need to take thought of your action, because all thoughts was action of Divine Meditation, seeking the outer limit of the Mind action, thus enabling you to be in Physical interaction, as well as with intuitive connection, the former indicating life living and the latter being soulful existence, one having to experience death while the other experience eternal existence.

    Such was the way we Black people were, and now is the way we are, a people being a prisoner of Lucifer Religion, a people who know not the difference between the activity of the Soul and Spirit, having no knowledge about what Constitute the Infinite God, and have taken unto our Black selves to become Human Beings, which teach that there is none perfect, because you believe you are born in sin and shaped in inequity, thus having you who believe in Religion, not to aspire to ever be perfect in Life, only because religion have gotten you to believe that such an aspiration, is an investment in impossibility.

    What foolish people we have been made to become, having no knowledge of the Way We Were, just a belief about what we have been told to become, which is a Black people in want for guidance from Lucifer the Human Being, he being the Devil, Satan, the prince of Evil to the Black world, a people who have forgotten the Way We Were, before the coming of Lucifer into our Lives, and now is without Spiritual connection to Afrika.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved


    Chief Elder
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