Black Poetry : the way i love you (i am reminded of...)

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    The way i love u
    is just so sad
    just in knowing that i would give u all that i had.
    My pride my love and even my inner self
    all of it could stay yours
    only if u would'nt belong to anyone else

    i love u in a way
    that i am reminded of beaches,
    water mainly
    being that
    that is my favorite
    see water is the main factor of it all
    and because of my love for it, i am willing
    just like the love of u
    i am willing to feel that sense of danger
    as if i was on top
    at night
    in flight
    on top of these huge bolstering rocks
    standing there as one entity
    nobody but me
    taking it all in
    as waves crash on in, up against and all in between

    these rocks
    that has just me on top i then
    am overwhelmed with the sense of danger

    but then the calming effect of the
    summer breeze
    makes it all worth while
    that sense of security that "it" brings me

    boy i love u in a way
    that i am reminded
    of shame, for lack of better word
    or even humility
    at how certain things affect
    momentary opinions of
    you but then not caring cause u know that "it" happens
    to everyone and that you may be the heart of the joke THIS time
    but u will no better for next?

    or will u

    cause see then there is clumsy who
    seems to keep falling and falling and falling
    for it and in it all over again
    all over u
    all over me
    what we gonna do
    this feeling of danger but knowing it'll be aight
    or feeling shame and not wanting to run from it
    but cause of my clumsiness keep on falling
    then landing in the predicament of me loving you
    then end- up writing a poem of u

    NO not a poem
    **** boy u took me far in time

    that i love u in a way
    that i am reminded of a poem

    and u?
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    wow!! ya working dem keyz i see ....