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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    What I am about to share with you, I do not expect us Black People to understand fully, not alone to be able to see and know the reason and purpose I have been given to share such information with the Black World, a World that is different in all ways from that World referred to as the Human being and this has nothing to do with the Social, Economic, Politics, religions that the Human Being World is motivated and guided by, and I am being condition not to be concerned with how the Black World will not take to this that I am being given to share at this Time with you, the Black world.

    On this planet, which it has been referred to in many ways and names, but that is not important, the Planet which we now occupy has a shelf Life today that goes back into untold Millenniums and even though the Human Being has been able to convince their World and ours, the Black World, that they know the age of Time of this planet, I am being told that they are lying and that anything that is of the Universe does not involve its presence with such a Human Being terminology such as Time, because that which the Human Being has succeeded in getting all that occupy this planet to accept such a term as Time, as they have conceived it to be, and not as it is, because Time is only an illusion and become only a concept by those in power and is in control of the world Belief, based on the Human being Teaching.

    On this planet we now refer to as Earth, there are Many World that has been caused to be by the appearance of Three distinct Groups upon this Planet and I am being told to not dwell on those dynamics that have caused the Many Worlds to be on this planet, world meaning distinct Ethnics Groups, I am being told to share with you the Black World, those two dynamics that consist of the Black World and the Human Being World, the two that represent and verify the keeping of the Law Of The Universe Principle Of Opposite, so the Two Worlds that now affect the Universe, is the Black World and the None Black World, commonly now accepted as being the White World, the World of the Human Being, as oppose to the World consisting of Divine Beings, which is very significant to what I am to share with you Black People of the Black World.

    When Black People recognize the Black Self as being other than Black, Colorless or the Shadow of the Physical Anthropomorphous Universe, which come in various phenotypes, yet it is Black People who summon an energy of an attitude and behavior that is in Harmony, Order, and Balance with the Ethereal Universe, the only Divine Reality that reference God to be Divine Energetic Reality and without that ability to reference God in such a Divine Way, prevents Black People from knowing whom we are and because of the mere fact that we are in the presence and likeness the Ethereal Universe and we Black People know not whom we are, lessen the Black World ability to interact with the Physical Illusion Universe, and it is the lost of that ability that give the Human Being World, power over the Black World.

    Have you ever paid attention every time the Human Being make reference to anything that is happening in the Physical Illusion Universe, all events, past, and present, that come and affect this planet World, through the frame of reference which take place in the Human Being Mind, as they categorize and describe those events that interact with our lives, by the way that the Human Being organize all Thoughts of Belief that are to be used, based on the Human Being World Mental concept and perception, regarding those events, as the Human Beings codify and classify everything we now adhere to as being Social, Economic, Educational, Political and Religiously acceptable on this Planet Earth

    When in fact it was the Black World that first laid the Mental foundation for us to establish our Mental capability to recognize and submit to the Universal Elemental Force Field, out of which natural events occur, a force field of Action from which all Divine information Flow to the Black World and now we Black People have been persuaded to abandon such a connection the Black World had with Both Universe, The Real And The Unreal, The Is And The Is Not, The To Be And The To Be Not.

    Today, everything the Human Being World Talk about and Believe, concerning God, Universe, and Life Self, it all come from the Human Being Mind, a Mind that do not know the Divine action of the Universe, therefore all that is predicted to be and to happen on this planet, come from the Human Being Mind, such was not the fact in Prime experienced real events, interacting with the Black World in a presence of action that verified the Life Divinity of the Black World, a Reality which defined the Black Life on this planet, way before Time had become a concept among the Black World residing on this planet call Earth..

    On this planet today there is now Two Realities as it is with the universe, it was our First Way Ancestors that read the action of and related with the Universe, and they understood the Divine Relationship each universal Body serving as Elemental Attributes, have with each of the others action, they being that which reveal the Universe and the affect the universal events have on the Black World, with each action that take place on this planet, serving as a sign of the Universe being in action and such universal dynamics, the Divine Black World was in the knowledge of, they consisting of our First Way Black Ancestors, so that is when the Black world was in possession of our Divine Mind.

    The Black World and the Human Beings have never viewed the action of the Universe the same and neither have we interpreted the Events that take place in the Universe the same, the Two Worlds are Wired different and that is why it is important to the Human Being world, to stay in control of the Black World Mind, but such is not given to remain the same as it is today, between the Black World and the Human Being World, the Two Worlds That are opposite from the other, each endowed with the Gift of Free Will and not Choice, because Choice can be influenced, an evil that has inffected the Black world.

    The Black World was not calibrated to be under that which is not in Divine order with the Universe, our universal record require that the Black World remain in Divine Relationship with both Universe, having the information that give the Knowledge with understanding about that the Human Being has created to be God, yet such a God reside only in the Mind of the Human Being while the Black World came to this planet with the Divine Universal Information of not having to attempt to define God but in total Knowledge with understanding of the Eternal Infinite Essence Attributes , they being in the form and action of the Elemental Bodies, commonly referred to by the Human Beings as being the Universe, yet they had not the Knowledge with understanding of the illusion Universe, until recently, it being within the confine of their concept of Time, which is a creation of the Human Beings.

    The Black World is now Lost, we are now without the Divine Guidance of the Universe because it is the Black World Divine Mind that served as their Universal Compass, enabling the Black World to know of the Cause and Action of the Elemental Forces that now is referred as being the Universe, all such terms that are created by the Human Beings World, and it is the Terminology of the Human Being, describing all that affect Life Action on this Planet, that which serve as the instrumental weapon that has and now keep the Black World Mental Weak and Useless in the Human Being World, a World that serve to the detriment to the Black World.

    How can there be Constructive Action without constructive ideas and it is the quality of ideas that determine the quality of Action, if such ideas are ever acted upon.

    The Black world has developed a nasty habit, speaking before Thinking and it is that habit that has caused the Black World to be in the present condition we now find ourselves in and because there is no constructive action that have taken place to change the Black World condition, it serve to prove that Black People love to talk, based upon what we believe and not what we Think, because it has been Millenniums since the Black World have had a Divine Thought, which goes to show how well a Profane Human Being grip the Human Being have on the Mind of the Black World, so much so until we are unable of having a Divine Revelation that come from our Divine First Way Black Ancestors, information that will motivate the Black World to go into action to Liberate Our Divine Mind.

    The way the Black World is so Mental Malnutrition, there is no wonder there are Brand New Afrikan Human Beings that now are mentally promiscuous to those Human Beings with a History of Raping Queen Mother Afrika and the goddess of the Black World and by such an attack upon the Black goddess, it leave the gods turned Afrikan Human Being, useless in defense of the queen goddess, she being the Guide and Strength of the Black World.

    So it is no wonder we can not see the evil of our Black Ways, we Brand New Afrikans are to busy looking for direction and guidance from the Human Beings, they that now hold the Black World Divine Mind in mental bondage, it being so Divinely malnutrition of the Divine information that flow out from the Universe, which is requiring the Divine Mind to be qualified to interpret such Divine information flowing within the Electromagnetic Waves, such action constituting that which is referred to as the Perfect Night, the Eternal Infinite Shadow of the Divine Eternal Infinite Essence of all there is and all there is Not within and without the Universe, one being the Divine Existing Reality and the other being the Divine Life Illusion Reality, one serving to be the place wherein Eternal Infinity Verifies and the other serving to be in the place that give verification to the Illusion Reality and not to know such Divine Truth, mystify the Mind incapable of reaching into such an Infinite Eternal Circle of no beginning and no Ending, which is where the Divine Essence Reality is verified.

    To know such Divine Truth will prevent the Not True from having an effect upon the Life of those operating within the circle of Divinity, the Existence where Life is revealed with Limitation and is allowed to be and enjoy its Freedom, living with the Divine Mind as provided by our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors and absent of our Black Divine Mind put the Black World to be the servants of those claiming to be the Human Beings, they that pretend to Know all that they only are capable of Believing

    So what I see and share concerning the Black World, the brand new Afrikan Human Being believe is not True, Yet with the Afrikan Human Being and the Mind now in possession, it cause the Afrikan to Look and not be able to See, to believe and not Know, to be fearful of the Unknown and believe such is a requirement of God and by the Afrikan Human Being, not being able to See and Know the Divine Truth, and that which is Real, the result being the present condition and status of the Black World, which is now infected with the Afrikan Human Being mind, a sure sign of the fall of the once Divine Black World, yet is capable of rising again, when ever the Black World desire to Divinely See again.

    I only share with you that which I know I See, You may accept Or Reject, One Will Cause You To Act In Defense Of Your Life And The Other Will Demand That You Proceed As You Are, And Have Now Become, As For Me, I Will Continue To Remain Obedient To Our First Way Divine Ancestors, They That give Cause To me To See And Not Look For God, Universe, And The Black Self.

    Without such Divine Knowledge, The Black World will continue to suffer the consequence that come from the Afrikan Human Being Ignorance.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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