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    On the inside cover of Erykah Badu's Mama's Gun CD, is a poem called The Warrior's Reminder. I don't know how many times i used the booklet to find lyrics and titles of songs, but i never noticed thid poem. It is beautiful and inspirational....it inspired me to write my own reminder. Maybe u will be inspired to write u'r own! Here is Erykah's.... and later, mine. ~peace~

    The Warrior’s Reminder
    ~Erykah Badu

    i am awake
    my mind is free
    i am creative
    i love myself
    my willpower is strong
    i am brave
    i practice patience
    i don’t judge folks
    i give, not to receive
    i don’t expect
    i accept
    i listen more than i talk
    i know i’ll change
    i know u’ll change
    i’ll hold on one more day
    i start over when necessary
    i create my own situations
    i am cosmic
    i do not have all the answers
    i desire to learn
    i am the plan
    i am strong
    i am weak
    i want to grow
    i know i will
    i take on responsibility
    i hide myself from no one
    i’m on my path
    warriors walk alone
    i won’t let my focus change
    taking out the demons in my range.
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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    wonderful write,,,,
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    Very Nice Divine_1

    A warrior does walk alone. Cause most don't understand. They think that you carrying a lot of demands. On them, on you to be all that you can. To share and be shared while unfolding the plan. A warrior wont keep the plans close to the breast. A warrior tells of new things to conquest.

    Love unconditionally.
    Judge not live consistently
    Treat others the way you want to be treated.
    Deliver the truth even when it it's hard to deliver.
    Speak honestly about subject and plan.
    Don't be turned back by those that can't see the plan
    Never be discouraged by any man.

    So a warrior has to walk alone.
    Cause no one wants to wage thru the thorns.
    That others and life has placed in the path.
    Of those who believe things can be greater.

    Asking another to be at their best.
    It often gets thrown back into your chest.
    Who are you judging? They misunderstand.
    It's not a judgement it isn't a demand.
    It's just that a warrior must walk alone.

    So you must be at your best.
    Cause the trials of life will rest.
    At your feet. On the way up, you see
    those that you see when your going down
    the ladder in your career and life.
    Many will doubt what your all about,
    and tell you that you will never be.
    If you try to step over,
    they will flow and soon cover
    you like a moss. Plan to smother.
    All of your hopes and great plans.

    It may be longing for companionship we feel.
    To have some one in our life.
    As we live with some dignity and live to survive.
    A warrior finds they are all alone.