Black Short Stories : The Warriors Pride

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    The gym was packed with fans and supporters of wrestling. On the mat layed a defeated wrestler on his knees with the victor an african american 5'10, 160 pound individual with a muscular build named Cal stood on the mat roaring like a beast and beating his chest like a gorilla in victory with the crowds roar deafening.....

    Cals alarm clock then went off like a ticking time bomb and he had no choice but to wake up.
    Damm** hate that alarm clock, Cal said to himself.
    He then slowly made his way out of the bed and made his way to the bathroom to clean himself up brushing his teeth,washing his face, and taking a shower. Cal then dressed himself in a red ecko shirt with an underarmour under it, some black jeans and black adidas and a black durag. Cal went out the bathroom with a spring to his step now that he got his energy back, grabbed his bag and made his way downstairs to eat a bowl of cereal and poptarts. Right after that he made his way out the door and locked on his way out, his dad was usually knocked out asleep upstairs and his mom at work.

    Hey Cal! a girl called.
    Cal turned and saw it was Brianna, basically the typical girl next door.
    Hey whats up Brianna, Cal greeted.
    Hi so you out early today, Brianna joked.
    I feel like I got energy ya know I had this dream last night, Cal said.
    What kinda dream? Brianna asked curiously.
    Well it was in the gym at school and I was on the mat against somebody and I was wearin them tights, and when wrestled a long battle and I beat him, the crowd went wild and I just started beating my chest like a gorilla and roaring and stuff, Cal explained.
    Brianna laughed as she playfully bumped into Cal.
    You crazy so you gonna be a wrestler now? she asked laughed.
    Hmm I don't know I never really thought about it, Cal answered.
    Well you pretty big so I think you would make a good wrestler, Brianna said as she felt Cals right arm.
    Thanks I'll take that into consideration, Cal said.

    They then made their way to John Smith High School and the school day began. During class the TV came on with some news. Coach Wilder the head wrestling coach was on the screen talking about how he wanted more people to come out for wrestling.
    Cal that sounds like it should be good wrestling huh, Cals friend
    Dre who was a black dude about 5'7, 135 pounds skinny kinda build.
    Who knows dogg Brianna said I could make a good wrestler I might check it out, Cal said.
    Yeah I might try it too and see how it turns out, Cals friend John informed who was 6'0, weighed 230 pounds for a big dude he didn't have that much fat on him.
    The first practice would be at 4:00 afterschool in the gym where Coach Wilder stood waiting. He was an african american about 5'11, 220 pounds kinda out of shape. From what he could see the majority of the team was black.
    Welcome everybody I'm Coach Wilder the head wrestling coach and I'm glad you all decided to go out for wrestling, he explained.
    He then began to explain the practice schedule, what exactly it was they were doing in practice and how far the first match was away.
    You all get ready because its gonna be a long season, Coach Wilder warned.
    After two weeks of practice it was time for the first match against Green Pines

    In class

    On the announcements the match was being announced that day.
    Hey Cal you on the wrestling team? Bianca asked with some of her female friends curious.
    Yeah I am, Cal said with a smile.
    Well good luck in ya match tonight, Bianca wished.
    Thanks appreciate it, Cal replied.
    Cal, Dre, and John then looked at each other.
    Ah dogg so what moves ya'll gonna try? Dre asked.
    I don't know man I guess I'ma shoot with them double legs and single legs Coach been showing us, Cal replied.
    Sh** man I guess I'm do them throws and headlocks and sh** ain't really tryin to shoot, John inputted.
    I might try and go for them duckunders maybe some single legs I ain't sure man, Dre said.
    ***** I'm nervous as he**, Cal admitted.
    Yeah me too I get the butterflys man, John said.
    Yeah I know man, Dre added.
    The bell then rang and it was time for them to get ready for the match. The three of them headed down to the gym to roll the mats out and get prepared.
    Everybody hustle and help out! David ordered.
    David was the head captain of the team and the 171 pounder. Everybody immediately moved faster and rolled the mats out one by one and Joseph the 119 pounder and Calvin the 152 pounder began taping the mats down, while others set up chairs and etc. In the meantime until it was time for weigh ins everybody just chilled and practiced their moves. Ten minutes later Coach called all Varsity members in to hand out singlets. The managers were three fine a** girls named Taysha, Keyona, and Quasha. They were calling out singlet numbers and handing them out to the wrestlers.

    Five minutes later the other team from Green Pines showed up for weigh ins.
    Everybody in! Coach Wilder called to his team.
    When it was Cals turn to step on the scale he stripped down and weighed in at 157 the 160 from the opposing team was a whitedude with wild looking hair, fierce scowl and almost bigger then Cal his name was Rex. After everybody was done weighing in they put on the singlets.
    Goddam** this sh** is tight, Cal joked.
    Yeah I can barely breathe in these sh**s, Dre replied.
    The team then got their sweatshirts handed out for varsity. It then came time for the team to make its big entrance.
    David, Randy and Bryant were going to lead it since they were captains.
    Ya'll ready for this? Bryant asked the team.
    Everybody nodded yes with their hoods covering their faces.
    NOW! David cried.
    The John Smith Bears ran out like madmen to the mat to warm up as they did they each other loudly banged the door and went on to the begininng of their conquest.

    To be continued

    To be continued
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