Black Short Stories : The Warriors Pride 3

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    Later on that night Cal wondered the streets thinking of the events that happened not knowing how to face the reality again.
    I hate losing, Cal said to himself.
    Cal had the look of anger and regret in his eyes. He put up a fist when all of the sudden a gentle, small hand wrapped itself around it. He turned around suprised to see the pretty face of Brianna looking at him in sympthany.
    Hey Cal, Brianna said gently.
    Oh I'm sorry, hey Brianna, Cal greeted trying to get rid of the regretful expression on his face.
    Cal I saw your match, Brianna informed.
    Oh...I see, Cal replied.
    Its ok what happened you can't win them all, do better next time buddy, Brianna solemnly adviced.
    Cal couldn't help but to look into her pretty eyes with admiration and feelings.
    Thanks Gena I will try, Cal said.
    Good I don't want you being down on yourself, Brianna said as she gently put her hand on Cals right cheek.
    Cal felt a tingly sensation and her hand made contact.
    Yes Gena, i appreciate it, Cal thanked liking the feeling.
    It was then their faces began to make closer contact as they both stared deeply into each others eyes, deeper and deeper. Their lips began to connect when....

    BANG!! BANG!!
    gunshots fired.
    Gena screamed out of the shock
    Sh**! Cal cried.
    A red car pulled up to them. The driver rolled the window in the backseat down to reveal one of the shooters. A ***** named Rondell Earlings.
    I saw your little match earlier! you with the pu**ys we wrestling next week ain't ya bi*** boy! Rondell taunted.
    Jackall one of the other ni**as in the backseat taunted a kissing gester at Brianna in rudeness, in response she stuck her middle finger up at him.
    F*** you!ugly muthaf***a!! Brianna spat.
    Shut up ***! Jackall snarled.
    Don't call her no *** *****!! Cal warned.
    The f*** you gonna do pu**y *****!! Jackall replied.
    He pulled out his 9mm and pointed.
    WHAT!! Jackall yelled.
    Cal stood tall looking unafraid.
    Lets go we ain't got no time to waste on these lames, Rondell decided as they pulled off.
    Da**it i hate them, i hate them all! Cal uttered through clenched fists.
    Cal its ok its ok, Gena comforted as she put her arm around his.

    To be continued
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    o' snap getting even sweeter keep it coming i really like this story line
    awaiting the final out come.