Black Short Stories : The Warriors Pride 2

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    Whoo!! the girls in the bleachers yelled.
    Coach Sampson then showed up, he was a heavyset black man who was assistant coach.
    For Cal it felt a bit awkward like this in front of a whole crowd but he slowly adapted while doing the stretches. When the stretches were down the team gathered in a tight circle in the middle.
    Ok nigg** this our first match against Green Pines ya'll ready for this I SAID ARE YOU READY FA THIS SH**! David battlecried.
    YEAHH!! the team responded.
    The team then began to beat the mat as quick and hard as they can and cried at the last beat BEARS! They then got off the mat and began to get ready.
    Captains! Coach called.
    David,Randy and Bryant then walked up to the middle of the mat to shake hands with the Green Pines captains. It was then time to flip coins, John Smith chose heads and the other tails. The other captains were Rex, Jake, and Bruce all whitedudes. The ref flipped the coin and it was tails.
    Even or odd? the ref asked.
    Odd, Rex answered.
    The captains the went back to their sides.
    Cal get ready we're starting at 160 on random order, Coach Wilder informed.
    Sh**, Cal thought to himself.
    Cal then began to take off his sweat stuff and strapped on his headgear.
    The team then formed two lines for Cal to go through and they began to clap. Cal then began to do a Muhammad Ali-like warmup. The managers from John Smith then put on some music to play during the match but not too loud, Bonethugs N Harmony " Money,Money".
    Good luck son, Coach wished.
    Cal then nodded his head and ran over to the managers to check with them for the name and then ran to the middle of mat and waited.
    Sh** I got the butterflys nervous as hell, Cal thought to himself.
    Rex the 160 pounder from Green Pines and headcaptain walked out to the mat in an almost arrogant way. They both then stood in the middle and put on their ankle tags Cals team had red and Green Pines had green.
    Foot on the line, shake hands, the Ref said.
    They both then took their stances.
    Ok Cal time for glory, Cal thought to himself.
    The ref then blew the whistle and the two wrestlers circled each other.
    Come on Cal just like in practice! Coach cheered.
    Well time to take a chance, Cal thought to himself.
    Come on Cal! Brianna cheered.
    Cal then shot on Rex's legs for a takedown but he was immediately crossfaced and semi picked up and put on his face.
    Stand up Cal escape! Coach Wilder advised.
    Cal then began to stand up on his knees and then on his feet and then began running around the mat with Rex holding onto him in a struggle for the escape point, they eventually went out of bounds and the ref blew the whistle.
    Red your on bottom, the ref informed.
    Cal then took the bottom position and Rex got on top and the whistle blew. Rex then chopped Cals arm and began to do some technical manuevers to hold Cal down.
    Stand up! Coach Wilder advised.
    Cals team then began to cheer and yell advice.
    I can't let them nigg** down hell nah I can't let them down, Cal thought to himself.
    Cal then quickly stood up and wiggled his way out for 1 escape point.
    Good job! Coach Sampson said.
    Cal and Rex then began tied up with each other and Rex popped Cal with a firemans carry.
    Two! the ref said giving Rex two points.
    Cal then began to fight off his back and he went to his stomach most of his energy gone. The buzzer then rang and then it was time for the second period. The ref then did a coin flip and red got choice.
    Neutral, Coach Wilder answered.
    Red chooses Neutral, the ref said.
    They then got in the stances and the ref blew the whistle. Cal then shot a doubleleg as fast as he could and was on his way to the legs thrown on his back HARD.
    Oooohhh!! the crowd uttered.
    Cal then began to struggle and struggle bridging to get off his back but it was no use and Rex simply held on.
    BAM! the ref then hit the mat and called the pin.
    Noooo!! Cal cried out shame.
    Cal then got up and shook Rexs hand, he had a cocky smirk on his face that made Cal just want to knock him the hell out. He then went to the Green Pines coach and shook his hand.
    You did your best kid don't worry about it, the Green Pines coach said.
    Cal nodded and then took off his headgear, pulled down his singlet straps and ran out the gym.

    To be continued
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    why run ! this was tyte i'm lovin the effects here continue on !
    pt.2 bring it
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