Chief Elder Osiris : The Wall Of Injustice That Block Reparation Must Come Down!!!

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    The Wall Of Injustice That Block Reparation, Must Come Down!!!

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come from.
    [email protected]

    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth and Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You!!!

    I serve No Longer as a victim Of Religion Of any kind, just as oppressed victim By Lucifer New World Order Council.

    Now is the Time to seize the moment in Time, when Enlightenment is the rule of the day, and Black people need to recognize what Time it is, as this Time apply to the Black World.

    All that you are witnessing has to do with Afrika and Black Afrikan People, and unless Black Folks become astute enough to be able to read and interpret what is now unfolding in Afrika Egypt, and if and when you do, it will serve as the call for action by Afrika to retain its identity, or it will serve as the demise of Afrika as we know it should be.

    I have been among you sharing information about you Black people, sharing with you t to the level that to many of you, it make you angry.

    Yet, I do not waver in standing firm in that which I share with you Black people about you Black people.

    I have had no problem in informing you Black people that my primary focus of interest is the state of living condition of not everybody, but of Black People, and you know not why I do so.

    Today, I am informing you that if Afrika is to remain Afrika, then Black Afrikan people will need to get up off of our do nothing behind and commit ourselves to saving Afrika.

    The only way that is occur is for the Black Afrikan Nation to rise as one Nation united.

    In order for freedom to be the deliverer of a Black Nation united, there must become a spirit inborn within you that display self confidence, which require for you to be self aware, and with such action of a Divine Spirit start coming from such a Divine Mind, then you Black people will come to know the reason why you must never surrender to the answer No in regard to Justice, which deserve to be extended to our Enslaved Ancestors, and such Divine justice is enclosed in the sacredness of Reparation.

    Enslavement of our Afrikan Ancestors serve to be liken to a Wall of oppressed captivity, which is what keep the spirit of our Enslaved Ancestors Enslaved.

    Today, in this Time of Enlightenment for Afrikan people, the Wall of Enslavement must come Down, and that wall is what keep Reparation from serving its purpose to Afrika, and from being the Unifying instrument for the Black Afrikan Nation.

    Reparation serve as a universal symbol to Afrika and to the Black Afrikan freedom, it being blocked by the wall of Enslavement of our Afrikan Ancestors, and it must come Down, during this window of dispensation of Time, it signifying the need for the reawakening and Enlightenment of Black Afrikan People.

    All of the of the eyes of the world today is turned toward Afrika, it being referred to as Egypt Middle Eastern territory, all because there is a reluctance to give Afrika its respect.

    Beloved, what you see today is happening in Afrika!!!

    Beloved, how can you forget so soon what the Arab Nation has done to Afrika, are you not aware that all eyes desire full control over Afrika, and all that Afrika has in its possession, including you Black so call Afrikns?

    Islam desire to be the world dominating religion, and it know that the full spread over all of Afrika, without the presence of any other religion being in play in your mind, will be the great step in establishing the foundation for the spread of a one dominating religion of Islam throughout the world.

    Beloved, have I not shared wit you that Lucifer know that the conquering of Afrika in the name of Islam being disguise as democracy, will lead to the domino effect among all religion, including the catholic religion, its major rival for the Mind of the Black world.

    Yes, you Black people are the primary focus of Lucifer world Dominating objective, because Lucifer know if Afrika fall under its complete Dominance, East, West, North South and Central, Afrika I am sharing about, then all else pertaining to other Nations will Fall under his dominance.

    If you are Black and you function with Lucifer Mind, then in no way will you be able to identify with this I am sharing about you Black Afrikan people, all because you have been conditioned to believe about your Black Afrikn selves being the lowest of things you have been told bout your Black Selves, and you can not imagine that the world look to you in determining the state of the world condition, or in what condition does Lucifer selfishly want the world to be.

    I know that most of you Black people can not see this far into yourselves, because it take the use of your Divine mind to do so.

    Afrika is under threat of being a completed Islam dominance, you call that, Arabia expansionism, under the authority of a caliphate.

    Afrika and the Black Nation has its story locked into Divine Spirituality and Lucifer created a fantasy god Religion for purpose to confuse your Mind.

    Lose your Divine mind and you forfeit your Divine spirit and without your Divine spirit, you fall victim to any and everybody else spirit that conquer and dominate you Black Afrikan people, a people been made not to any longer shine in the glow of your Divine Mind Spirit reflection.

    Black Folks, remove the wall of Enslavement that Enslaved our Ancestors, and allow the rise of our Enslaved Ancestors reparation to become the center of our active motivation to free Afrika and ourselves, and you will witness the transformation of the world.

    Reparation is our universal issue, and it must be allowed to free our Enslaved Ancestors from the enslavement wall that prevent Reparation from freeing Afrika and Uniting the Black Afrikan Nation, not religiously but Divinely Mental Spiritual.

    Black people, freedom is depended upon the freedom of our Enslaved Ancestors and their freedom is locked into Reparation being kept imprisoned behind the wall of Enslavement that keep our Afrikan Ancestors to be without Freedom.

    Beloved, only when you are qualified to remove the Trinity of evil (Envy, Ego, Jealousy) it being that which serve as the mortar that hold the wall of enslavement together, which prevent Reparation from serving its meaning and purpose to Afrika and to Black Afrikan people, the purpose being freedom.

    Afrika and Black people will become permanent slaves to others and never free unto thyself without there being an act to revolt to secure the payment of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.

    Let Those wise Among you,Know what has just been shared with you, Done so absent of irrational emotion.

    Be kind to your self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    .......Another timely and important missive Chief Elder...Spoke similar words as these just last night on a BlogTalkRadio show, concerning Reparations: ...Peace In,