Black Poetry : The Walking Dead

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    filter through the inner mind
    where solace binds and reason is there
    for I hear inner voices in my head with choices
    the junkie on the street searches for his pay
    a noble church goer bows there head to pray
    there are marks of discovery in each of us
    yet I'm half the man I used to be
    falling by the road side scattered in my mind
    it's the fortaste of things to come
    a world undone
    the twilight sun has tainted my inner vision
    sought after fix the issues inside
    hide behind a false hidden garb of compromise
    twisted lies with no surprise
    a vision of crystal clear twilight
    tripping out in the forest
    green moss scattered by the features
    it is hard to hold on one more trip & I'll be gone

    yet I'm not dead the forest has trees through the breeze
    a sorted cosmic debris of fallen emblems
    tuck back the vision down deep inside
    this forest has a stone carved pattern inside
    my heart permeates through the duration of reason
    words can be lost if not chosen right
    a black cat leads me to a pool of water where I quench my thirst
    look back at the vision in the water I see a face
    voices in my head its the walking dead
    yet I like it when they talk about love
    call it fate I call it a reason for being in the changing of the season

    we run to and fro into the outer banks of the forest
    dead flowers all around with emmense changes
    the cloven asps of suspicion you got to get away
    bones of skulls permeate the textual lining
    some say I think to much
    in are world in quite a rush
    getting ready for the heavy push
    to take us over the edge
    the intense heat of fleeting passion
    the zombies of sex are at your door
    screaming of exhalted primitive choice
    living in caged fury so why should I wonder