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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    In every aspect of the Descendants of our Enslaved Ancestors Life, we today and always have been, since our forced coming to this Land in North America United State, we have been vulnerable to the ways and action of the United State Powerful leadership, those who now continue to choose to show no respect to the Children of the Middle Passage and it is that white power that has succeeded in programming the Mind of Black so call Afrikans, here and in Afrika, and everywhere else we Black confused people are located on this planet today.

    The white power of the USA and in the world, has conditioned the Brand New Afrikan Human Being, to be against the Right to Reparation for our Enslaved Ancestors and Statehood In Africa for the Children of those that were Enslaved in america, such denial is the greatest act of disrespect anybody referring to themselves to be a Civilized Human Being, they who can impressively demonstrate a crazy evilness toward our Enslaved Ancestors and their Children of good will for Afrika and Black People.

    Such a behavior that is naturally coming from such a Sub-Specie within the Anthropomorphous Family, referring to themselves as Human Beings and now having Black so call Afrikans assuming their Human Being identity, such craziness in the world against Divine Thinking Black People in america is what make the Children of the Middle Passage, those in search of their Divine Mind, to be Vulnerable to the Evil that now is running rampart in america United Stated and in Afrika, as well as the World in general, but I am mainly concerned with Black People Primary Domain.

    We once Divine Black Beings have now been made to pretend to be color blind, Race unconscious and to now become totally consumed into the Humanity of the Human Being and in such a none Thinking Mental position of action, we are prevented by the Mind we now carry from being able to See ( Think ) that which is Really and Truthfully is the cause for Black people to be in the present Life condition we now are in, causing us to not be able to agree on anything that do not come from the oppressors mind, including a United Black Nation in Afrika.

    The Human Being Mind in the Brand New Afrikan, it prevent the Afrikan from Seeing and dealing with those things that must be dealt with in our Life, because it is those things that are causing the Black World to suffer an identity crisis and long ago, that is what our Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors was qualified to see, that which was to happen to their Children, so they sent out a warning in the form of an instruction to us Black once Divine Beings and such an instruction is repeated often without the knowledge of what it actual mean to us Black people turned Afrikan Human Being, and the instruction is, Divine Black Being, "KNOW THYSELF"!!!

    Have you all ever wondered why it is that we so call Afrikans now lead the way in an attempt to condemn identifying the evil acted out against, not Afrikans, but Black people today and yesterday?

    Have you ever notice now, how anxious and mental unsettling we have become wearing the Human Being Mind, when along come a Divine Black Being Pointing out evil by classifying, identifying and referring to the evil that has caused the present life condition of Black people, with the evil acts against Black People who were identified by their phenotype, with their pigment shade being the motivation that caused the White, Arab, and Jewish people to viciously attack Black people based on the shade of their pigment and to be label not equal to their worth of a Human Being, it was alright for those people to label and identify us by our phenotype,but now those same people say,it is wrong to point them out by identifying them by their phenotype and to remind people of their attitude and behavior that they acted out against Black People, such a double hypocritical standard I detest.

    We are obligated to identify evil as it is and must identify those evil people the way that they are and has been socially accepted and identified to be, such as, White people ( Caucasian ) Arabs ( Asians ) and Jews ( a Combination of Black Caucasian, Arab ) the Trinity of Evil with a history of acting out evilly against, not Afrikans, but Black People, yes, their motivation against the Black world was in fact Racial Phenotype Based.

    Yet today, the Brand New Afrikan Human Being, now living under the spell of the Trinity of Evil against Black People, exerting an effort to get Afrikans not to point to the evil that have us bounded in a classified way today, when in fact it was that method of classifying and identifying the Divine Being in a Racial Phenotype way that gave cause to the Human Being Trinity to make war against the Black Divine World and now the Brand New Afrikan Human Being has a problem with those of us who see Divinely, the evil of the White, Arab, Jew, they that played and still play a role in keeping the Black World with a Human Being Mind that teach us to Love everybody and not to remember who it is descriptively, that now are in motion continually to crucify the Black World, yet here we are now, a people that do not know whom we are and because of such ignorance, we remain vulnerable in our present Body Mind - Set, which is Human Being based.

    The Universe and the events that are here and is to come, require the Black Divine Being to begin to organized ourselves into a Black Militia for our own self protection.

    Beloved, are we so blind about all that is going on around our Black behind, to the extent that the evil Human Being is getting us Black People to disarm ourselves while White people of lower means are arming themselves and yet Black People have no idea about what is to happen in america United States, as we occupy Americanized States having all of the religious faith people referring to themselves as Human Being and they have a history of abusing, oppressing, and Killing, not Afrikans, but Black People, what are those Black people to do,other than to act in such a way to defend their Lives at a Time of Danger to the Black Life.

    Now, do not become alarm, it is perfectly legal to form Militias in this country, well it is for white folks, because I have had close dealing with the Michigan Militia and the Montana Militia, so it would be wise for Black People in america to begin to form National Cells of Black Militia, then such an organization will lend some legitimacy to Black People in america, concerning our Safety and Freedom for Black People, not just in the United States but in Afrika as well, and such an effort should be funded by all of those Afrikans americans claiming that they are so Black and Proud, as they were shouting on the BET awards recently.

    Beloved, it is Time to put the wealthy Afrikan american to the test, then you will be able to identify your Real Afrikan American enemies, by the attitude that they take toward the Funding a National Black Militia, because in the Last go round, their behind will be in just as much danger as the Black Warriors in pursuit of our Liberation through Reparation as a Mean to an End to our stay in america.

    I told you that there is much I will not say to you on this open forum, yet Time is becoming a requirement for Black People to act in defense of our own safety, if you do not care about yourself safety then be concern about the Black Children safety in america and that is why I speak so forceful for us to see the need for Black People to return Back to Afrika, because here in america, the Black Life again is coming to be not worth a unplug penny.

    Now this missive will far exceed the notion of most that used these forum, because we who are Afrikan Human Beings are programmed to dismiss such a call as being an over exaggeration, being that of a sensationalist, and being so full of negativism, well such is the way we have been programmed to react to the most apparent things that are to affect our lives, the Afrikan Human Being is programmed to believe that america will always be on top of her evil game, even now as america is being dismantle piece by piece, fast headed verifying to be a Nation divided, so much so, to the point that it can not be ruled out that there will be some form of National confrontation in a belligerent way between the faction assigned to destroy america and to prevent her from being a republic again, yet the Afrikan american is to busy Hip Hopping, playing middle and upper class Afrikan american in the Black community, seeking after the Human Being Name Brand apparels and Automobiles, jockeying for social status among each other for a Middle and upper upper middle class status, while america is fast becoming to be no more.

    Beloved, all of that alone and with america about to fade away to be no more as she once was, yet the Afrikan american will view such a call as I have made here, to be that of a foolish person, but you know what, I am only come to warn and share with you the Truth as it is seen through the Divine Mind and not the profane mind of the Human being, such a mind tell you not to blame the White Man, such a Mind tell you to look at everybody as being the same Human Being with no identifiable marks what so ever, and such a suggestion come out from the Mind of the Human being, a Mind that is prohibited from having Divine vision, such a disability is preventing the Afrikan from being able to see the broader oblong picture of the Real state of the Human Being america, because you see, the state of Black america do not count, why, because it is only a mirage, as we play being an Afrikan american Human Being.

    Who in their Divine Mind can deny that Black People need to Think about raising a National Black Militia, not for america destruction but to prevent Black People in america destruction.

    Those of you who can see this far and deep, you know how to reach me, but you know what, I know I am playing before the wrong audience on these forum, the information given to me to share, coming from our First Way Ancestors, such is meant for all Black People even though we may be in a transformed state, we all are the Children of our First Way Ancestors so the Divine information is not to be given in a discriminating manner, yet all is known, that all Black People are no longer qualified to respect the Divine Truth and can not determine all that is Divinely Real.

    So it is to the Wise of us who now realize that we did in fact, lost our Divine Mind and now there is some of us that have gone into mental action, in order to find and reclaim our Divine Mind, because that is the type of Mind needed to understand that there is a need for Black People in america, should raise a National Black Militia, for our own self protection.

    The Divine Truth, TheAfrikan American Despise the Divine Truth And Ignore The Reality That Come With it.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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