Black Spirituality Religion : The Vision Part One

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    The vision incorporated believer allowing The Holy Spirit Acts 2 ; 1 - 11 to display the attributes of Ha Mashiakh The Messiah ( John 1 ; 41 ) through every believer , touching lives with each believe's sphere of influence with divine love , peace , and joy '' till we all come into the Unity Of The Faith '' There was a man who betrayed our Lord and Saviour Yashua , Isa Jesus , the son of Mary ( 6 B.C. - 90 A.D. ) Who was this man ? He was Judas Iscariot of Galilee ( Acts 5 ; 37 ) son of Azubah (12 B.C. 48 A.D. ) and Simon ( 28 B.C. 48 A.D. ) whose surname was Iscariot ( John 6;71 ..13 ; 2, 26) . ( Matthew 10; 4 , Mark 3; 19, Luke 6 ; 16 )
    ( 6 A.D.- 33 A.D. )
    Son Of Simon Iscariot
    And Azubah Bat
    Ephrath , A Moabite
    Ques ;What does Judas mean ?
    Ans The name Judas , which means '' He shall be Praised '' is a Greek name equivalent to the Hebrew name Judas whose name in Hebrew is Ya Hu Da and is Yahuwdah in Galilean . In Arabic , it is spelled Yahuwdan from the root word Huda ( The Noble Koran 2 ; 111 ) From Huda is became Haadi , Which Means '' Guide ''as Al Mahdi ( 1845 -A.D. -1885 A.D. ) of the Sudan , who is of the Lost Tribe Of Judah , Judah is the most honoured name of one of the tweleve of Israel Genesis 49 ; 10 tell how the scepter , and the law will remain with Judah . Genesis 29 ; 35 until Shiloh comes . This is the bloodline Where Yashua , Isa Jesus The Messiah came from . For he is the Shiloh meaning , '' he whose it is that which belongs to him '' Or in Arabic . it is Salah meaning '' to fix '' repair ''And in Ancient Hebrew it is Salah . Or other than Al Masih or Ha Mashiakh ..
    Ques ; Where was Judas from ?
    Ans . Judas was born in Kerioth in the 6 A.D. making him a native of Kerioth also spelled Kirioth , Kerioth is a town south of Judah and the city of Moah as it states in Matthew 48 ; 28 Moab is where his mother Azubah came from . She was a Moabite . Kerioth is mentioned four times in the Bible and in Joshua 15 ;25 , When you look under The Strong's Hebrew Lexicon # 2469 , It tells you that the Greek word for Kerioth is Iskariotes ... Is - kar - ee - o - tace , which means '' Men Of Kerioth '' Thou , Isariotes is where Simon , Judas father's surname Idcariot from the Hebrew tribe Issachar or Yissakar meaning to '' there is recompense '' Issachar is the 9th son of Jacob and Leah , The Tribe of Issachar traveled with Judah but left and set up a town in the land of Canaan and the city was named after Issachar . So Juda's bloodline mixed with the devil's seed . The Canaanite in Matthew 10 ; 4 Simon the Canaanite . and Judas Iscariot , Who also betrayed him '' tells you that Judas and Simon were in the laan of Canaan , Judas brought Simon to Yashua , Isa , Jesus and he was called Simon the Canaanite . Judas is from the Tribe of Judah , and had mined blood through his mother Azubah the Moabites ..
    Ques ; Who are the Moabites ?
    The Moabites came by way of Moab meaning '' of his father ?'' Who os Lot's eldest son through incestuous birth by his eldest daighter Lubus , Lubna and her youngers sister Jalaa lay in the same bed with there father Lot while he was drunken , and both sister became pregnant by their own fathher Genesis 19 ; 30 - 38 This is something that they learn from the people of Sodom and Gomorrah who are the Canaaties and according to Nelson's Publications and Zondervan , Canaaites are White people and the mother and father of Sodom and Gomorah , The King James Study Bible Published By The Thomas Nelson Publications on Page 24 Under Comentary For Genesis 9 ; 25
    Titled Cursed Be Canaan It States . '' The Canaanites Were White And In No Way Is This To Be Interpreted As A Curse On The Nubian / Black Race . The Canaanites Practiced Ritual Prostitution , Homsexuality , And Various Orguistic Rites ( These AreThe Same Acts Practiced In The Land Of Sodom And Gomorrah ) . According to the The Halley's Bible Handbook Published by Zondervan , on page 137 , Under the Canaanite '' If we wonder that some of these things ; Incest . Sodomy . Cahabitation with Animals ; .... ''
    Yashu'a ibn Ar Rab in Galilean
    Yashu'a bar Yahweh in Hebrew
    Jesus son of the Lord in English
    Ques ; Who is Judah .
    Judah is the fourth son of Yacov '' Jacob '' and Leah . the son of Yitschaq '' Isaac '' , son of Avrom '' Abraham . '' Judas was said to be a Mercenary which is someone who is motivated solely by a desire for monetary or material gain . Like the Zealots of which Judas '' Bestfriend called Simon the Canaanite was one Luke 6 ; 15 .The life of Judas before the appearance of his name in the list of the original disciples was that of a Zealot , a Israelites who hung out with the Cannaanites always ready to betray their own people . Similars to Nubian / Blacks today who Infiltrate Nubians / Blacks organizations working for White people to betray their own Race According To The OnLine Bible Strong's # 2208 . a Zealot means . '' Used of God as jealous of any rival or against God '' In Matthew 10 ; 2 - 4..Judas Iscariot > The Betrayer Of His Own Kind , Who Also Betrayer Him '' Notice That The Verse 2 And 3 Have 10 Disciples List -ed But Verse 4 Has Simon And Judas Because It Say '' Also '' Meaning That Both Simon The Cannite Or Zealot And Judas Betrayer Yashua , Isa , Jesus .
    Ques ; How Did Yashua , Isa , Jesus , Christ Choose His Disciples ?
    Ans. You Can See How Yashua , Isa , Jesus , Christ , Picks His Disciples As You Go On though the Bible , hepicks each one of them ; Then later on tells what their names would be ,Like John my beloved ( John 13 ; 23 ; 21 ; 20 ) Or Peter the rock ( Matthew 16 ; 18 ) Yashua , Isa , Jesus , Christ picked his own disciples the way owner of a Vine - Yard Would Pick The Best Grapes For The Best Of Wine . In Matthew 4 ; 18 - 21 ... In Luke 6 ; 12 - 16 ... All of these Disciples Walked Talked , Laughed , Cried And Suped With Yashua , Isa , Jesus , Christ , Thus Making Them The True Disciple Of Yashua , Isa , Jesus , Christ , Unlike The Self - Acclaimed Disciples And Apostles Paul , Luke , And Mark , Judas Declared Himself Like the others by the preaching of the Baptist or his own Messianic hopes by or the '' gracious words '' ( Luke 4 ; 22 ) Of The New Teacher . Judas '' Was A Secred Agent Him And His Friend Simon Were Zealots Who Worked For The Romans And Sanhedrin , Who Only Became A Disciple To Spy And To Betray Our Lord And Saviour Yashua , Isa , Jesus , Christ And When Judas Was Dead And They Took His Body Down From The Tree And Threw It Over A Cliff , Thats why You Have Two Places With Different Stories Matthew 27 ; 5 And Acts 1 ; 18 ... And It States That Yashua , Isa , Jesus , Christ Was Hung On A Tree An Acts 5 ; 30 ...This proves that the Tree Is Symbolic Of A Cross When They Went To Take Judas Body Down From The Tree They Saw Two Of Yashua , Isa , Jesus , Christ '' Disciples With Judas Who Did They See ? They Saw Peter , Who Went After Judas Because He Too Was An FBI agent Working With Paul And They Also Saw John son of Zebedee , Who Was Being Mointored By Peter Because John Was A True Followers Of Yashua , Isa , Jesus , Christ , So when the Sanhedrin took Judas' Body Down Off The Tree And Thew Him The Cliff That Is Why You Have Two Stories , They Accursed John And Peter For The Murder Of Judas and John and Peter became fugitives . When they caught up with John they put him Jail in Patmos and when they caught up with Peter They Murder of Judas . They were appreaching them not for the Murder of Yashua , Isa , Jesus , Christ , But For The Murder Of Judas , Now , After The Ressurrection Of Yashua , Isa Jesus , Christ The Romans And Pharisees Sent Another Secret Agent To Try To Topple The Teaching Of Yashua , Isa , Jesus , Christ . Yashua , Isa , Jesus , A Galilean Of The tribe of Judas Of The House Of David , Which Is Where The Pure Nubians / Blacks / Negros Seed Stemmed From This Has Been Proven By The D.N.A. Testing Of A Tribes All Over Africa . Similar Testing Confirmed The Lemba And Malachite Tribes In Africa Where The Orignal Hebrew Rightly Called The Lost Sheep Of The House Of Israel Matthew 10 ; 6 , 15 ; 24 )Tribe of Judas Called The Tents Of Judas ( Zechariah 12 ; 7 ) And The Newsest Discovery Is That Mother Eve , Is The First Mitochondrial D.N.A. In Africa Namely Uganda And From Her Daughter's D.N.A. All Other On The Planet Came From Her That Is , It Is Now Proven That Nubians / Blacks , Were The First People On This Planet And If The Bible Is True Then The ... Real Eve '' Hawwah '' Was In Nubians / Africa / Black / Negro This Is The Latest Discovery Found On The Discovery Channel on April 21 , 2002 A.D. shown at 9 ; ' o clock P.M.
    The Position Of Judas ' Name , In The List Of The Apostles In The Synoptic Gospels Makes Him The 12th Disciples Of Yashua , Isa , Jesus , Christ Matthew 10 ; 2 - 4
    LQQking Up Verses The Position Of His Name Was Due The Evil Fame And Reputation Which Afterward Rested On His Name . However . Prior To That . It Would Seem That He Took His Place In The Group Of Four Which Aways Came Last .. :teach: :geek: :deal:
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    According to certain translations, it's shown in the Scriptures, it wasn't really speaking of him being "canaanite" but rather another spelling of where he was from.

    Either way, he was the betrayer of the faithful Son our savior. So no matter where he was from, his own actions condemn him.

    Though out of such betrayal, the Son has made His sacrifice to us that which we need to believe in for His salvation, as well as having faith in all His holy works and healing, and miracles, and resurrection from the dead, to betray a friend, one who came to salvage all of the Father's lost sheep, by the cleansing by His blood, is just beyond words. And it's very hard to imagine how one could only after the fact show some sense of remorse for such a thought toward the Son of the Father.