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    The View From The Divine And Human Side, Concerning GOD, A Message To The Black Nation







    Hoteph Beloved Sisters and brothers:

    Beloved, what I am about to share with you, require you to be in possession of your Divine Mind or is on a Journey seeking for the True and Divine Information that will bring your Thoughts to claim an awareness of the Divine Knowledge with understanding about GOD, Universe and Being, Animate and Inanimate, yet all is of God.

    I share with you the Vision and Knowledge gained from the information revealed to me while on a Cosmic Journey, with our Ancient Cosmic Divine Ancestors vouching for me being ready to receive the answer to the Code of GOD, which is Know The All Of What Cause Things To Be.

    What was shown to me was the essence of Infinity and all of its attributes and every since that Infinite initiation back into the Divine realm, Divine information has continued to flow in such a way and on such a Divine level, it perplex me about that I know, therefore Knowledge is not to be believed, only to be Known and Understood, and only in the presence of the Divine Mind you are qualified to know and understand that which is Divine, thus qualifying you to Know what God is and the reason the Universe Be, and your relationship to those two entity which cause a Trinity presence of God in Reality.

    Beloved, you are a people that has lost the Code of Truth, which prevent you from Knowing that Reality, and being in absent of such a Code, has in fact caused those people now calling ourselves Afrikans, to be the victim of a Profane Belief call Religion, which have caused the Afrikan to adopt all sorts of acts of methods of expressing an obedience to God, which is not required, when in the presence of the Divine Mind, because such a Mind qualify you to know that God require Nothing from all things, but yet is acknowledged by everything that Is, and Is Not, and is Yet To Be.

    What is this Code Of God which the Afrikan has forgotten by loosing it, the Code Of God is The Divine Grail, IS, and the Key to opening the Grail is Knowing The Self, Concerning You, and No Key, Such As Belief, is capable of opening the Grail of the Divine Code, IS, which require Understanding What God IS, IS NOT.

    The Divine Side of Life, over there is revealed the Truth and Reality about GOD, Universe, And Life Being, and in such Trinity reside Eternity, Infinity, Truth, Reality, Knowing, Understanding, and by being in possession of the Divine Code, IS, such qualify you to know and understand the True Essence and Action of GOD, that which move without intent, but with the precision of action that Do cause all and ever thing to BE and Not BE, which IS and Is Not, moving in and out of the Realm of Now and Then, never needing an After ( Future ), just Present and Past.

    On the Divine Side,there is no reason for Tradition, Customs and Rituals, nor a Religious decree of dominance, in Divinity all things are Equal in substance and Action but in Religious Humanity, such belief about God is different in application, so in Divinity It Be the Action that Be Natural And Original, changing Not, such is A Divine Action which need not to be handed down or practiced in Honor of a God that require no Honoring, only Acknowledgment, and all Things and Everything by mere fact of Being, does in fact, Be Acknowledging GOD and not Believing in GOD.

    Our Ancient Cosmic Divine Ebonite ( Black ) Ancestors brought to this Planet Earth, as so call by the Human Being, a Intelligence and Theology inferior to none and because of their long gevity in the Universe they long ago had received the Knowledge without a religious spin, about God, Universe, and Life Being, so the Truth and Reality they knew and IS substantiated, needed not to be handed down by the succeeding Divine Cosmic Ancestors, all because the Knowledge known and verified, was in fact lived, and such Divine Living was not interrupted, but was a continuous Life way of Living Divinely.

    So there was no worry about information being misquoted or misunderstood or practiced, Our Ancient Cosmic Divine Ebonite Ancestors needed no passage of tradition or established custom or practice rituals, because Living Divinely was a simple way of Life, without the presence of Sin and acts of iniquity to serve as an action for purpose of confusing the Divine Truth as being something other than what it is, which is a way of Life in Action expressing Harmony, Order and Balance, such a Life Style need not to be remembered, because in the state of the Divine, such a way of living come Natural, because it is an original way of Life among the gods, those people that did not have to believe in God, but they Knew about God and What God Really Is, to any and everything, which is the Revealer of All Things.

    Our Ancient Cosmic Ebonite Ancestors needed not to assign a Name to God or to ITS Attributes, which members of the Universe serve to be, and our Divine Cosmic Ancestors, they knew of and understood the Action of the objects outside of the Eternal Infinite Ebonite ( Black ) Space, they knew the reason and purpose for the Energy in Flame call the Star-Sun, they were aware of the flame-less Energy, which we now refer to as Planets of tangible substance and is caused to appear in a orbital path shape with all of the Elements in tact, forming an outer Matter of appearance.

    Our Ancient Cosmic Divine Ebonite Ancestors referred not to a period of Actual Time ( Motion ) where there was no objects, and there being a Time of a beginning for all Things in Motion, never did they refer to a period of Time call Creation or a beginning and ending Time, all because they related to existence as being different from Life living, one meaning Eternal Infinity and the other meaning having limits, the Divine Cosmic Ancient Dark Ancestors knew that the Soul of everything exist in Eternity without limit and that Life is associated to the tangible body, be its movement is perceptive or not.

    So the Theology of and about God is as our Ancient Cosmic Divine Dark Ancestors Know it to Be, which is, all things are wrapped up in a continuum, having no beginning or ending , just a changing process from Existence to Life as the two have its different meaning on the scale of Reality, in Reality there is no disassociation from Existence and Reality of that Truth is that It Is not Seen or Touched, just experienced on an Esoteric Level, where beginning and Ending does not have a place of Action on the Level of Existence, thus In And Of God, There Is Only Being, And Such Represent Existence, The Truth And Reality Of Eternity, and Infinity, With Such Representing The Power Of GOD, The Indestructible Energy Of Extreme Supreme Intelligence.

    Our Ancient Cosmic Black Divine Ancestors Is in Knowledge Of The True And Real significance Of That Holy Entity of undetected Energy, which we refer to as Black, Dark And or Night, each referring to the unexplainable Existence, GOD, the Energy source out of which all and everything emanate out from, having no point of beginning or a goal for Ending, just that, all things are in a constant revolving continuum, a process of Being and Not Being, which reveal the Action of True and Not True, Real And Not Real, each complimenting the other and contradicting not One or the Other, because each of the revealed Action operate from the same GOD Energy, an Energy that do not favor One over the Other, in the Action of Not Being.

    There Is the Reality Of Eternal Truth, yet in the Action of Being there is Truth and Reality as well, but in a different dimension in Motion,whereby the process of Being represent Going and Going represent the Topical Illusion of Truth and Reality, having significance on the Life Level of Being.

    So in the Universe there is the Actionable Process of Not Being And Being, Coming and Going, True and Not True, Real and Not Real, An Actionable Process that verify the Eternal And Infinite Existence Of there Being a GOD, The Energy Of Intelligent That Is Forever In Perpetual Existence, A State In Inert Motion Existence, Energy Of Intelligence So Refined To The Truth And Reality Of It Is Not Detectable, to the point that Being refer to such Supremacy of Existence, as there Being Nothing in the Reality and Truth of Existence, Yet Our Ancient Cosmic Ebonite Ancestors IS in the Know of, In Such A Divine State Of Eternal Infinity, Reside All and Everything Which IS And IS NOT, NOT BEING And BEING, The Rhythm Of The True Infinite Reality Of The GOD ENERGY.

    Our Ancient Cosmic Divine Ebonite Ancestors processed not the Sin ( Vain Selfishness ) of Iniquity ( Defiant Jealousy ) therefore they possessed not the need to be self glorified by affixing Being Characteristics upon the Not Being Of GOD, so to them, GOD IS without need for Names, or Image, no need to be worshiped, memorialized, demand, command, ritualized or traditionalist, such being the trapping need of the Fallen Human Beings, and not the Divine Beings, who are in the Know of the significance of acknowledging GOD, as oppose to Worshiping GOD, which be the sign of a Fallen Sinful Mind into Iniquity, the attributes of the Human Being.

    To Know God Is to Acknowledge GOD and to Acknowledge GOD IS to BE in the Possessed Existence Of GOD and in Such Truth And Reality, does in fact cause you to BE in Harmony, Order And Balance with Not Being And BEING, The True And Real Indication Of The Divine State of being qualified to verify God Energy, Which IS Intelligence Extreme Supreme Infinite Darkness.

    When revolving on the level of Divinity there is no need for Religion, Jesus Belief, Faith and Hope, when claiming an association Relationship with Truth and Reality, so in a state of Divine BEING, Divinity Reveal the Acknowledgment of being Aware Of The Energy Of GOD Intelligence, a Reality with a Truth That has no Beginning or Ending, No-thing To Some-thing, Divinity verify that such is the Truth and Reality Of Existence To Life, and Life To Existence, a process always in perpetual Action, such is the Knowledge and Sharing of The Divine Information which does Exist throughout Eternity.

    Our Ancient Divine Cosmic Ebonite Ancestors Knew and Understood there was no need to petition God for Salvation, Salvation come with Life and when Life is without Salvation it is because the Human Being has blocked the interrelationship of those two intimate experiences, Freedom to Life and Life to Freedom, having nothing to do with what GOD Command but all to do with what we require of ourselves.

    Our Divine Cosmic Ebonite Ancestors was in the Know, that to be pleasing to the Divining of Life is to experience the pleasure of God Action, and with such knowledge bring the Trinity of Three interwoven Action, revealing that the Three Actual is ONE, the Three being GOD, Universe, And LIFE BEING.

    Our Ancient Divine Cosmic Dark Ancestors had no need of the Human Life, such being entangle in Human frailties, full of the Sin of Ego and the Iniquity of Jealousy, components of the Human Being Mind that cause such a Being to search for what is not Known, GOD,

    So the Human want to confuse the Knowledge of the Divine, gave to self a Human status, with the incentive to Create what is beyond creation,GOD, and set out to put a image form on that which is without Form and is void of having a form of sensual Life, as an anthropomorphous Being, a Being without its Divinity that portrays God as a Super Mortal Being, commanding to be served and worshiped, requiring a want to be believed in, acquiring a faith in belief and Hope, for an everlasting Life, such be the frailty of the Human Being, of which is not associated to our Ancient Divine Cosmic Dark Ancestors.

    Our Ancient Divine Cosmic Ebonite Ancestors shared with us the Divine Knowledge about GOD, Universe, and Life, the Three experiences being all inclusive in being ONE Reality, with each being able to be experienced on different levels of Dimensions, with Life being of the lower Dimensional Reality, having to do with the Physical and sensual, but capable of transcending, when in its Divine State, to all Nine Dimensions, as must be experienced on various level of Conscious Energetic Action, the physical level dealing with the third dimension of Life, representing what is referred to as the Frail state of Conscious, the illusions conscious state, commonly known as the Id, the state Mental Life Action, the Fourth to Sixth Dimension experiences, what is commonly referred to as the Sixth Dimensional Level of Conscious, and is referred to as the Divine state or Real Conscious State, because on such a Energetic level of Mental Action, an Esoteric engagement with Reality take place, an Action that escape the Mental control of the Conscious ( Energy ) Action and on such a Level, you experience the various levels of the Universe Dimensions, which serve as the Membrane of the GOD Energy, putting you in the Know of the Universe Actionable Meaning and Purpose, which is to verify God Reality and the performance of ITS ( GOD ) Action, which is Divinely in Harmony, Order, and Balance, with the Energy of GOD, which IS GOD Intelligence, and you have the Seventh to Ninth Dimension which put you beyond the Conscious level, into inert Ethereal inclusion with the Action of ONENESS, the GOD ENERGY, ( Intelligence ) the Supreme state of verifiable Existence, whose evidence IS, Knowing What GOD ( Intelligence ) Is, which BE The Eternal Infinite Truth Of Reality, being The Space Which Is Plasmid Energy, which is referred to as Darkness, Blackness, Night, the Extreme Absent of Illuminated Energy, with Space Darkness serving to be the Holy Grail of True and Real Space Action, out of which all things are Revealed To Not BE And BE, verifying that there is no such thing as Nothingness and always Something.

    Such Be the Sharing of the Divine Information by our Ancient Divine Cosmic Ebonite Ancestors, needing no religion, to set tradition,Customs and performance of Ritual, such is in want to misrepresent GOD and has no standing in the Action Of Divinity.

    Beloved, such was and is the revelation to the Black World concerning our Divinity and Knowledge about GOD.

    Those Black Folks that need the white man/ Jews/ Arabs to verify this Information, is not entitle to such Divine Reawakening.


    Any practice of religion, which signify an aberration of the Truth concerning GOD, which is caused by, as for as our Fallen Ancient Ebonite Ancestors are concern, starting with those not to far removed from our Divinity and being with those that are far removed, each in the process that verify the lost of the Divine Truth about God, Universe, and Life Being, and from the fall from the Divine Truth, did allow our Divine Ebonite Ancestors to become involved with a Religious belief system that attempt to present Reality and Truth on a Human Physical Level, as our Ancient Afrikan Ancestors took to assigning inanimate physical objects to be deities, even to the extent of labeling them to be Gods.

    Thus a mental action of acknowledging GOD, fade away, opening the beginning of a mental action that profane GOD, by replacing the mental art of knowing GOD, with a mental deception requiring a belief in GOD.

    The coming of the Belief system in GOD represented the phasing out of the intelligent requirement to Know what GOD IS, and such phasing out of Knowing the Divine Truth about GOD, verified the so call Dark Afrikan fall from the Divine Knowledge, yet the most early Ancient Cosmic Dark Afrikan Ancestors, who still carried the seed of Divine knowledge to a degree, which caused there to be an itching to occur, coming from the Divine of the Soul, the Energy from which all True Information flow, such caused our early Ancient Cosmic Afrikan Ancestors to attempt to reveal a residue of their Divinity, by creating a Pantheon of GODS, which they created for their children to See, and no doubt desiring that by the gradual increasing of the Divine Knowledge returning, it will cause us, their Dark so call Afrikan children, to once again desire to Think Divinely again, which require the return of the Divine Mind, which will serve as a sign of our rising back to the Throne of our Divine Knowledge.

    Yet we are now on the side of that which reveal the profane about GOD, which mean that the presence of EGO and Jealousy has arrived within the Mind of our Ancient Cosmic Ancestors, those who were once of the Divine Knowledge and now is in want of personifying GOD, thus enter the belief in God, instead of the Knowledge about GOD and such was done because of their own want to be able to associate GOD as being equipped with the same mod us operandi as they are equipped with and saw the want that GOD must have names, just as you and I have, on the physical corporeal Level as a Being.

    Thus our Ancient Fallen Cosmic Ancestors present to us a reverse understanding concerning GOD, so now appear the primary GOD NU, the primeval watery mass and Its Divine principals, Nut, the female principal of Nu, Atum ( Atoms, Adam ), the Sun- Star God, Khepera, the Evolver God, Thoth, Divine Intelligence, Petah, Khnemu, Gods of Creation, Goddess Hathor, the Sky,

    The secondary Gods, Goddess Shu, the Air, Nut, the Sky God, Seb, the Earth God,Tefnut, the Goddess form moister, thus these Gods prepare you for the coming of the Gods Osiris, Isis, Set, and Nephtys and eventually Horus the Son of Osiris and Isis.

    I have mention these various Gods to you, so you may see the change in the knowledge as being presented to you by two distinct periods of Ancestors, one being before the Fall and those After the Fall, yet in this pantheon of Gods, they all constitute only ONE GOD, as was so pronounce by our Ancient Cosmic Divine Ebonite Ancestors before the Fall.

    The further our Ancient Cosmic Divine Ancestors got away from the Divine Knowledge about God, the more profane the belief became in the form of organized institutional Religion, along with a Religious Doctrine and Dogma and all of the Religious tenets that solidified our Divine Mental Death away from the Divine Knowledge of our Ancient Cosmic Divine Ebonite Ancestors and now the transformation has taken place within the Mind of a once Divine Black People, where belief in God take precedent over Knowing about God and without the Knowledge of God, a people perish from the lack of their Divine Knowledge, which has caused us people, children of our Ancient Cosmic Divine Ebonite Ancestors, to become beholden to tradition, Customs and Rituals and Religious Dogma that serve as a Mental prison wall, that keep us away from desiring to Know the Truth and Marvel in believing in Lies and acts of deception, when God is the main focus of attention, to and of the Black World.

    There is no Mental Liberation to be gotten in Religious teaching, such was designed to conquer the Mind instead of freeing the Mind.

    The Human Being has come and flipped the Theological script on the people who once was in the Know about God and now Black People do not Know what God is and prefer to be Human than be Divine, not Knowing that only in Divine Action is there Truth and Reality to be Founded, and without such Godly principals sought after in earnest, Hardship and ignorance will eat after the Mind causing a disobedient Spirit, because the Soul does not Lie and Change not, as the Mind receive its information for use, be it Divine or Human.

    Religion is of the devil, Divine Knowledge give a clear view and understanding of what God IS and What GOD does not Require, nor does it command, only religion confuse the Mind that cause you to have a broken down Spirit, because without a Strong Confident Spirit among a Nation of people in distress, that Nation of people will find itself in a state of continue displeasure, inflicted with pain, and in a constant state of depression, always pretending to be of a Joyous Nature when only happiness can be pretended, which serve to identify a very psychotic people, in such agony, a people that lost all knowledge of themselves.

    The extreme profaneness of religion is that of a belief in a fable as presented to the world by the organizers of an institution call religion, with its Star character being the name, Jesus Christ, a creation from the early Mental action arrived from our fallen Ancient Cosmic Black so call Afrikan Ancestors, a religion that teach you to believe that GOD had a Son with a virgin woman and allowed his Son to be crucified for the Guilt of others in the committing of their crimes against each other and after such a death of Jesus Christ, the pretended Son of God, was laid in his tomb and did come back to life in three days and eventual was ascended into Heaven to be with his father, God, with a promise to come back and receive only those that have believed in him and kept the faith in him through earthly misfortune and hardship, and to you only, is the gift of eternal life promised, now who so ever will, serve to believe in such fantasy, and the believer serve to be held up to be those that no longer has the Will to Think for Self, and without the power of Thought, Lies and acts of deception is your conquer.

    Chief Elder