Brother AACOOLDRE : The Vicar of Vipers

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    THE LITERAL MEANING: VICARIUS - substituting for, or in place of
    FILII - means son Trinity=father,son,spirit
    DEI - means God Amen=faith/spirit of Jesus

    Vicar=Substitute Satan transforms into other forms 2 Corinthians 11:13-14
    Vatican=headquaters of the Pope root word for Vatic=prophet/divination/magic of Foreteling or Forethought. False prophets come in “Sheep” clothing Matthew 7:15
    Sheep=Ba=Spirit in Egypt see Holman Bible under Anthropology
    666=Egyptian forethought/Magic of Trinity/creation of Egyptian Amen

    V = 5 F = no value D = 500
    I = 1 I = 1 E = no value
    C = 100 L = 50 I = 1
    A = no value I = 1 -------------
    R = no value I = 1 501
    I = 1 --------------
    U = 5 53
    S = no value
    112 112 + 53+ 501 = 666

    This above word refers to Popes. According to the Koran “They do Blaspheme who say:

    God is one of three in a trinity” 5:76 Paul calls Jesus Amen/Aman for faith/spirit.
    According to the Bible the unforgivable sin is to compare the spirit of God like someone the devils. 666 and Blasphemy go hand and hand because its written on crowns and heads (Rev 13:1) & (Rev 13:18)
    So if anyone walking around with pointy hats looking like pyramids claiming to be the stepson of God might be in violation.
    Now we are told we have to have Wisdom to know 666 (Rev: 13:18). Wisdom is another word for magic/heka in Egypt. The suspects in Egypt for magic is Thoth and Ptah. Ptah was father of the Gods and is another name for Egypt. Rev11:8 has Sodom (angels of Thoth) and Egypt (Ptah) spiritualy crucified Jesus.
    If you simply know the origin of Magic you can know 666 and avoid being deceived by it (Rev 18:23). Its Ptah the father (papa) of the gods who sins by saying he was related to god. Ptah/Thoth used mind and word to create a hill all life comes from.
    Having the right words can make you spiritualy saved and related to Jesus and God. Anything contrary to those words is worth nothing. Then it shouldn’t be a wonder that our tongue of words will be on trial Matthew 12:36 that relates to blasphemy matthew 12:32. Then the ultimate aim with others is to be a tongue of truth so you can hear the voice of God (John 18:37) In Egypt those who were “True of voice” passed on to heaven