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Mar 22, 2004
Where the Niger meets the Nile
Hey fambly.

I was listening the Amos Wilson video posted by Ankhur and one thing he said stuck in my mind. He said the problem is not that we are poor. If we are so poor then why do other people set their shops up in our neighborhoods?

That is true. We must change our attitude toward money and the way we use our resources. We give our resources away to other people for free yet these other people sell us the things they have. That is economic diarrhea--everything’s going out but nothings coming in.

Case in point: While in New York I recorded a collection of spoken word poems and had them set to original music and mixed professionally by a professional guitarist. I am encouraged by all the interest in spoken word. All the places where you can post it. Yet the same thing that encourages me also discourages me. My gift is my resource. But how can I sell my record when everybody is giving theirs away for free? We give away our resources then wonder why we don’t have enough money to enrich and better our lives and help each other.

When smaddy thinks about doing something to benefit African Americans they immediately think of a non profit organization. Why? Because African Americans don’t have enough money to buy the things we need?? I bet my last two dollars to anybody who will give me the name and address and phone number of a non profit liquor store anywhere in the world. We have enough money for the things that will destroy us. As women we spend billions of dollars waging chemical warfare against our hair. I can’t get a government voucher to go to the hairdresser. The most powerful blow Black women can strike against. Poverty. Against oppression, against foreign infestation is just to love our own hair and mastering the fine and ancient art of say yuck fou to those who try to impose European standards of beauty.

But sista River,,, there are so many buys. This guy I know told me a story about a movie where this company wanted this man to build a baseball stadium out in the middle of no where. He said that’s crazy no one ever goes out there. They told him build it and they will come. So I decided to forget the buts and say yes to myself. I built my site. I set my price. And though I have counted all the odds I will open my doors and they will come.


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