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    Young Black Males May Be Misdiagnosed

    "African American boys are much more likely to be prescribed Ritalin and other behavior- and mind-altering drugs. In some instances, school personnel have insisted parents place their child on the drugs."
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    This has been a long-standing issue among us

    Lktpolit, believe it or not, this is nothing new to the Black community. I can remember this issue being seriously discussed and challenged by Black parents and teachers alike when I was a young child 40 years ago.

    The predominantly white educational system in America has a long history of biased opinions and treatment of African Americans in public schools. When I was growing up, my mother was a public health nurse who worked in the school system and many of my relatives were teachers so I heard the teeth gnashing and hot-tempered arguments and witnessed as Black kids were always judged by white standards and unfairly and erroneously labled (then) as hyper-active children and now either Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or ADHyperactivityD.

    Naturally to force Black kids to conform to white standards of behavior, (because after all, their standards are ALWAYS the ones used to measure others by) many of these children were prescribed drugs designed to temper their attitudes and control their behavior--in other words, kill their spirits and literally turn them into walking zombies.

    Many of our teachers were duped by what was going on and went along with the program. So a great majority of these children were socialized and taught differently, i.e., assigned to "special education" classes which then were taught by teachers with none to very low expectations of these students. This was a serious disservice to them overall and I'm sure it affected their whole lives thereafter.

    Kids being kids, we thought these children were dumb, made fun of them often to the tune of hurting their feelings and never wanted to play with them because we were made to think they were different in a bad way. So basically, they weren't taught at all. They just came to school everyday because the law said they had to, then sat until the last school bell rang and it was time to go home. As many of you know, there's such a thing as self-fulfilling prophecy. That's when you tend to do what's expected of you. So it's no wonder that many of these children were unruly and disruptive in class. Why wouldn't they be? After all, wasn't that what was expected of them? They seldom made friends with other children and eventually when they reached a certain age, they were just let go.

    I often wonder about this still today and as a result, I took an extremely active role in the education of my child and made certain that she was never LABELED by any of the teachers or school administrators and don't think they didn't try. But I wasn't having it. Parents have to speak up--we have to question how our children are being taught and managed when we send them to school. I never argued so much in my life as I did when my child was growing up. But it was worth every school visit, every heated debate and every challenge and resistance I could muster up and the battles will continue with my grandbabies. We need to make every effort to SAVE our children from any and all hurt, harm or danger that could befall them whether it's done intentionally or not. EXCELLENT TOPIC!

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