Black Poetry : the unveiling of a love

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    Angel in Disguise
    by t-mas!

    When we met, I was a soul lost and incomplete. Every morning I would awake with a smile on my face, but in my heart there was nothing but heartache and pain. It seemed as if the trials and tribulations of life had taken its toll on my heart, soul, and mind. I tried to live each day to the fullest with no regard for tomorrow. However, the fear of going through life alone caused me to build a wall around my heart – refusing to let anyone in.

    “Angel” came at the most pivotal moment in my life. I was in danger of hitting rock bottom when she looked into my eyes and saw the depths of my soul. She took my hand and asked me to trust in her, as she led me on a journey of blissful ecstasies. She broke down all of my defenses and opened my heart to love again. I trust and believe in her, because I know with her my heart is in good hands. “Angel” demands the friendship, love, and trust a healthy relationship commands. She is the reason for the smile on my face, the chill down my spine, and the pep in my step. Most importantly, the warmth and comfort of her helps me to realize that I never knew love until she came into my life.

    Tonight is the saddest night we’re going through, because the thought of leaving her has crossed my mind. Lately things have not been easy for us, because she has revealed the truth of her promiscuous past. The news does not change the love we share, but it does challenge the significance of our relationship. The challenge of sorting through all of these emotions, to think logically, presents a difficult task for me. However, the time has come for me to realize just how much she means to me?

    It is not her I have a hard time accepting – it is the act of spreading herself thin that troubles me most. The woman, I love and hope to share my life with has given her body and soul to many others in the name of fun. Consequently, these acts of indecency have tainted the perception I have of her. I am aware these acts occurred in her past, but the reality of her actions will live long in my heart and mind. The woman I call friend, lover, mother, and wife must exhibit an understanding of self-worth, because the strength of a woman is essential to the foundation and stability of a family. In the womb of a woman is where life originates, so it is important that she treasures the gift.

    It’s morning, and I need to take time to think things over.
    Reluctantly, I try to find the “good” in having to say goodbye, but to no avail. As my day grows older and life begins to grow colder, I am reminded it is her love that keeps me warm. She and her love are the best things to happen to me. The way her love has lasted, its constant power and endurance makes it easy for me to want “ together forever” (our first endeavor). All of the love and sacrifices she has made for me cannot be forgotten, nor can they be replaced. With every breath I breathe it reminds my heart of her, and I am able to recall getting on my knees, staring into the heavens above and asking the Lord, in silent prayer, “please send me a love that will captivate my mind, body, and soul.” Then she came, like morning dew to the ground – “Angel” came.
    It has taken watching her walk out the door for my heart to open and realize I have nothing to lose by giving my all to her. I feared loving her could be in vain, but I cannot think of any one more deserving of my love than “Angel.” “Angel” makes me feel a passion for life that I have never dreamed of. She has helped me to find beauty in life, with all of its joys and pains, as well as, help me to discover the uncharted realms of my love. It is because of her I am a better man.

    The joys and pains of loving have provided me with the strength to continue my quest to become one with God. It is through Him I am able to make a commitment of unconditional love; thus realizing the true secret to my happiness is her presence in my life. Every moment shared with her is paradise.
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    brother you have speoken my testmony this morning. I too understand your thoughts for my relationship is so very similar (well, except for the promiscuity part). My fiancee instilled feelings in me i've only wiritten about and as we grow each day i found myself searching for reasons to not be with her. I realized that the fear of having everything I've ever wanted was greater than my hops of a beautiful life in happiness. It clouded my judgement and built a wall of doubt. It's hard to open your heart up to someoen after you've accepted life "alone." But the true thing about it is when GOD opens your heart for that one to come in we can't do anything about it. I was working on a paiece similar to this to post but there is no need for you have spoken it well. I would pray that my fiancee would read this and understand that my love is strong for her and that she is everything my heart desires and fulfills everything GOD wants for me...

    the most memorable statement my lady ever spoke to me was: "I want to spend 60 years with you because I am your wife; so please, let me BE your wife..." I had to remove ME so that HE could make it so...

    thank you for this one bro' and i looked froward to more...
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    *trying to keep my balance*

    this was wonderful t-mas!

    welcome :)